What Went Wrong For Pauline Marois? Have Politicians Learned Anything?

I predict that she is right

I predict that she is right

The question that has to be  going through the minds of all Quebecers is,”What happened to Pauline Marois’s almost assured majority election result  and how did her predicted victory turn into her total destruction in only 33 days on the campaign trail  and  have politicians in Canada learned anything from the results of Quebec’s provincial election?” As a citizen of Quebec who has been marginalised, put on the endangered species list and nearly forced into extinction and has been made to feel like a 2nd class citizen in Quebec, it would be easy for me to gloat at the outcome of Monday’s provincial election, but that is what the Parti Quebecois is counting on me and every non Francophone to do and so I will not accommodate these harbingers of fear and hatred.   This political party’s sole purpose is to convince the Francophone population of Quebec through fear that the rest of Canada  does not respect, nor want them and so they would be better off on their own. I will not help them spread this fear by gloating, but instead feel that the time has come for us who consider the results of Monday’s election a victory to reassure the Francophone population of Quebec who rejected Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois that they did do the right thing and that we can all live together in peace and harmony with no one needing to feel afraid of identity loss in any shape or form.

Having said that I could not help but think about the wicked witch’s downfall in the Wizard of Oz as I watched the election coverage of the Quebec provincial election that saw the Parti Québécois soundly defeated and Pauline Marois not even able to hold onto her own riding.  Then I thought that in 2015 Pauline Marois will not be lonely.  I think that she will be joined in the retired circle by other leaders who believe that they can cheat, break the rules, and lie to Canadians. Quebecers have proven that they do not like being lied to and are tired of the lack of transparency and the divisive,  non inclusive politics that pits one Quebecer against another over issues of language, race, religion and culture. Quebecers have proven through the results of the last provincial election that they will not tolerate the out-and-out lying when it comes to what is promised during an election campaign by a party and its leader and what is followed through on by that party and its leader after it wins an election.

  • The French-speaking students did that when they withdrew their support from Pauline Marois for what they called duping them into voting for her by raising tuitions after promising not to for their support.
  • The unions proved this by withdrawing their support for her when she introduced Media baron Pierre Karl Peladeau aka PKP,  a known union and strike breaker as an  economic advisor and star candidate.
  • The Anglophones and the Allophones have proved that their can be no democratic separation of Quebec from Canada without them and so it would be wise for Quebec politicians to be more sensitive to their wants and needs and they did this by simply not voting for a party that has tried to remove their presence from Quebec in every way that is important to a people and at every opportunity that they could create.
  • The immigrants now citizens of Quebec and Canada who are bilingual have proven that treating them with zero respect and as second class citizens with no rights has a price to pay at the polls on election night.  They have proven with their vote that they will no longer accept being treated in this manner and that whomever wishes to be trusted with their vote again needs to view them as equal members of Quebec society and Canadian society. They did this quite simply and effectively by  withdrawing their support for Pauline Marois and her party after they introduced the Charter of Quebec Values.
  • The Francophone Quebecers have proven that they want jobs, healthcare and prosperity to be the priority of the government that governs Quebec.  Quebec families and friends are tired of fighting each other over divisive politics and racist values that encourage them to look at the differences in people as something to be feared.  They did this by rejecting Pauline Marois and the Party Quebecois at the polls and we should be grateful to those who chose inclusion over separation and divisiveness and show them they were not wrong in doing so.

There are racial, religious, cultural and linguistic mixes in almost every family throughout Quebec and Canada and I feel that people are just tired of being made by government to feel that they are bad citizens for wanting to live in peace and equality with their friends, neighbors and families.  Quebecers proved that the true  power of who governs a country, province, city or town lies with the citizens who live there and are eligible to vote and I think that this was the most important lesson of Monday night.  This is something I think that all politicians no matter what level of government, or party stripe need to remember and seriously consider once again. Quebecers are Canadians and so keeping this in mind I believe that federal parties and their leaders need to learn from what happened in Quebec to Pauline Marois and the Parti Quebecois in this last provincial election about the power of the electorate and that is that

  • Canadians are not a gullible and not too bright people who prefer to be told what is good for them instead of being listened to and heeded.
  • Canadians do not think that their input into the way they are governed and their input into the laws and policies that they will have to live ends with their vote on election day.
  • Canadians are not too stupid to tell the difference between a lie and the truth and are not so laid back that they do not care that politicians lie to them.
  • Canadians do not like to be perceived as being racist or intolerant of others especially if it becomes public knowledge as in internationally.
  • Canadians are a peaceful and generous people preferring to live in peace.

Failure to recognise all of the bulleted items are what collectively helped to bring down the Parti Québécois and Pauline Marois.  These are the lessons that should be learned from the Quebec election, rather than the gloating about who won and by how much.  The reasons that make the French-speaking people of Quebec susceptible to this type of divisive political party are still  present throughout Quebec and Canada and this needs to be addressed and something of importance and relevance done to change the perception if not the reality that the Francophone are somehow second class citizens in their own country the minute they step outside of Quebec. We have a Canadian Constitution and a Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms for a reason. If the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  does not mean anything anymore, or is not enforceable in the provinces who chose to ignore it, then it should be stated out right so that every Canadian will know that when it comes to their rights and freedoms that it is the province who decide what they are and entitled to and not the federal government of Canada. If this is the case then I feel that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms has been rendered moot and should be scrapped altogether and if this is the case then the federal government has also been rendered moot and should be scrapped. Once those things have been accomplished the constitution should be reopened and a realistic arrangement between all provinces and territories and the First Nations could be negotiated and then entered into that is respected and accepted by all stake holders.

I believe I can safely say that after listening to the members of the Parti Quebecois who were picking the flesh off of the not fully dead body of Pauline Marois and giving leadership speeches even before she resigned, vowing to win next time, but not vowing any change their attitude, message, or actions, that the Parti Quebecois leadership hopefuls have learned nothing from their defeat. If they have learned nothing then I believe that  the Parti Quebecois will rise out of the ashes as the same divisive harbingers of hate, mistrust and fear and so will be easily defeated again in 4 years.

The old ways of governing are quickly becoming  unacceptable. Canada the young country, is no longer young and its people have matured and want to be treated as such.  The citizens of Canada are rejecting this old style of government and any government, or political party that doesn’t get it, or refuse to change will be swept aside by the young electorate.  Look to 2015, I predict that Pauline Marois will not be lonely for long.

Note: I am insulted and infuriated that the New Democratic Party of Canada and The Conservative Party of Canada have taken the position that they are better off politically to stay out of Quebec politics on a provincial level and seem content to run candidates on the federal level only.  It would not be so bad if they stayed out of provincial politics altogether (which they do not), but to just stay out of Quebec politics, because they are afraid to risk their federal vote in the province by taking the side of what they feel to be just is not a party or a leader I as a Quebecer want representing  me in parliament either.  I think that in the next federal election in 2015 we Quebecers should send these 2 cowardly political parties a message and it should be, “If  what happens in Quebec politically is not important enough for them to field candidates in every riding in the province then we feel that their candidates are not worthy to represent any of us as Quebecers in Ottawa.”

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