Pierre Poilievre Merely Another Puppet On A String


Who is really pulling the strings on Parliament Hill

Who is really pulling the strings on Parliament Hill

Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s Minister of State (Democratic Reform) to me is little more than a wooden boy attached to strings who desperately wants to be a human being. Pierre Poilievre has become merely a puppet on a string and so cannot think for himself, talk for himself, or make decisions for himself since being elected as a member of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Members of Parliament, like Pierre Poilievre campaign as candidates promising to represent them in the government of Canada  and make  their constituents concerns  and needs their top priority when they got elected as member’s of parliament. That however is  not how the higher-ups in the party’s political machine see it, or the reason that the political financiers, party elite and campaign advisors  have chosen these candidates to run for office.  After being elected these intelligent often hard-working and respected people of their communities are turned into little more than puppets, or members of the party. These puppets and I say that the prime minister is one sole purpose is to help the party to do things that further the party chances of winning the next election, rather than doing what they promised to do which is making it their top priority to see that their constituents needs and concerns are heard and addressed making for a stronger more representative and more democratic Canada.

MP used to be a short form for Member of Parliament, but the political machine, who are private very powerful interest groups are only interested in what will benefit themselves. These interest groups are motivated and invest in  helping political parties win elections, because they know that to keep making the laws that allow them to personally prosper their political horse must win elections. Their formula for winning has nothing to do with Westminster rules of democracy, what is good for the MP’s constituency, or even for Canada, unless it helps the machine to generate the political power base that it needs to keep  winning elections and generating for it personal wealth.  It is to this end  that the political machines have  altered the process of who and how  candidates are chosen to run in elections and what is permitted by an MP  to do and say after he/she wins their riding in an election if they wish to remain in caucus. this control over the MPs changes the MP’s loyalties and priorities and I would suggest ability to do what is best for his constituents to what is best parties personal success, even if this means abandoning what is good for his constituents and what is good for Canada.

I would contend that this is what the Fair Elections Act is all about and what all of the changes to the laws regarding elections are about. The Fair Elections Act is a farce a game of smoke and mirrors design to alter the way our government functions and to hide the process by which power is being taken from the people and redistributed amongst controlled politicians.  In other words the Fair Elections Act is just the boldest attempt to grab the choice of who we vote for from the people and thereby creating a dependable dictator style of democracy where in total power is taken from the people through the restructuring of the electoral process and given to the political machines to be redistributed to the politicians who do their bidding.

Pierre Poilievre is just another tool  used by the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper and the PMO to deliver the prime minister’s  more distasteful edicts and changes to Canadian democracy for which the PM, the PMO and the political machine would like someone expendable to take the fall for when the time comes; easily replaced by another puppet. We have a political machine who got caught cheating in the last federal election in a number of ways and did not like being punished, but worst having it done publicly, because it exposed them to public scrutiny and potential loss of voter support. Rather than admit their guilt take their lumps and change their ways and possibly lose the next election, they decided to rewrite the laws of the electoral process and make what was illegal before the last election legal by the next and in doing so also tilt the election process in their favor. Using the power of their majority status in the both houses and all committees they did as they have done in the past  to try and ram the bill through parliament without proper consultation with a wide variety of experts in the field, very little debate and really not trying to gain all party consensus. All of this was and is being done because the political machine that controls all politicians even the prime minister has decided that since the head of elections Canada would not play ball and let them cheat in elections and called them on it publicly once too often that they would reduce the power of his office and change his mandate to better serve their purpose and redistribute that power to those they control, the politicians.

Pierre Poilievre is backing down from his position of there are absolutely no amendments to the bill needed because it was perfect, to his position now that the amendments will only make an already good act even better leads me to ask why could Pierre Poilievre not see that before? Why did Pierre Poilievre simply  allow for the amendments before all the fighting began and all of the energy, wasted time and resources was spent by both sides defending or opposing this bill as it stood? The answer that it was not his decision to make and until the Conservative Party of Canada’s political machine decided that it would be to costly politically to continue with the fight and to allow for compromise the puppet on the string, Pierre Poilievre  had to dance to the tune that the party brass had ordered.  This to me is what is wrong with the whole Conservative  Party of Canada and Canada’s political process in general. As I see it  political parties no longer exist to serve all Canadians and act in the best interest of Canada. Political parties are no longer enacting laws that best serve Canada and Canadians, but now enacting laws for the sole purpose of serving what ever political machine that pays for their bills.  I believe that this is why the Conservative Party of Canada is unable to take no advice from experts, does research on laws they intend to change and consultations with their experts in private and with a promise it seems to never reveal their source of information. I believe this is why the Conservative Party of Canada  no longer even pretends to seek all party consensus and constantly telling Canadians what is best for them  and all too often ignoring what Canadians tell them that they want and need.

I listened to Thomas Mulcair trying to take credit for the turn around that will allow for some amendments to the Fair Elections Act, but I wonder given the recent illegal multiple office scandal that alleges that he and his party are using the tax payers dollars for election purposes in multiple province, if he and his party as committed as he to seeing meaningful election reform as he claims? Could it be that the NDP’s  political machine is just concerned that the voting process has been tilted in favor of the Conservative Party of Canada and hurting their chances of winning the next election and could careless that power of the vote is being taken away from certain Canadian voters?  Is his fight in other words simply a tool to get us Canadians that he does not really care about, to vote for him rather than them?

I wrote of my personal experience talking to some young Conservative Party of Canada members while on the 19th hole of a Conservative Party golf tournament held in Montreal  in a post called, “What Is In A Name As Long As The Game Is Politics.”  This is what happened that day:

I was having a drink while waiting for supper when two young conservatives decided to chat.  I guess they thought that I was a Conservative because they started in on how they could not see  any reason to worry about climate change and global warming. They went on to say that even if they thought it to be true it probably would not happen in their time, so why should they have to pay the price for it now by hurting the economy by forcing companies to get greener.  There tongues were too loose with the eagerness of youth who had  too much propaganda to drink and were drunk on their own sense of importance.

This young couple said that they did not think that people on welfare should have the right to vote.  Welfare people are a burden on society and contribute very little in terms of what is needed to keep this country running, was their reasoning. When I said that members of my family were on welfare and I did not agree with their views on climate change, or the way we should treat our less fortunate members of society, they looked at one another horrified.  These two young darlings will probably be running for government office in the near future.  This is the direction I see that the politicians are moving Canada in politically; in all parties at all levels of government.  I wrote “What Is In A Name As Long As The Game Is Politics on April 24th 2010.”

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