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Canadians Expected To Pay More As Bill Comes Due For Decades Of Government Mishandling Of Tax Payer Dollars

Not only does the government steal the money of the average citizen through the tax system and give back very little in return while people are eligible to work, but then when the average worker retires the government will suck those who have managed to save any money from them by sticking them in government-run seniors homes so they can charge them rent while reneging on their medical retirement packages they have been paying into and if that is not bad enough now the government wants to charge tolls on everyone for things they have already paid for, like infrastructure and its maintenance. Continue reading

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Stephen Harper And Jason Kenney Are Hurting Canadians And Foreign Workers

Harper’s Conservatives also seem to spend a lot of time talking about how the Liberals allowed for strippers from all over the world to come to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program when it was under their watch, as though that somehow justifies the fact that because of abuse by restaurants like McDonald’s, the whole program’s availability to the restaurant industry had to be blocked. Continue reading

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Yes I Have Something To Say About The 300 School Girls Abducted In Nigeria

That nobody is taking action, because 300 black African school girls have gone missing does not surprise me one bit, because even in the 3rd millennium girls and women’s rights are not considered all that important and certainly not considered worth risking the loss of diplomatic ties over, jeopardizing valuable trade deals over and most definitely not worth going to war over. Continue reading

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The Prejudice Practiced By Our Politicians Up Top Overflows and Contaminates The People Below

When the governments of the democratic west promote fear within their countries warning of impending cultural extinction of the white race from an immigrating multi ethnic, diversely cultural and often religiously conflicting hoard, is it any small wonder that some white feelings of mistrust and dislike spills over into the world of sport? Continue reading

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