Yes I Have Something To Say About The 300 School Girls Abducted In Nigeria

Yes I Have Something To Say

Yes I Have Something To Say

Rene Silva  commented on a post I wrote recently and asked me a question, so here is the comment and the question,  “300 schoolgirls have been abducted in Nigeria. Cynic psychopaths are all speaking about who and where is Boko Haram and the rest. But nobody is taking action. But what really flabbergasted me was not only the fact that the Islamist psychopath is threatening to «sell» the girls as slaves, but the fact that there is…at the beginning of the 3rd Millennium, a SLAVE MARKET! Do you have something to say about it?”  I did reply to Rene’s question and comment, but would like to take the time to expand on my answer and my reasoning.

That nobody is taking any meaningful action, because over 200 black African school girls have gone missing does not surprise me one bit, because even in the 3rd millennium girls and women’s rights are not considered all that important and certainly not considered worth risking the loss of diplomatic ties over, jeopardizing valuable trade deals over and most definitely not worth  going to war over. When I consider the race of the school girls and the fact that they are Africans I am not surprised at all at the slow reaction and the reluctance of the outside world to go rushing in  to save the lives of a mere 264 young women.

In Canada we know that over 600 to 1,000 Aboriginal young girls and women have gone missing, or have been murdered and as of yet the government of Canada has not

  • Found the girls, and returned them home alive , or dead.
  • Agreed to hold an official enquiry into the handling of the over 600 to 1,000 cases of missing and murdered aboriginal women and girls.

The RCMP and all of the police forces throughout Canada could not even be bothered to keep statistics and the government of Canada insists that they are doing a great job and no further monies, time or effort be wasted looking for girls they deem as probably wandered off drunk, living on the street high on drugs, or been found dead and disposed of as just another Jane Doe aboriginal that no one will really miss.

The parents, family and friends of the kidnapped Nigerian girls vow to keep protesting and demanding something be done and I applaud them, but I feel that nothing will come of the token efforts of countries like Canada who wish to posture and pretend to care about what is going on, but I feel are just taking an opportunity for an international photo opt.  I would remind the Nigerians that the Canadian government has failed its own people when it comes to:

  • Protecting its own girls and women from attack and being murdered.
  • Seeing that those who would hurt women and children are brought to justice.
  • Once caught that these criminals receive punishment suitable to the crimes they have committed.

There are still places in this world where  girls have no rights and are little more than a source of revenue to their families to be married off for monetary gain.  What I am getting at is it is Canada’s position is to still trade with  nations who marry off girls younger than 15 years old for money denying them the right of choice and education. Canada’s position is that the adults of Crimea had no right to engage in a referendum to join Russia and leave Ukraine and went as far as to sanction the adults responsible for the withdrawal of Crimea from the Ukraine, while shamelessly claiming that it is the right of countries like India, Pakistan to conduct themselves internally as they see fit, according to their laws.

According to Wikipedia:

  • Child marriages are still fairly widespread in some developing areas of the world, such as parts of Africa, South Asia, Southeast and East Asia, West Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.
  • The five nations with the highest observed rates of child marriages in the world, below the age of 18, are Niger, Chad, Mali, Bangladesh and Guinea.
  • The top three nations with greater than 20% rates of child marriages below the age of 15 are Niger, Bangladesh and Guinea According to UNICEF  Africa has the highest incidence rates of child marriage, with over 70% of girls marrying under the age of 18, in three nations. 

 It is no surprise to me that there is a slave market for young girls in the beginning of this our 3rd millennium when Wikipedia can say that as many as 1 in 3 girls in developing areas of the world are married before reaching the age of 18, and an estimated 1 in 9 girls in developing countries are married by age 15 even though one of the most common causes of death for girls aged 15 to 19 in developing countries was pregnancy and child-birth.  Do not get me wrong I think that what has happened is horrific, but is not the practice of wedding your 5-year-old and your 15-year-old daughters for cash or future favors a form of prostituting your children as well?

I think that we as a world must decide how we are going to stop all of the injustices that women and young girls are forced to endure every day of their lives and take steps and real action to stop it now, not later, because until we right the wrongs that are happening in our own back yards we are enabling the crazy terrorists and giving them the notion that we will accept this behavior and not seriously try to bring them to justice. We can no longer have so little regard as to what happens to the little girls and women of our own countries, or  what has happened to those over 200 school girls in Nigeria, will continue to happen. Until Canadian government for example can show that they will do everything to find out what happened to our own  600 to 1,000  Aboriginal women and girls that have been murdered, or gone missing why would terrorists who kidnapped over 200 non Canadian school girls be afraid of Canada’s public display of outrage?  This is in my opinion is what happens when countries such as Canada allow trade deals, making money and the keeping of military strategic  allies being kept happy a priority greater and of more importance than the human rights, civil rights and safety of people, especially women and children.

I wish I could say that showing up and protesting the government will get results for the Nigerian parents, family and friends of those kidnapped over 200 school girls, but here in Canada our government has proved that they are quite comfortable doing nothing and turning deaf ears to the pleas of family, friends, parents and other concerned individuals for help finding their children and for bringing the murders of their children to justice.  As I have said in an earlier post my heart goes out to the parents, family and friends of those poor school girls and I truly pray for their safe return. May God bless them and keep them in his loving protective embrace.

Note: I am surprised that the Canadian government is still offering up any kind of help to find these missing school girls since the last communiqué from the leader of Boko  Haram, claiming that all of the girls have been converted and are now Muslims and that some of the girls said they renounced Christianity and took up the Muslim faith on video. Given Stephen Harper’s and the Conservative Party of Canada’s proven Islamophobia, could it be interest in Nigerian oil contracts that holds Stephen Harper there now that the girls have been forced to convert to the Muslim faith?

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