Stephen Harper And Jason Kenney Are Hurting Canadians And Foreign Workers

Hurting The people You Claim To Want To Help!

Hurting The people You Claim To Want To Help!

The changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program introduced by Social Development Minister and Minister for Multiculturalism Jason Kenney has been proved:

  •  To be an abysmal failure and embarrassment for Prime Minister Steven Harper and his not so strong, not so stable, Conservative government and  proven  once again that Jason Kenney to be an incompetent, bumbling and gullible fool.
  • That moving an incompetent fool from one ministerial posting to another does not change the fact that he, or she is and incompetent fool. (Jason Kenney used to be  Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and is responsible for taking Canada from being a country that welcomed and helped refugees to a Canada that puts certain refugees in jail and tries to deport them, without due process of law.)
  • That  when you fail as a government to consult, or take advice from anyone who has a different opinion than you that you will have  to the problems with the Foreign Worker Problem as the Conservative Party of Canada is having in every ministerial file, because like the Conservative Party of Canada you hinder your inability to understand the total picture.
  • That the changes to every important piece of legislation that this party has rammed through parliament in their omnibus bills is flawed and in need of amendments, that could have been dealt with before the bill was passed into law had the Conservatives only been opened to listen to others with an open mind.

Another problem with the Foreign Worker Program is that like most of the changes being thrown together and rammed down the throats of Canadians without consultation, debate, or consensus is that the need for the changes is based on an exaggeration of the truth, or an out-and-out lie.  When this Harper government’s statistics were challenged about the shortage of Canadian workers able to fill jobs across Canada, they chose to call every expert both from government agencies and academics mistaken and chose instead to only listen to business owners who are stake holders, but only one side of a very complex issue, whose main concern is driving down pay roll cost anyway they can and increasing their profit margin.  The end result of this one-sided approach to listening is that all across Canada from big businesses to banks their has been abuse of the foreign worker program.  This abuse of the Foreign Worker program has seen Canadians fired in order to make room to hire the foreign workers.  Why wouldn’t businesses engage in this type of abuse of Canadians, when the government made it all legal for them to do.  Harper’s Conservatives  also seem to spend a lot of time talking about how the Liberals allowed for strippers from all over the world to come to Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program when it was under their watch, as though that somehow justifies the fact that because of abuse by restaurants like McDonald’s, the whole program’s availability to the  restaurant industry had to be blocked.

I chose this  story written by  Karl Flecker back in January 2013 to illustrate the what I am talking about above, Karl Flecker wrote, “CBC National interviewed Citizenship and Immigration Minister Jason Kenney on December 11 about the case, and he said, “It is a requirement of the program to pay at or above the prevailing regional wage rate of any particular occupation and this notion that employers are paying substantial less than what Canadians would make is simply totally factual untrue.”

In fact, what Kenney said was untrue. He has conveniently forgotten that his government significantly changed the wage rules for employers hiring high-skilled migrant workers. On April 25, 2012, after direct consultations with a select group of employers, Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources Skills Development Canada, announced a new “Accelerated Labour Market Opinion” to provide employers with “greater flexibility.” “Wages,” she said, “that are up to 15 per cent below the average wage for an occupation in a specific region will now be accepted.”

I believe that the Harper style of governing has proved that:

  •  The Harper Tories have become so drunk with the power of their majority government, so cynical of the way others think and so paranoid, that it has made them plain old fashion mean-spirited and the Temporary Foreign Worker Program is further evidence of that cynical, paranoid, mean-spirited ways.
  • There may have been shortages in certain remote areas, but that business in reality played the Harper Government like a fiddle, getting the Tories to make into law the ability to mistreat foreign workers once in Canada.
  • The changes made to the Foreign Worker Program open a loophole for those who would choose to engage in people trafficking for the sole purpose of taking advantage of them in their homelands.  There is proof  of some unscrupulous agents charging willing workers up to $16,00, just to apply for the opportunity to be hired through the Temporary Worker Program.
  • Business was provided a loop-hole that enabled crooked business owners to hire foreign workers in jobs like waitresses and waiters and other jobs that are considered unskilled work requiring no special education, by-passing Canadians out of work and ready to work, by refusing to pay them fairly.

This change as with all of the other changes to our Canadian laws is right in keeping with Harper’s style of governing.  Stephen Harper’s contempt, disdain and shame for what Canada used to represent on the international stage was no secret .Stephen Harper by his own words said he would change Canada in such a drastic way and so completely that we would not recognise it anymore and this is the one and only promise that he has kept to the Canadian people since gaining power. Stephen Harper’s hatred for the Liberal Party of Canada and all that it has stood for is well documented and has unfortunately been the driving force to a lot of the changes to Canadian law. Stephen Harper made it clear that his intention was to destroy the Liberal Party of Canada, at any cost. Stephen Harper himself made a personal vow to wipe the Liberal Party of Canada off the political face of Canadian politics.  Although he has gone through Canadian law wiping out anything that the Liberal Party of Canada had managed to accomplish in terms of laws and programs, whether good for Canada and Canadians or not, Stephen Harper has not been able to wipe the Liberal Party of Canada off of the face of Canadian politics.

Under the leadership of Stephen Harper, the MPs of the  Conservative Government of Canada have either been brainwashed, bullied, or bought with positions in cabinet into seeing things the Harper way. The Harper way in my opinion is that anyone that does not agree with you on everything, every time, is to be considered the enemy.   The former Auditor General of Canada, Sheila Fraser and the head of the head of Elections Canada Marc Mayrand, and the head of the Supreme Court of Canada, Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin are just three more examples of what Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada attempt to do the reputations and careers of anyone who would dare to disagree with them on interpretation, or the legality of  a policy or a piece of legislation they wish adopted in public.

I would like to leave you with a small part of what I read from an article in, titled Stephen Harper’s firing range: A list of 87 organizations and people attacked I five years.  The article was written by Dennis Gruending and posted on April 1,2011.

“Organizations/ watchdogs whose staff have been fired, forced out, publicly maligned, or who have resigned in protest:”

  • Canada Firearms Program (Chief Supt. Marty Cheliak, Director General)
  • Canadian Wheat Board (Adrian Measner, President and CEO)
  • Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (Linda Keen, chair)
  • Foreign Affairs (Richard Colvin, diplomat)
  • Military Police Complaints Commission (head, Peter Tinsley)
  • Ombudsman for the Department of National Defense and the Canadian Forces (Yves Coté)
  • Parliamentary Budget Officer (Kevin Page) (funding cut)
  • RCMP Police Complaints Commission (Paul Kennedy, chair)
  • Rights & Democracy (International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development – Rémy Beauregard, President)
  • Statistics Canada (Munir Sheikh, Deputy Minister)
  • Veterans Ombudsman (Col. Pat Stogran)
  • Victims of Crime, Ombudsman (Steve Sullivan)

Thought: Every piece of legislation that is turned into Canadian law and every change to an already existing law affects all Canadians in all aspects of their life right across the country, moves across international borders and affects the lives of people in other countries.   This is why I believe that passing bills by force of your majority taking into consideration only the partisan point of view and not seeking consensus or being open to amendments is ill-advised, irresponsible governance and harmful to Canadians. Ignoring the advice of experts, scholars and other politicians  simply because you have a majority government and can do so, creates  the opening for those who would take advantage of the program and abuse the people it was intended and designed to help. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is vulnerable to abuse, because of these very reasons. Jason Kenney the politician who I believe has failed miserably as a minister in 2 federal government ministries has been slated as a possible future leader for the Conservative Party  of Canada and why not, when you consider that every ministerial file is in trouble and every major law is being challenged in the courts by opposition members, the provinces or the non consulted stake holders, or amendments are quietly being brought forward by the Harper government themselves.

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