Canadians Expected To Pay More As Bill Comes Due For Decades Of Government Mishandling Of Tax Payer Dollars

After over 30 years of this, why would Montreal citizens pay the government one red penny more, via tolls, or taxes?

After over 30 years of this, why would Montreal citizens pay the government one red penny more, via tolls, or taxes?

If we are to have to pay tolls for the right to use public roads and bridges   being built and maintained then I would ask to what other than politicians salaries, pensions and trips around the world  are the taxes that all levels of government take from Canadians every week and annually being used for?  If our taxes do not go towards paying for things such as education, new infrastructure, its maintenance, healthcare defense both civil and national and our own retirement, then someone please tell me what the hell we are paying for with our taxes and why is democratic capitalism so much better than communism?

The political power bought through donations and out-and-out pay offs to candidates campaigns has allowed that 10% of the world’s population to take unfair advantage and monopolise  the very things that every human being needs to  sustain life on this planet (water, food, land and natural resources) and sell them back to the 90%  of the world’s population at a price that is not only non affordable, but causes hardships, suffering and even death on a scale in my opinion that is consistent with crimes against humanity and yet nothing happens to this 10%.  Attaining the most money for one’s self and the means to keep the money pouring in is the key to success in a capitalistic democracy. Keeping the 90%  of a country’s population and in fact even the world’s population hungry enough, thirsty enough and desperate enough to work and willing to go into debt trying to survive willingly and if not by force is how the government earns the support of the 10%.  The real trick though is to make the middle class citizens believe that they are better than the lower class  and making them believe that they are just one final step away from making it to the top 10%, instead of being where they really are one step away from joining the ranks of the lower class, thereby creating not only false hope for the middle class, but making the lower class the blame for them not being able to make the final step, by not working hard enough and needing social services that drain the economy of not only the country, but the whole world.  In this manner the population is brainwashed into thinking that the government wants all people to be equal and that by working hard that it is possible and if nothing else keeps the middle and lower class fighting and blaming each other for the lousy state of the world and praising the government for trying its best to solve the problems.

With the loss of its status the middle class is starting not to believe that it is normal for the greedy 10% at the top to exploit the 90% and is now finally beginning to understand that they were never just one step away from entering into the top 10% and that the illusion was simply the proverbial carrot that was held out in front of them just out of reach so that they would keep turning the heavy wheel happily and keep voting them into power.  Big business and government both believe that keeping the 10%  happy and successful must be maintained at any cost and by any means necessary, because all of a sudden the 10% have become the backbone of the country and the key to a successful sustainable economy.   So there you have it you are not amassing the personal wealth that validates an individual’s success then you are a failure and a member of the dreaded 90%.

In Canada if you believe in the right to strike, the right to protest and the right to collective bargaining you are labeled a traitor by the government in power at the moment, because they feel it is all nonsense that is bad for the economy, because it cuts into the profit margin of the 10% and if they can not keep their businesses sustainable jobs will be lost and if businesses close the unemployed will become dependant on the government for handouts and that is bad for the economy; better to have a working person starve, stay uneducated because they can not afford things on the salary the receive and not eligible for any government-funded assistance, then to force a company to pay a fair wage and benefits, if it threatens to close its doors. this is kind of like the way the French Revolution came to a head, when the monarchy said of the people, “Let them eat cake.”

Taking a decision that is humanitarian, or green, or perhaps taking the side of the debate that may see those paying for the goods benefit, or working for the company treated fairly, can never be considered a priority  of management, if that direction can only  be realised by lessening of the profits in even the smallest of ways.  So the only way for the average Joe to make ends meet is to cut back, go without, because there will be no raises forth coming from either government or private sector and yet the average Joe is being asked to pay tolls to drive on roads and bridges that their tax dollars pay for and help to maintain and I think it is time to say to the government, “Hell no!”

Everyone in a capitalistic society is forced to compete by the very nature of capitalism to make the most money for themselves, by any means necessary so that they can buy the most expensive things and no one cares if it is good for the country, or  how the cost of their greed will affect the  population, because to harbor an act on such concerns in a real way is deemed to be a weakness and making those not as greedy or driven by capitalism dependant on those that are and to have that thought catch on could see the end of capitalism and the loss of power that it gives the few in the world that benefit from it.

In capitalistic countries we are seeing recession after recession and the countries who aspire to this way of living finding out that they can no longer sustain the greed and corruption of the few, but rather than change they make excuses and blame the rest of the populations so-called dependence on the super rich and the government which they pay for and put into office.  In Ukraine we saw a population rise up and force a legitimate, but corrupt democratic and capitalistic government from office.  In what used to be Ukraine’s Crime we saw a population and a government take matters into their own hands and annex itself to Russia, because they said that they were tired of the corruption that saw them literally starving and the racist oppression they were being forced to endure.  Canada could learn a lot and should be paying attention to what is happening in the rest of Eastern Ukraine as calls to reunite with communist Russia could see more of Ukraine annexed by Russia.

In Canada we have endured decades of sky rocketing prices for everything without relief, watched our right to ask and receive raises put on hold because of hard economic times, while on every level of government we have seen the politicians  vote themselves raise after raise when the lowest rated elected politician makes at least double the salary of the average Canadian, has better benefits and will receive a great pension for basically screwing the average Canadian out of everything that they have worked hard all of their lives to achieve. Not only does the government steal the money of the average citizen through the tax system and give back  very little in return while people are eligible to work, but then when the average worker retires the government will suck those who have managed to save any money from them by sticking them in government-run seniors homes so they can charge them rent while reneging on their medical retirement packages they have been paying into  and if that is not bad enough now the government wants to charge tolls on everyone for things they have already paid for, like infrastructure and its maintenance.

There was a time when Canadians used to get 2 mail deliveries everyday into our mailbox, at our address, now we get one to our homes and within 5 years they say there will be none to the door.  We paid into both federal and provincial retirement program which was mandatory out of each pay check and now through mismanagement of the funds the federal government has deemed the federal retirement program unsustainable and would have the nerve to suggest that it is the tax payers fault that we have not save enough for our retirement and not their mismanagement that will see us having to work until 67 instead of 65 and that we should think seriously about putting more money away when most people are living pay check to pay check not because they spend above their means, but because most middle class professionals people have not gotten a meaningful raise in over 10 years due to government freezes, roll backs and other cost saving procedures, while the price of utilities, fuel food and rents have been allowed to go through the roof.

 Unfortunately when it comes to companies charging the government more money for services rendered like construction costs, road repair and the like, it does not often mean that tax payers are getting better service. All over the country costs are sky rocketing and infrastructure is crumbling due to inferior workmanship, inferior materials that were used to save money and generate more profit and refusal by governments to spend the money needed repairs, proffering to spend tax payer monies on pet projects designed to create legacies for politicians, rather than safety and better living for citizens; this is becomes so evident when one looks at the deplorable state of the infrastructure in this country, such as roads, bridges and overpasses.  The city of Montreal has paid through the teeth and keeps on paying to repair streets that  in a little while after repairs are done develop sinkholes large enough to swallow a truck.  The city’s drainage system is so bad and inadequate  that in the winter sewer pipes burst from freezing and cause floods damaging businesses and homes and in the summer too much rain floods private homes by the city borough.  Why weren’t  things like the sewer system kept up to date and in good repair is my question? What else does government have to do,  what other purpose does it serve, but manage the public purse and run the city, the province and the country in an efficient, cost-effective manner?

I am a hard-working tax payer who is tired of being accused of not doing enough to support the services the government has sworn to extend to every citizen of Canada for the tax dollars they take out of my weekly pay check and property tax, when the truth is that the Government over the years is guilty of managing the public purse with the leaders of governing parties more interested in creating legacies for themselves, such as the Botanical Gardens, for the mayor of Montreal, running about the world pretending to be a country when only a province like Quebec’s ex premiere and  hosting events like the G7 and G20 summits and death of the Liberal Party for the Harper government.  All of these things cost millions  to billions of dollars, but d next to nothing to make the average Canadians life easier to live.

When a hard-working teacher, mail delivery person, or airline worker for example, ask for a raise to meet the sky rocketing costs of every thing even those deemed to be essential to life itself the government says no.  The government says no even though they have allowed the cost of natural gas used to heat homes to rise by 26% and the gas used in cars is now sometimes as high as $1.50 a litre in Quebec.  We pay GST, PST on just about everything that we buy amounting to 14 cents added on to every dollar we spend in the store above and beyond the Unemployment Insurance and Retirement Insurance premiums to both the federal and provincial governments that are taken directly out of our weekly paycheck whether we want it to be or not and finally let us not forget the School Tax and Garbage Tax  that every tenant and landlord are expected to pay and yet the government still wants more.  Now the governments on every level would demand that Canadians have not been doing enough and should pay tolls on bridges to help pay for using them and I say enough is enough.

The banks charge us outrageous fees for using our own money and credit cards are just gone mad with their rates of interest and yet the government refuses to step in and stand up for Canadians.  When was a raise in price to the people of Canada denied Hydro Quebec, or any government utility company, rapid transit for instance, or the bank? They are never denied because if the price for delivering their service goes up it is passed on to us the consumer and  it is assumed that if their prices are not allowed to rise, they utility company and the bank will cease to be able to operate. However this train of thought is not extended to us the average Canadian from whom the combined level of government can take up to and over 50% of the average Canadians gross pay, in a time when it takes almost 2 net pays to pay the rent, factor I that everything you buy at the store, pay in utilities is taxed again at 14% on the dollar in some provinces, please tell me again why it is not asking to much of the average Canadian to pay more money for things like $5.00 toll fees one way to cross on bridges and use roads that their tax dollars pay for already?

Toll Fee Proposed in Quebec for a round trip for the use of the new Champlain Bridge would cost a person no matter how much their take home pay was to add an additional $50.00-$60.00 a week, or $200.00-$240.00 per month to the cost of  being able to honestly earn a living which include, gas, parking, childcare and the combined taxes imposed by all levels of government. I think that Canadians are paying their fair share and government needs to start telling the truth which is that they have screwed up the economy, allowed the greed of free enterprise and capitalism to make earning a living that will support the average Canadian in the most basic living style not only unattainable, but  unsustainable.

Canadians do not live off of their credit cards because they just like it that way.  they do it because the government has forced them through payroll taxes, the GST and PST, the high cost of living and government enforced pay freezes to have to borrow if they are to get any pleasure out of living at all from all of their hard work.  Consider that the toll bridge is just one more way to get at money your hard-earned money by the government and ask yourself where and when  will it all end? When you start feeling sorry for the politicians who have ruined this country economically think again.  Creating jobs may add to the government coffers, but other than a sense of pride what type of life does your weekly paycheck afford you and can it take another hit for things like toll bridges at $200-$240 a month?

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