Express Entry System, Temporary Foreign Worker Program, Fair Elections Act Are All Designed To Take Our Freedom And Make Us Merely The Horses That Pull the Plow

The Horses That Pull The Plow

The Horses That Pull The Plow

Stephen Harper and his government seem to be determined to strip Canadians of every right of self-determination that is guaranteed in the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, by dragging us into the New World Order’s way of doing things in which the making money is the only agenda and swallowing up weaker nations, stealing their natural resources and enslaving their people is the new foreign policy. Stephen Harper’s latest changes to this country’s  immigration laws, introduced by Citizenship And Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, reflect just how little each and every Canadian is taken into consideration and how things like the individual’s right to think, choose and live freely according to their customs, faith and values are no longer sustainable in Stephen Harper’s new Canada, or the new world he and a big business wish Canadians to become a partner in. The idea of  Canada, or any nation clinging to its individual sovereignty as a nation is becoming an impossible task, because the strongest and the wealthiest countries in the world are no longer even pretending that they are working for the betterment of all mankind as they at least tried to portray in the past. Countries like the USA, Canada and Great Britain openly declare that they are working for the benefit of  the owners of  world’s conglomerates, multi national corporations, big business and banks, who make up about 10% of the world’s population.

To have us worry about finding a job if we are unemployed, or being able to hold onto the job that we have and be able to support our families, is in my opinion the deception that the Harper government uses to distract us from their true intention and makes it easier for them to get us the Canadian citizen to buy into the need for them the government to take away our freedom. With their fear mongering, the government increases their ability to control our working wage and other benefits; silencing our complaints while increasing their ability to turn us into voiceless, mindless, agreeable slaves.  I believe that the average man has become as important to our leaders and big business as the horse that pulls the plow for a farmer.  I say this because the horse that pulls the plow is not special, it does not have choice in what it does, or to whom it is obligated to serve; it does not think  and the only value placed on it, is its ability to do work for its master.  It will be fed the minimum required to get the best results for its master and receive enough care to sustain its life for another days work, but it will never know freedom, it is a slave to its master until it dies and when it does die,  it will be replaced by another horse and its carcass recycled to further the  profit of its master.  I believe that if we are not careful and do not stand up and say no, we are destined to become the horse that pulls the plow and like that horse we will never know another day of freedom.

I believe that freedom is the right to choose how one lives, works and dies. I believe that freedom is the right to choose what one believes in terms of religion, culture and other core values. I believe that freedom is the right to speak freely without fear of persecution and oppression from those we have chosen to govern us. I believe that freedom is the right to choose those who govern over us. I believe that freedom is right to choose. What is being taken from Canadians with the Fair Elections Act, introduced by Pierre Poilievre, Canada’s Minister of State for Democratic Reform,  the changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Act introduced by Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism and the soon to be functional Express Entry System introduced by Citizenship And Immigration Minister Chris Alexander  is our freedom of choice and the value placed on our humanity; everything else is but smoke and mirrors. This government is especially adept at pointing the finger and turning one group of Canadians against the other,  fight amongst each other and debate everything but what is the true agenda of this government, which is to strip Canadians of all decision-making power that gets in the way of globalization and the making profit.  Canadians are being turned into little more than the horse that pulls the plow and are seen by this government as only as valuable as the daily work that we are able to perform for the greatest amount of profit for them, at the lowest cost.

I believe that this government led by Steven Harper sees big business and the 10% of the people that own them as the entity that they serve and not the 90% of  our population that does the work in those businesses  for the 10%.  With this ideology in play, what is good for Canadians is no longer the priority for the Harper government and so what is good for Canadians is not even part of the thought process used when determining the direction of its policies and the laws that all Canadians will be governed by.  Steven Harper and his government along with big business and special interest groups believe that it is what is good for the global economy and the stability of the 10% that must be prioritized over the rights of  the 90% in  all things.  Any person who believes in the individual’s right to be able to think for themselves, make decisions for themselves and make a success for themselves in any worldly way, is deemed to be a selfish traitor to their country and the world.  This is the new democracy that people in the eastern part of  Ukraine are saying no to and opting instead to join communist Russia, because of.  Under the deception and distraction of needing to get our budget balanced Steven Harper has chipped away at Canada’s democratic process and the right of  the individual’s right to choose their own destiny, daring to attack and alter the fundamental right of choosing how we are governed.  Without the right to think and speak and decide our own fate as individuals, we are all but slaves to the collective and are value has been reduced and devalued to that of a mobile, expendable work force.

To accomplish dragging Canada into the New World Order  the member states of this organization needed a Canadian Prime Minister in power with a majority government who was willing to sell Canadians out by bringing down the standard of living that Canadians enjoyed forever and that was the envy of the world. This would bring Canada more in line with the USA and the rest of the world and make it easier to move a worker from one place to another as needed, because there would no longer a reason of higher wages, or better benefits to remain in one place rather than go to where there was an abundance of work.  We have been offered entry into the New World Order on several occasions, but all other Prime Ministers of Canada refused to sell out the values of Canada for the promise of power and glory, that is until the election of Prime Minister Harper. In Prime Minister Harper the New World Order found a willing partner in the crime of stripping Canada of it sovereignty, individuality and humanity. Medicare, higher education, retirement plans and the right to collective bargaining would all have to be brought in line and  Steven Harper the hater of unions, who blames the poor of this country for holding the country’s economy down and not the bad management practices of the government, was only o happy to comply.

As I type we as Canadians are witnessing what Stephen Harper meant when Harper said what amounted to,  “When I am done making changes to Canada, you the Canadian people will not recognise her.”  He was right we now live in a Canada where no social programs and no environmental programs are considered by this government to be sustainable any longer.  Joint retirement programs between government and its employees once agreed upon in settlements negotiated in good faith are being deemed no longer worth the paper they were written by the Harper government. Everything that used to require unions and the use of the collective bargaining process has been vilified and through government intervention has been reduced to being too ineffective to matter. Once again it is our right to choose that is being stripped from us as we debate the pros and cons of social programming and are turned one against the other, blaming each other for the sorry state of the economy instead of fighting back to keep our freedom.

 Even though the government made all strikes virtually illegal and moot by passing back to work legislation in every case by calling just about everything an essential service that the Canadian economy just could not endure the loss of for even a little while, they still had the Canadian workers themselves to bring on-line, or render no longer important to the every day operation and growth of  the Canadian economy and they are seeking to do this with two programs; one being the altering of the Temporary  Foreign Worker Program, enabling businesses to use the program to get rid of  what is considered high-priced unskilled Canadian laborers who are looking for fair wages and benefits and hire foreign workers for less money and zero benefits.  What Steven Harper and his government are telling unskilled Canadians is that if the unskilled Canadian wants to work, they will have to work for what big business and the government says is fair, or else the unskilled Canadian workers will be replaced  with unskilled temporary foreign workers who are used to working for less and who will consider themselves lucky to have a job period.

With time running out and an election due in 2015 the Harper government has set it sights on  bringing what is considered professional or skilled workers on-line , by knocking them down a peg and showing them that even though they are a highly valued slave like a pure Mandingo might have been to a white plantation owner in the South, they are still a slave and are expected to know their place and work hard for little more than praise and a pat on the head and a few extras, without complaint.   Citizenship And Immigration Minister Chris Alexander  has made the “Express Entry System,” the priority of his department.  Now professionals like doctors and other specialists in their fields will be forced to accept the wages and benefits forced upon them by the government without the right to collective bargaining, or  they will find themselves replaced by skilled foreign workers  looking for work. This government has been for over a year vigorously recruiting through Canada’s new “Express Entry System”  skilled workers looking to become permanent residents of Canada.

In an article online in  said, “The number before the occupation corresponds to the National Occupation Classification list, which is currently being updated.  Within the 25,000 cap, the government will process a maximum of 1,000 applications submitted for each application set out below.” “Canada is actively recruiting skilled immigrants for the federal skilled worker program​ in the following 50 occupations, which the government says reflect the latest labour market needs:

– 0013 Senior managers — financial, communications and other business services.

– 0015 Senior managers — trade, broadcasting and other services, not elsewhere classified.

– 0111 Financial managers.

– 0112 Human resources managers.

– 0113 Purchasing managers

– 0121 Insurance, real estate and financial brokerage managers.

– 0311 Managers in health care.

– 0711 Construction managers.

– 0712 Home building and renovation managers.

– 0811 Managers in natural resources production and fishing.

– 0911 Manufacturing managers.

– 1111 Financial auditors and accountants.

– 1112 Financial and investment analysts.

– 1113 Securities agents, investment dealers and brokers.

– 1114 Other financial officers.

– 1123 Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations.

– 1212 Supervisors, finance and insurance office workers.

– 1224 Property administrators.

– 2113 Geoscientists and oceanographers.

– 2131 Civil engineers.

– 2132 Mechanical engineers.

– 2133 Electrical and electronics engineers.

– 2145 Petroleum engineers.

– 2171 Information systems analysts and consultants.

– 2172 Database analysts and data administrators.

– 2173 Software engineers and designers.

– 2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers.

– 2232 Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians.

– 2234 Construction estimators.

– 2241 Electrical and electronics engineering technologists and technicians.

– 2243 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics.

– 2263 Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety.

– 2281 Computer network technicians.

– 3011 Nursing co-ordinators and supervisors.

– 3012 Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses.

– 3111 Specialist physicians.

– 3112 General practitioners and family physicians.

– 3132 Dietitians and nutritionists.

– 3141 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

– 3142 Physiotherapists.

– 3143 Occupational therapists.

– 3214 Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists.

– 3215 Medical radiation technologists.

– 3216 Medical sonographers.

– 3233 Licensed practical nurses.

– 3234 Paramedical occupations.

– 4011 University professors and lecturers.

– 4151 Psychologists.

– 4214 Early childhood educators and assistants.

– 5125 Translators, terminologists and interpreters.

I believe that the reason the economy of the world is collapsing is not the fault of the poor people in it, but that the poor people in it are a result of the failing economy. I believe that the failing economy is a result of the mismanagement of governments throughout the world of its resources, and the money generated from the blood, sweat  and tears of  the 90% of their people. The poor people  in the world are a direct result of this government and all governments failure to be effective managers. Corruption, egotism, and apathy are the root causes of most of the problems that this world is facing today.  There are no honest politicians anymore, because lying has become the truth, what is too costly politically is buried, or filed under too sensitive for the 90% to know about, or they are too stupid to understand the need. Will we let them turn us into the horse that pulls the plow, a herd of mindless beast with no choices, no dreams and no say in anything? I hope not for my grandchildren’s sake. Do not for one second forget that the Canadian government is the biggest employer in Canada and so we can see why they would be inclined to lean toward anything that goes against the collective bargaining process; after all is country and the world not being run like a multi national conglomerate?

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