The Only Enemy Within Our Ranks Is The Harper Government

The Enemy Within Our Ranks

The Enemy Within Our Ranks

I believe that the Harper government is the enemy within our ranks. This  strong stable majority government that is being led by Stephen Harper is in my opinion solely responsible and guilty for attacking and weakening our military from within by:

  •  Their bad military procurement practices which ultimately leave our military personnel without the best equipment and using out dated equipment and unable effectively communicate, or participate in the joint combat missions with our allies that this government commits them to participate in;  putting their lives casually, callously and shamelessly in danger, due to their incompetence and negligence.
  • Weakening  the morale of  those who are presently serving, those slated to retire due to injury acquired while in the service of Canada and deemed no longer fit for duty and those retiring  at the end of their contractual obligation(our veterans),with their constant cutting and gutting of the services that our men and women of the military are entitled to for which the government used to be obligated to provide for them and their families until the strong secure majority government led by Steven Harper decided that they were just not worth it and balancing the budget meant more to Canadians.

The Harper Government claims to respect the sacrifices made in the past and being made everyday by our military personnel on the front lines and also  claims that they support our military personnel on the front lines, but in every thing that the Harper government  does from the procurement of vital military  equipment, to the support of our military personnel from the time they get injured in service to this country through to the time they are forced to retire from those injuries, says different. How can the Harper government,

  • close veterans hospitals all over the country,
  • shut down veterans affairs offices all over the country,
  • refuse to even talk to families and the veterans themselves

and still have the temerity and arrogance to utter out loud their preposterous assertion that they as a government are appreciative of the service of our men and women serving in our military and our veterans for past services and sacrifices? The Conservative Party of Canada since coming to power with its strong stable majority government has callously chipped away at all of the programs that were set in place by past governments to assist veteran’s. The latest example of this to emerge was what the Harper government did in quietly and sneakily in 2012 to alter what was to be  covered by the government as part of the moving expenses a member of the Canadian Armed Forces  was entitled to,  without even advising them of the change. Bank penalties for selling your home early when on a fixed mortgage were covered up to 2012, when the military forced personnel to relocate domestically, or abroad and their final move once they left the military due to injury serving this country, or after they retired after serving this country honorably in some cases after over 25 years of service.

When I read the story of Master Cpl. Martin Pitre, from Pembroke, Ont. on-line and how a change made to the rules to save the government money, made in 2012 by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada that could have cost this injured veteran and his family $7, 000 in banking penalties for terminating their mortgage early, my blood started a slow boil.  Master Cpl. Martin Pitre’s story is just another indication of how either how out of touch this Harper government is with the needs of its military personnel and veterans, or of how little they care about the people who are willing to lay down their lives to keep the rest of us safe.  What if the bank in question had not relented and waived the fees?  The Harper government as always denies the obvious and when faced with a wrong they have done and could change by simply stating that they made a mistake and fix the wrong, they claim that there is no problem and what they did is what Canadians want and have been asking governments to do for years.

How is it possible that the Harper government can even suggest that they  respect our military personnel and issue statements like this about a change that could affect any number of the estimated 14,500 members relocated by the military every year if they sell a home, “The provision of comprehensive and fair compensation to our CAF members and their families must be balanced with the requirement for responsible management of public money.”  Is this government trying to infer that we the Canadian people do feel it is our joint obligation to support our veterans who work to keep us safe willing to lay down their lives if necessary to do so are not worth the money?  Remember this is not some new program this was an existing program that the Harper government cut in 2012 to help balance the budget.

The majority of Canadians now know who the enemy within our ranks really are and what must be done in 2015 to put things right for not only our veterans, but for our  serving military personnel as well, but what of us the parents, the wives and children of those in the military; what is our role in all of this?  Oh we are good at crying and complaining when it one of our family members that are being mistreated by this government, but are often quite content to remain silent when it is our neighbors family member that is facing an injustice.  Where is our commitment to our young men and women who serve this country sacrificing their personal lives, losing limbs, mental health and some paying the ultimate sacrifice so that we do not have to? How could we re-elect a government responsible for the fiasco that was made of the procurement of the F-35 Fighter Jet and all that bungling costs Canadians in terms of our military personnel having the most up to date equipment and thereby putting their lives at risk unnecessarily?  How could we re-elect a government who after years of bungling and at a $2 billion cost to the Canadian tax payer decided not to give our military the light armored vehicle that they claimed our military needed to make them better protected and save lives?

Will we excuse this latest fiasco,  the procurement of  28 helicopters from Sikorsky slated to replace Canada’s aging fleet of Sea Kings which former Defense Minister, Peter Mackay  stated was the worst military procurement deal that Canada has ever gotten itself into? Are we as Canadians who wish only the best for our military personnel going to just stand by with our heads collectively buried in the sand while this government says that a remote chance that  one of the 28 new CH-148 Cyclone helicopters  goes down killing all military personnel aboard because of its agreement with Sikorsky to ignore previously agreed upon safety measures is somehow justifiable and is an acceptable risk?  If human life is not enough to move you and you like this government think only in terms of money the cost of this procurement is $7.6 billion. This is a list of what this government who puts the safety of our young men and women serving in our military above all things agreed could be removed from the contract with Sikorsky to build Canada’s Maritime Military Helicopter:

  • The 30-minute run-dry capability is just one of seven concessions the government has made.
  • The ability to secure the helicopter’s ramp in various positions during flight.
  • Crew comfort systems during extreme temperature operations.
  • Unobstructed hand and foot holds for technicians to conduct maintenance.
  • The ability to self start in very cold weather.- Cockpit ergonomics factors.
  • A system to automatically deploy personnel life rafts in emergency situations.

Do you agree with the military bureaucrats and the defense department when they state that, “The air force accepted those concessions, because there is no impact to overall operational capabilities and will not risk crew safety,” or do you believe as I do that it is hard to see how that could be possible given the concessions to safety standards that this government agreed to? It is for this reason and others that I say that this strong and stable Conservative Government of Canada is the enemy that is attacking our military and therefore our country from within.  Whether this Harper is intentional ruining our military, or just incompetent doesn’t really matter in this case, because the results are the same, they are endangering the lives of those who serve unnecessarily, destroying the morale of our troops and thereby putting Canada and Canadians at risk.  This kind of incompetence, or negligence is treasonous.  What is truly sad  in my opinion is that the lives of those willing to lay down their lives to protect Canada and Canadians, is being thrown away and diminished for a few dollars, by the strong, stable, majority government of Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. As Master Cpl. Martin Pitre put it, “I feel like I’m being thrown to the garbage, pretty much,” said Pitre. “I shouldn’t have to pay money to move back home.” Pitre and his fiancée are also upset because the military wouldn’t pay to ship their pets.


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