People Of The World It Is Time To Stop Feigning Helplessness

God's Light Is Missing In The World Today

God’s Light Is Missing In The World Today

We the people of the world try to find reason, make sense and justify the horrors that we inflict on each other each and every minute of the day, by pretending to except the excuses and rhetoric  used by all politicians, all world conglomerates and all religious leaders, to sell their economic plan of the day, their fanatical religious ideology, their culturally exclusionary philosophy of superiority and their plan of global domination. These leaders weapon of choice is playing on our fear of what we do not understand, fear of what we do not believe in, and fear of what will not change to be like we are. We the people of the world have found safety in pretending to be helpless, innocent, honest, God-fearing people that are being manipulated and duped by greedy, self-righteous, fanatics. We have become so good at living this lie that we truly have become blind to what is right and wrong and ignorant to our own duplicity and hypocrisy in what is being done in our name.  One only has to remember the African Slave Trade, the treatment of the aboriginal people of North America, the Holocaust, the mass murders of Rwanda, the Bosnian Genocide, the illegal occupation of Palestinian territory by Israel, the annexing of Crimea by Russia and the kidnapping of 300 little girls in Nigeria to see that there is no country, no people and no religion that can cast the first stone declaring innocence.

The government and we the people of the world try to hide behind all sorts of claims for doing the wrongs that we do to others, or the harm we do to others by refusing to follow through with our good intentions with real action.  To listen to our hearts and souls is to begin to think  for ourselves  and feel again and take personal responsibility for the awful state the world finds itself in, and that is exactly what we are trying to avoid, because we are no longer capable, or willing to stand up for what we know to be right.  We the people of the world have given up our right to speak and act on the behalf of the oppressed and down trodden for the safety and peace of mind found in the sanitary vacuum of  mindless helplessness.

When we are not doing the right thing, feeling and thinking can be a painful  exercise, ending in shame, guilt.  Taking responsibility for ones own thoughts and actions is not an easy thing to do. Taking such responsibility is not easy, because it requires that we have the inner strength to look at one’s self in the mirror, that honesty to admit having done something wrong and the willingness to right the wrong no matter what the personal cost to us. I believe that it is the lack of will to right our wrong doing to others no matter the personal cost to us, that we  have turned a blind eye to what our government, big business and religious leaders have been up to.

We are all guilty of taking the easy way out by claiming it is the government’s fault and that we are just a simple people and asking what  were we to do about the wrongs of big business and the will of God, when the uproar becomes so loud that the situation just can’t be ignored. Hiding under a cloak of helplessness never works, because the truth will always find a way to surface and sooner or later someone will look in the mirror and not be able to go on blaming someone else and try to right the wrong no matter what the personal cost to themselves and it will catch on; it always does and people will demand change, they will demand the power to think and speak for themselves even though it means claiming the shame and the blame and the responsibility for their part in making the world what it is today

As a people we have went along and are still going along with the assertions of our leaders that, we are right and they are wrong; we are good and they are evil; we deserve to live and they deserve to die. God told us to take their land and make it our own and told us to enslave them, or drive them into the sea; we are the only chosen people of God and all else are infidels. God will reward us for killing them in the next life with wives, fine clothes and riches beyond our wildest dreams, if we sacrifice our lives today killing innocent men women and children.

The Middle East, Africa, Korea, Ukraine, the member countries  of Western Alliance, Russia, China, name anyone of  these groups or individual countries who do not fear monger and whose leaders do not artificially create the need for war, oppression and death and all of the other despicable things that they do out of self-interest of themselves or their country.

The Middle East it is but one such  tragedy that the world stands by and watches as innocent children are killed daily, because  fanatical religious leaders and politicians cannot say no to violence and yes to peace. Big business and bankers get rich lending money to countries vying to buy weapons to kill their neighbors and governments choose sides to support not by who is right, but rather by what is to be gained for their country’s support .  Nigeria is another such spot in the world where children are being kidnaped not in small numbers like 3 students as just recently  in Israel, but in numbers like 300 at a time because of an insane ideological fanatical religious belief that female children are meant to serve their husbands and need no other education then to learn how to be good wives.

There are no winners in the Middle East and other places in the world like it and there never will be, because war is all the people on both sides in these countries live for, because it is all that they remember and all that they know.  I believe that the death, crying and suffering that perpetuates more killings tears and funerals is what gives both sides purpose and makes the supporters of such chaos rich and happy to see it continue and the deaths of innocent men women and children acceptable collateral damage and just the price of doing business.

Our world is turning into a place where heaven and hell meet, where the line between right and wrong become indistinguishable, the line between good and evil faded and blurry and the line between the two is crossed with recklessly without fear of consequence, or the price to be paid in blood, horror and suffering.

There is no Godliness on either side of the equation in the world we have created by our willingness to be silent and our feigned helplessness; there is only the gnashing of teeth and the never-ending moans of the tortured, suffering lost souls and the committing of acts so vile, so heinous and unforgivable that they must be denied and hidden from the people or given religious justification.  What is going on in the world  today has nothing to do with the security of homelands, identity, religion, culture, or the safety of ones people, but has to do with religious fanaticism, vendetta and a whole lot of greed.

What good is all of the stolen land that Israel has managed hold on to with the help of weapons supplied by its western allies, if the state of Israel itself  is to be made to suffer and fear for their very existence each and every day? When just waking up in the morning, returning home from a trip to the market safely, or not having some one in your family die from the impact of never-ending war is considered  to be having a great day? Where is the value in this life, where is God found in it. When young girls and boys are manipulated into strapping bombs to themselves, or driving cars loaded with explosives and driving senselessly into a crowd of people killing innocent civilians, because it is considered too dangerous and virtually impossible to get at enemy soldiers   and military targets, by your leaders, I would ask where is the humanity in that type of killing of the innocent, where is God to be found in any of this senseless bloodshed? When the sound of bombs going off  is what puts your children to sleep at night, and you are surrounded and penned in giant fence, or wall by your enemy like cattle, where is your great victory and where is your sense of caring for your people?

My point is that all over the world right now there are forces at play whose motives and agenda have nothing to do with peace in the world, but whose business it is to make profit off of war. These banks and businesses and governments keep never-ending wars supplied with weapons, cash and military advice without which most of these wars would end in short order from personnel, weapon and financial fatigue. The support of countries like Russia, China, USA, France and now Canada has nothing to do with anyone having a homeland, or anyone having the right to exist, or human rights. Politicians, leaders of conglomerates and the banks could careless about either side, how many die everyday, end up maimed.  A few hundred  kidnapped, missing and murdered girls and women do not mean anything to the supporters of never-ending wars, because their only agenda is keeping  a foothold in any region and turning a profit, off of the trades deals they secured as payment for their support.  If you think that I am being too harsh, look to Canada’s over 1,000 missing and murdered aboriginal girls and women and what the Canadian government has done to solve the mysteries.

GodIsUniversalLight-full nAs for the will of God being the other excuse we use for mindlessly going along with our leaders orders to persecute,  rape, torture, murder and even attempt the total annihilation of those not like us, or that refuse to change to be like us, I would say this, “In every religion at some point God is referred to as the light of the world, the bringer of tranquility and peace and yet the most brutal of wars that involve the abduction, raping and murdering of innocent women and girls has from the beginning of recorded history and up to this very day been  done in the name of one God, or another.  What God would force young children to become soldiers and force them to kill? What God would imprison, or support the torture and the murder of young children?  What God would ask women and young children to strap bombs onto themselves and blow themselves up in the midst of their enemies to receive glory in the next life?  When we do these things in the name of  God could you tell me what God that is?  I think that God’s light is what is missing in this world and we are now believing, trusting and following something far darker, evil and more sinister that should not be confused with any of the above mentioned God’s.”

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