More Israeli Justice In The Middle East Means Death Of Innocent Palestinian Civillians

Israel Demonstrating Its Ongoing Commitment To A Negotiated Settlement In The Middle East

Israel Demonstrating Its Ongoing Commitment To A Negotiated Settlement In The Middle East

The United Nations has got to be kidding about its call for a ceasefire in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians and peace only being possible if the Palestinians stop launching missiles into Israel and accept everything that Israel is doing to them in response to the 3 murdered Israeli youths as a just and fair punishment for a crime where no evidence has been put forward that they the Palestinians are guilty of committing?  Has the proof come in yet that says that it was Hamas, or any Palestinian that killed those Jewish boys, or is irrefutable proof no longer necessary to attack another country and cause the bloodshed of innocent men, women and children  on the scale that Israel is doing and is promising to escalate? How quickly we get away from what started the violence up again in the first place and rush  to defend Israel’s right to defend itself or as our  idiot foreign minister, John Baird says is, “Israel’s obligation to defend itself,” in a war that it started and continues to escalate in brutality each day by targeting its missile attacks on civilian targets such as innocent men women and children praying in mosques and cripples lying in bed in hospitals.

When the bodies of the three teens were found last week, anger boiled over in Israel and hard-liners were seen marching through the streets of Jerusalem chanting “Death to the Arabs” and assaulting random Palestinians. The night after the three boys’ funerals, Palestinian teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and burned alive. Six Israeli suspects were arrested and three reportedly confessed to the crime that set off massive street protests in occupied East Jerusalem. Do the Palestinians have the same right, or obligation to defend their people as per Canadian Foreign Minister, John Baird’s words?

The Israeli’s in my opinion have learned the wrong things well from the Holocaust and are using what they have learned about death and winning a war to their advantage. There can be no resistance to tyranny if you wipe out all of the people you are oppressing and in my opinion that is exactly what they are planning to do, as the world looks on again in silence.  It would seem that Israel feels it is time to take what little of what has been left to the Palestinians by using the tragic death of three Israeli boys,  by person or persons unknown as their reason to commit genocide, or at least war crimes against humanity similar to what they were forced to survive during the 2nd world war by the Nazis of Germany.  Through the usage of their security  fences, restrictive passes for Palestinians, forced swearing of allegiance to Israel and its Zionist cause of the people whose land they unjustifiably occupy and the stealing of all that once belong to the Palestinian people and giving to their own population(the new settlements), I say Israel is in fact a good little Nazis of the New World Order.

Once you see the state of Israel without the benefit of the rose-colored glasses that the western media provides freely to anyone seeking justification for  Israel’s Zionist purpose, you begin to understand that Israel as a nation is a coward and has always been a coward, relying on the might of others to do for it what it cannot do for itself. Israel as a nation is only dangerous in a gang and is and has always been incapable of defending itself for long without the financial, and military might of its allies.  Without the financial support and military might of France there would have been no Israel soon after it was created after the 2nd world war.  What has Israel as a nation done to defend itself, its borders and its right to exist without the help of its gang, since it was created by the west? The answer to this question, is absolutely nothing and it never will, because Israel only exist as a nation, because it suits its allies purposes for it to do so.

The bombs it drops on the Palestinians are bought and paid for by its allies; Israel would be still fighting its war on the backs of camels and losing very badly to its neighbors if the west decided to stop supporting them and let them reap what they have sown through greed and a fanatical belief that their God gives them the right to the whole Middle East.  Israel had better hope that the world does not decide to go electric and stop using oil, because if that should ever come to pass the state of Israel would have no strategic purpose and might find itself quickly running out of those bombs it drops on its neighbors with the reckless abandonment of a nation knowing they will be replaced due to the financial help of the Western Alliance.  Israel would be wise to remember that those who pretend to support them now, are the ancestors of those kings of Europe that exiled all Jews from Europe after abandoning them to their enemies during the crusades and who have through history oppressed them, denied them equality in the new world, persecuting them just for being Jewish at every turn and it is still going on as I type.

I did not like or support what that Nazis of Germany did to the Jews of Europe and thought that the ultimate sacrifice that 2 of my  3 uncles made in world war two,  trying to stop the German Nazis from wiping the Jews of Europe from the face of the earth,  was a cause worth dying for. they believed that  to be a part of a force dedicated to the halting of  Hitler’s senseless fanatical annihilation of  the Jews of Europe was worth dying for. In saying that though, I must admit that I do not like what the Nazis of Israel are doing to the Palestinians either and I think my two uncles would have joined and been willing to give up their lives to stop the annihilation of the Palestinians by the Nazis of Israel, if they were still living today. I say this, because I believe that the Nazis of Israel use the same tactics the German Nazis  tried on them when they were the victims.  I believe that as awful as it sounds Israel knows  how good those tactics work and how close those German Nazis came to pulling off their annihilation.

As Israel orders the evacuation of innocent people out of the Gaza so that they can bomb and take what does not belong to them in the name of  avenging the deaths of 3 innocent boys who would not be dead today if Israeli leadership had truly desired a peaceful negotiated settlement, I ask, “What is the purpose of slaughtering civilians if not to exterminate all Palestinians in the Middle East? This could have all been avoided and ended years ago, if only the leaders of Israel and its people would have done the right thing in the 1st place and given back to the Palestinians what they had stolen, instead of building illegal settlements and breaking every treaty they have agreed to.  This kind of blaming the oppressed and wronged is also  reminiscent of how  Canadians and Americans, their staunchest allies have dealt with their aboriginal and First Nations people with one exception; the Palestinians are not holding still for the lies and would rather die to the last man, woman and child than be forever a slave to an occupying puppet of the Western alliance, named Israel. Everyone but Israel seems to know that puppets only get to come to life and live like human beings in animated cartoons like Pinocchio; in real life the puppet only gets to dance when the puppet master pulls on its strings.

I do believe however that the final outcome will be the same for the Nazis of Israel as it was for the Nazis of German, because the world can only pretend it cannot see the slaughter and the carnage; pretend that cannot hear the weeping and the cries for help as millions of innocent Palestinian men, women and children lose their limbs, their mortal lives and their futures and finally pretend that they have forgotten never to stand by and do nothing to this type of slaughter that can only be called genocide ever again.

Genocide does not become okay because we change its name, or because who is committing the despicable act for whatever the cause of the day is, we share a God with. Genocide will always be genocide no matter the reason, or new name given to it and it will always smell putrid, like rotting flesh that accompanies death, because that is all it is; death by the hundreds, thousand and finally millions until somewhere, someone courageous enough says to both sides, “No More.”

Israel since the time of the crusaders has been the back door into the Middle East for any foreign invader  who would fight their battles for them against the majority of the original inhabitants of the Middle East who were different from them in faith and culture.  All an invader had to do to gain entrance to the Middle East and wage war on Israel’s neighbors was to promise to help Israel realise the promise they claim their God made to them as written in their holy books. It is written in their most holy of  books that their God told them to,”Go out across the land and take all of what they saw before them for themselves, (what was not theirs in terms of land) and to slaughter all the people they found living in those lands and make no peace with them and not to lie down with their women, but to drive them out into the sea. When the people of Israel asked how they would defeat such a people that out numbered them and were such fierce warriors they say that their God answered by saying, “Trust in me and I will provide a way to overcome those who do not believe in me” and it is these words found in this simple verse that  Israel  believes proves beyond a doubt  that all of the Middle East belongs to it. Israel believes that it is just a fulfilment of God’s will that is finally taking place with Israel’s rebirth as a nation and that the Palestinians must be pushed into the sea as ordered by their god.  Everyone who assists them Israel believes is doing so, because they are merely tools to be used, promised to them by their God Jehovah to see his will done.

Israel views the Western Alliance as the tools that their  God Jehovah has given to Israel in order that they might achieve their preordained destiny  and it is this belief  that emboldens Israel making Israel refuse the requests of its allies to stop its quest to rule over all of the nations in the Middle East.  The crusaders promised Israel then what the Western Alliance has promised them now.  For their treachery to their neighbors, by allowing foreign invaders into the Middle East through their land the Christian kings of Europe promised to grant Israel all of the Middle East to rule over, but the invaders lost and were driven out of the Middle East and Israel deserted by its allies paid the price for its treachery to its neighbors.    If the priorities of their allies change, which they are that their allies may deem the price of Israel’s survival too high a price to continue to pay and they will abandon Israel like their forefathers did, leaving Israel to the mercy of those they have been oppressing and trying to rid the middle East of for so long now.

It would seem that history has taught the Jews of Israel, or the descendants of those Christian kings of Europe little if in fact anything at all, as history repeats itself in the Middle East.   There is no brave nation of Israel, merely a cowardly gang member hiding under the protection of the rest of its gang, while doing that gangs bidding.  Call it God, or Satan, it does not matter when a deal is struck to give oneself something that cannot be gotten by oneself, using one’s own power, because there is always a price to pay and it is never good for anyone.  God, Satan are but names; justice and righteousness depends solely upon who is on top of the food chain at the moment these days and so the mere use of the words in this day and age signifies nothing, except that you have the bigger gun at the moment.  A Nazi is a Nazi whether they are born in Israel,  Germany, or anywhere else in the world and the word genocide covers Jews and Palestinians alike.

There is only one war going on right now and it seems to have started with the God of Israel’s words, found in their most holy of their books; an ancient promise of greatness for murder of another people and another God.  I wonder how many people we are willing to let die to satisfy a story told in a book written by men so many years ago to justify the taking what did not belong to them?  Already the count is in the hundreds of millions. Since the idea started thousands of years ago of spreading ones religion and conversion to it by force, the oppression,  torture and shameless murder has increased to where the only thing that organised religion represents and is sure to accomplish, is great suffering and death.

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    I think the readers comments down this page are worth reading!
    Thanks for your blog archmendis.
    I feel much for the State of Israël…What is the Hamas purpose knowing they don’t have equal force with the Israelis?


    • archemdis says:

      Claire I feel for the innocent people on both sides not their leaders and what they represent. To answer your question though military might alone will never end this war and no amount of propaganda will alter the fact that Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian land and building illegal settlements. I think that they are doing what any people, any nation would; defending their right to be. The Palestinians right to exist was never in question until the west decided to appease it conscience by creating the state of Israel after the 2nd world war. Would Canada simply roll over to the Americans if invaded, because we were faced with superior weaponry; I think not and neither will Hamas, or any Palestinian. Putting a country on Canada’s terrorist list does not make them terrorist in my humble opinion, it just means that Stephen Harper agrees with the other side for political reasons, or possibly strategic ones. What would any of us do to protect our homes, children and country Claire? I think Hamas is simply put saying No More to Israel and the Western Alliance and if you wish to take everything from us you will have to kill every man women and child to do so. I think that their purpose is to defend themselves as best as they can and by whatever way they can against an over whelming, seemingly unbeatable force. Canada has just said publicly that although it regrets the deaths of a hundred Palestinian children by Israel’s military intentionally aiming at civilian targets, that Israel has no choice and is within international law ands is something that Canada can support. I think we have a case of David and Goliath; the purpose of the Jews in the story was to defend itself and not quit and I believe that Hamas’s purpose is the same and that is to stand up to what it perceives as its Goliath. I understand you feeling for Israel, but where is the morality in knowingly targeting children? If the enemy puts before it human shields, of which some are children does a moral nation shoot them down to get at the enemy and say it is not our fault? Thank you for your comment and question


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