A World Without A Peace Broker Is A World Without Peace

Center picture is what happens when military muscle means more than the common sense of brains and diplomacy.

Center picture is what happens when military muscle means more than the common sense of brains and diplomacy.

Hundreds of innocent people are being killed in ways they would not have been before as democracy and religion are used to start wars in other countries and deadly weapons are given to people who would not have them, but for the support of their super power allies. It is obvious to me that man might be getting very close to self annihilation, because something is missing from the equation for everyone to coexist with each other in harmony on this planet. The balance that used to be is no more and the scale balancing sanity and insanity has been tipped to where reality is no longer part of the equation.  This world has lost its champion for peaceful negotiated resolutions when Canada caved in to the pressure of our warrior super power neighbor to join its “War against terror, or be considered the enemy.  I would suggest that if there is nothing done to tone down the escalation of the small wars that have been started all over the world by one source, or another, that the name calling and who is to blame in each dispute will not matter. I would suggest as the title of this post suggest that a world without a peace broker is a world without peace.

Israel’s “David’s Sling, Iron Dome and the Arrow and the soon to come Arrow 3”  are all missile programs supposedly designed for defense, but everyone knows that this statement is a red herring and that the only difference between a weapon made for defense and one made for war is the application chosen by the one who possesses it. We know by experience that weapons of mass destruction cause anguish and death daily, because they have become the new deterrent, replacing diplomacy and respect for each others rights, with fear and aggression.   Weapons of mass destruction makes the holder of them feel almost invincible and arrogant with a sense of military might and superiority over their enemies, giving them and them alone  the right and authority to decide what is best for the world.

One only has to look at what the USA did to Japan in retaliation for Japan’s bombing of Pearl Harbor with conventional weapons to see the damage that weapons of mass destruction are capable of when in the hands of  any nation. The USA wants people to believe that only they and a few other super powers as they refer to themselves, including Russia and China should be trusted with the power to wipe out every living thing on the planet, but the USA is the only country in the world to  have already used a nuclear weapon intentionally on civilians more than once.  When the USA dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima the 1st day  and then followed-up  with the bombing of  Nagasaki 3 days later the world witnessed the mass murder of innocent men, women and children the likes the world has never witnessed before and has not seen again.  The damage to human life was horrific, mind numbing and irreversible. The damage caused by that misuse of extreme lethal force is still being felt and dealt with today. Not one person in the American government was ever put on trial for crimes against humanity, yet they took part in the trials that found Nazis rightfully guilty of war crimes for their roles in the Holocaust; talk about a double standard.

What the USA did over the course of those 4 days speaks volumes and was proof beyond a shadow of a doubt, that having the most powerful weapon was no deterrent for anything then and what is going on in the Middle East, Ukraine and Korea, proves that the same holds true for today. Having the most powerful weapon is a great temptation waiting for  a cowardly enemy, a fanatical leader, or any other madman/zealot, with an itchy trigger finger looking to get into the history books and willing to kill by the millions to do it. Once the 1st nuclear missile is launched, it will not matter whether the person who pushed the button was Muslim or Christian, elected politician  or dictator, because we will be facing the last days of our lives as we know it and all that used to seem so important and worth dying for will become immediately irrelevant.  Remember: The American president that ordered the dropping of the atom bomb was a democratically elected official, professed to believe in democracy and  was not a Muslim. This American president just had a weapon of mass destruction, was angry because someone dared to bomb his country like his country had bombed so many other countries in the past and decided to send a horrific message, without warning, sparing none, not even children and children waiting to be born.

There is a deadly strategy being used by the super powers which amounts to the arming of what can only be described as the pawns on the chess board, with weapons of mass destruction. This is a deliberate attempt by those super powers to have smaller nations do their killing for them and keep the fighting away from their homelands, like the USA, Russia, China and Great Britain are doing all over the world.  Unfortunately this strategy enables other strategies like Israel’s Samson Option: The Samson Option is the name that some military analysts have given to Israel’s hypothetical deterrence strategy of massive retaliation with nuclear weapons as a “last resort” against nations whose military attacks threaten its existence, but they are not alone, in their resolve to spill the blood of millions should they feel that their existence as a nation is threatened.  This is what the USA alone has added to Israel’s capabilities; add that to what Israel’s enemies are capable of doing, because their allies seek to even out the weapons match and you are looking at the recipe that will end all life on this planet and all by our own hand, or should I say finger on the button with the fanatical determination to push it.

It is at this point I will ask you what do you think will matter when the inevitable happens and one of the pawns armed with weapons of mass destruction provided by one of the super powers feels threatened and decides to push the button and take one if not all of its enemy nations with it into oblivion, because of  an imminent, or perceived threat?  Israel has already proved to be quite uncontrollable and has refused the advice of its allies on how it should deescalate the tension in the Middle East and the other factions involved in the Middle East conflict seem just as fanatically determined to wipe out the whole Middle East rather than give up an inch to the enemy whether it be about land, religious pride, or some idiotic sense national pride.  How about that, the world brought to an end because of prideful man.

The world is facing the same threat of destruction in Europe as opposing super powers race to train and arm their sides of disputing factions in Ukraine to kill each other with sophisticated weapons they could not make on their own, or buy on their own without the support of their super power supporters.  How many missiles fired at passenger airplanes intentionally or unintentionally, causing the deaths of how many innocent people do you think it will take before someone says enough is enough and seeks retaliation for those innocent lives, triggering and setting the dominoes in motion for another world war?  Will it matter who the super powers claim is right or wrong, will it matter what the war started over and could we survive it?

I think that the world leaders of countries like Canada that once stood up for peaceful solutions that were at one time trusted and relied upon for their neutral positions and there unshakable resolve to only supporting negotiated settlements of disputes and have now joined in one alliance or another and become warrior nations were the tipping point and are responsible in part for what we see today all over the world in terms of mans inhumanity to man.  Countries like Canada have allowed themselves to be duped into thinking that they could serve the world better if they became part of the war, rather than a seeker of peace.  Now we are finding that there is almost no one left to stop the war.  The building of more war heads the arming of countries with weapons of mass destruction was never and could never be the tool needed to achieve lasting peace, countries like Canada believing in it and willing to everything they could to broker peace were always the real deterrent.  Canada made a critical error and in making it Canada in its own way is guilty of betraying world peace in favor of becoming a warrior nation.

Canada once was a country who only supported one thing unconditionally in war-torn places in the world and that used to be its commitment to negotiated settlements of disputes, now it supports settlement by military might, sieges, blockades and murder. We used to be the rain that nations looked to fall and extinguish the fires raging in their lands, but now we have become the wind that carries the hot embers from one place to another igniting other fires, destroying more lands, homes and taking lives. Our federal government claims to have little or no money for low-income housing; claims to be unable to sustain our free national Medicare system, fails to provide adequate medical and psychological help for our veterans as we close down veterans offices and hospitals all over Canada and seeks not to pay unemployment benefits to workers who find themselves out of work suddenly, or because they are seasonal workers, but our government can always seem to find more money to buy military jets, helicopters, and furnish financial aid to support Israel’s war effort and I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with that.

In closing I would like to say that, I think Canada is letting the world down and straying from our true destiny by becoming a warrior nation.  It is always easier to follow the crowd, join the gang and strike out instead of talking things out and that is why there were so few countries like Canada that the world turned to when their warring ways got them nowhere and they desired a brokered peace.  Canada used to be a voice of calm reason found in the raging anger of war; Canada used to be a little sanity in a world going mad with greed and a lust for power; Canada used to be a refuge for the oppressed cast into a sea of suffering and death. Finally Canada used to be to the world what  the gentle rain falling on a spreading forest fire killing everything in its path, is to a firefighter; Canada used to represent the light at the end of the tunnel, the chance for a peaceful solution and way out of war, without killing innocent men, women and children. Canada was not simply a cowardly nation with the biggest bomb afraid of being attacked by everyone because of the fear we instill in others; we were the country brave enough to have no gun, who no one wanted to harm, because we only helped when asked to by both sides and a commitment to a peaceful negotiated settlement under a ceasefire were the only conditions of our help. I think Canada needs to go back to being the real deterrent to the end of our days and once again give unconditional support to nations willing to sit down and work towards a negotiated settlement and not simply those who are democratically voted into office and share a similar religion, or culture!

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