Has Adolf Hitler Been Reborn In Benjamin Netanyahu And Have The German Sheep Been Replaced By The Sheep Of Israel?

Life for Palestinians under Netanyahu's thumb akin to life for European Jews under Hitler's thumb. Ghettos, mass murder and a sense of utter hopelessness! I hope we do not make the same mistake and let the Palestinians suffer the same fate as the Jews of Europe.

Life for Palestinians under Netanyahu’s thumb akin to life for European Jews under Hitler’s thumb. Ghettos, mass murder and a sense of utter hopelessness! I hope we do not make the same mistake and let the Palestinians suffer the same fate as the Jews of Europe.

Is the evil entity that once used Adolf Hitler as its host while here on earth and killed over 6 million innocent European Jews before it was stopped back in this world, alive and doing well in the Middle East? In a twisted, perverse, macabre joke has this entity found a new host from which to commit its  vile acts of murder enabling it to collect innocent souls? Has this evil entity now  possessed the  prime minister of Israel, going by the name of Benjamin Netanyahu?    I ask because we seemed to be seeing the same sort of  atrocities being committed by Israel’s Netanyahu  that were witnessed during Hitler’s reign of terror the last time the evil one  gained  entrance  into the world of the living  through a sense of a fanatical leader’s need to save himself and his people from a perceived threat of cultural, linguistic and property loss. It would seem that the once oppressed European Jews have now become the oppressors of the Gaza and the West Bank; the European Jews  once being mass murdered are now mass murdering Palestinians as history repeats itself.   For how long will the world including Canada sit back and just watch once again as the death toll of the innocent continues to rise?

The weapons systems are a whole lot better to the glee of the evil entity, who can now order the deaths of the innocent more efficiently. The reasoning is still the same as it always is and the failure of entire nation of people  to stop their leader from committing genocide is happening once again as the most powerful nations of the world capable of stopping the ongoing devastation and tragedy lend  financially and militarily support to this evil force for selfish, greedy reasons, instead of withdrawing it and somewhere in the pits of hell a door once again opens and the minions rush out to join their leader in the collection of the innocent souls murdered at the hands of  the Adolf Hitler of this age, Benjamin Netanyahu and his flock of sheep, the people of Israel.  I guess what Chris de Burgh’s song Spanish Train  implied must be true and in fact the devil and God are playing poker for the souls of mankind and the Devil has just one another hand!

How many times is the Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper and represented by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird going to say that it is okay for Israel to kill innocent civilians that it claims Hamas has intentionally put between themselves and Israeli missiles, tanks and ground forces, especially when those civilians represent over 100 children so far and counting? Does the deaths of 15 members of one Palestinian family mean so little to our leaders that they can go right on spouting the same old Israel has a right to defend itself rhetoric; especially when a good number of them were children and the rest were adult civilians?

John Baird loves to take center stage and give press conferences; John Baird loves thumping his hand on a dais and lecturing reporters on Israel’s right to defend itself against Palestinians trying to take back land Israel is illegally occupying, but most of all John Baird loves issuing ultimatums to the United Nations and condoning the Israeli murder of Palestinian civilians which include children and saying that it is all happening because of Hamas. I would however like to remind everyone that Hamas is not shooting the missiles aimed at civilian targets to that are killing Palestinian children, the nation responsible for that is Israeli.

To see John Baird all worked up, spittle coming out of his mouth, demanding things of Hamas and the United Nations, one would think that he actually believes that anyone in their right mind gives a damn what he and his party have to say, besides Israel.  When every leading expert on these kinds of never-ending wars has said that Canada’s position and unconditional support of Israel is actually counter productive to the effort of trying to gain a negotiated lasting peace treaty between Israel and Palestine, one has to wonder why Canada continues to play this childish game of  name calling and using useless political rhetoric in both the Middle East and the Ukraine?

Most people in the know about these things think that Canada is like a bull in a China shop, only interested in where it is going and not caring what it destroys in the process of getting where it wishes to go.  Peoples lives are not fine china though they are much more precious and so should never be callously, or carelessly taken for granted, or traded for votes, as Steven Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada are doing and have been doing since they came to power with an accursed majority government. The Swastika of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party was just a symbol neither good or bad until it became associated with the atrocities of the holocaust.  If Israel keeps slaughtering little children and innocent civilians how long do you think before the Star of David, becomes as reviled a symbol of shame as the Swastika is today and the leaders of Israel are hunted all over the world as perpetrators of crimes against humanity?

Hitler did not come to power by some coup-d’états, but was democratically elected by the German people, so let us not take it for granted that because Israel has a democratically elected government at its helm that they are not capable of committing genocide and crimes against humanity, or in my opinion we will be making the same mistake as was made when Hitler first started his insane attempt to rid Europe of all Jews and in doing so allow the Jews of Israel to rid the Middle East of over one and a half  million Palestinian men, women and little children.

 I would say that all nations who are still supplying the rogue nation of Israel with financial aid, military advice and weapons of any kind, should be brought before the international court and tried right along with Israel for the murder of little children and for abetting and supporting the imprisonment of over one and a half million innocent civilian Palestinians in a very small Israeli prison called the Gaza Strip.  What has gone on and what is still going on as I type is an outrage and all Canadians no matter what side you believe is right, should hang their heads in shame.  Hamas can intentionally put up one and a half million civilian men, women and children  as human shields in front of  Israel, but Hamas cannot make Israel kill them.  Israel is deciding to kill innocent men women and children all on its own and should be judged when the time comes accordingly along with its supporters, starting with Stephen Harper and John Baird.

John Baird has warned the world not to confuse Hamas with Palestinians, because Palestinians like the Israeli’s want Hamas gone, which means John Baird is saying that Israel is intentionally targeting people who have committed no crime against Israel, that want the same thing as Israel does, but unfortunately for them are in the way of getting to Hamas.  If this is true then Israel is guilty of murdering the innocent for expediency and not because of reasons of self-defense and this makes them in my opinion no better that Hitler’s Nazis.

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9 Responses to Has Adolf Hitler Been Reborn In Benjamin Netanyahu And Have The German Sheep Been Replaced By The Sheep Of Israel?

  1. Both Holocaust and Gaza massacre make tears in any human who is human

    • archemdis says:

      I agree whole heartedly. What is happening in Gaza is a tragedy and a bloody shame. My heart breaks to think of the total disregard for innocent life and the willingness to commit violence on a magnitude that comes close if not actually committing crimes against humanity from a people who have suffered through it themselves during the 2nd world war and acceptance of that violence once again by those with the power to stop it. I feel the same way every time I here the story of the Holocaust retold by a survivor. There can be no end to the Middle East conflict and no lasting peace in my opinion is possible, as long as the victories are won with the blood of innocent civilians and little children.

    • Jeremiah says:

      I don’t believe the Star is the Star of David further more the Jews have rejected their Messiah Yeshuah, English Translation for Yeshuah is Jesus or Joshua… Joshua and Jesus are of the same original translation and meaning. Please rent or buy this film. http://www.obsessedthemovie.com

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Can you please explain more in depth how Hamas is not killing their own even though Israel is trying to defend it’s self against an aggressive, and yet radical obsessed Islamic State that supports not Israel but Nazi Ideology? And can you prove to the United States that what you accuse the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu of doing? Because Islam trains little children along with adult males and females to take the heads of all Jews. Jihad is the word for “My Struggle.” Palestinian’s use this word and the Nazi Germans used the word Mein Kampf which also means “My Struggle” Prime Minister of Israel is not using these words Palestine is. And that they get their ideology from the Karan. Please explain how this is not a defense on Jewish Prime Minister’s part? You are turning the table on the issue regarding what is good v. evil are you not Man?

    • archemdis says:

      How does your repeating foolish rhetoric help to defend the Prime Minister of Israel? Are the ghettos not the same are the mass murdering of the innocent even to the babies not the same and who is doing this? Hamas has not shelled, or launched bombs at their own; the state of Israel is doing that. Actions my friend not rhetoric is killing these innocent babies at the rate of one every 24 hours and it is your beloved chosen one of God the Prime minister of Israel, who is responsible for it. So if Hamas is training little children as well as adults to take the heads of all Israeli Jews you then feel that Israel is justified when they murder refugees in their sleep while hiding in UN safe places? You have just made my point for me, because if all Palestinians are the enemy to the last man woman and child by virtue of their training than Israel is really out to kill every Palestinian be they man, woman , or child as they consider every Palestinian either a threat right now, or a potential threat of the future. Take the blinders off Jeremiah? The root cause of this whole struggle is that Israel is fighting to keep hold of a land that does not belong to it. Quote all the scripture that you want about God giving it to the Jews of Israel, but neither I nor the Palestinians see this as a viable reason for the Jews of Europe to be have been given the right to impose the state of Israel on a land that was already inhabited by another. What have the Jews of Europe accomplished since the world forced the creation of the state of Israel in the Middle East besides be the cause of never ending war and the death that comes with it through greed and a sense of fanatical religious entitlement? I am not turning the tables, I am just not wearing rose colored glasses and I do not support any murdering political leader unconditionally, because all are able to sin and all have and are doing so right now. The Jews of Israel at this moment in time are murders of babies and children, if you can justify that that good for you, but I cannot. I would guess with a name like Jeremiah that you too have be trained from a little child to hate and ignore what your eyes see and accept what you are told by faith and condone the deaths of all who would even think that the state of Israel was a mistake in the way it was done. Have a great day, thanks for commenting, but try to use your heart and open your eyes to both sides though.

      • Jeremiah says:

        No you are wrong it is why I ask the Questions because I am looking at both sides of the story. Don’t Judge me by the name I was born with Judge me by the character I hold. I am asking for facts. It is possible yes for the Prime Minister of Israel to sin. And I am against killing the innocent with out cause, but I am asking for evidance to your story. If the God of Israel is against the Prime Minister of Israel let him be struck down tonight. But you have not showed me any evidance. Prime Minister Nitanyahue in my understanding is a good man trying to good. He is not training Jews to to take the heads of other Jews, this is all rubbish.

      • archemdis says:

        Are you saying that you are not Jewish Jeremiah and that your view on this could not possibly be jaded, slanted and that you have not been told certain things since your birth that make you believe by faith that Israel cannot be wrong in this matter? I am against the killing of the innocent for any reason and believe that there can be no just cause to do so; that is where we differ. As I said your statement proves that you and the Prime Minister of Israel feel justified in the killing of babies and other innocent civilians because you think your cause is more important than their lives are. How do Israeli Jews explain to their children the need to imprison one and a half million Palestinian men, women and children, occupy their territory and blockade them by sea totally cutting them off from being free, without teaching their children to fear Palestinians, or making the entire Palestinian population the enemy?

        Throughout history the response to anyone accusing the Jewish people of anything bad has always been is it is not me, or it was not our fault. e.g. If you ask any Jewish person, did the Jews finance captains of slave ships and own slave ships during the African Slave Trade, or did they profit from the selling of slaves or through the owning of slaves, you will get a no they did not, that is all just rubbish and we all know that just isn’t true and that Jews did indeed profit off of the African Slave Trade as did so many others; the only difference is that everyone else has manned up and apologised for their actions while Jews even today deny their involvement.

        Jeremiah are you telling me that I am wrong and that you are right, or are you suggesting that I am not entitled to my opinion; because you claim that you are right? I asked you about the similarities between what the European Jews were put through during the 2nd world war and what the Palestinians are being put through today and you answer simply by saying that I am wrong. You are entitled to believe what you want, but so am I. I pray for the innocent to stop having to die because an Israeli Prime Minister is seeking revenge for the Holocaust and retribution for his peoples suffering, by killing innocent Palestinian men, women and children, fighting to get back what the nation of Israel holds illegally from them.

      • Jeremiah says:

        I don’t believe all of the Jews are God fearing no not all of them, but: the Jews are the Chosen seed of Abraham none the less, and yes I think that if there is brutal acts against humanity that those committing the crimes should be brought to justice. Like I said: ” If God be not on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s side let him be struck down by God himself tonight.” And shortly after I said this while a rocket was headed to the Prime Minister’s Defense Force Building (This building is much like U.S. Pentagon) a Strong wind from the East came and drove it into the Sea, and the Iron Dome’s defense system was down, and it was with in 4 seconds of impact, but: instead a strong wind from the East drove it into the Sea? As this happened a Man who was in charge of the Iron Dome’s defense system who was keeping count of impact got up out of his seat, and screamed: “There IS a GOD in ISRAEL?!?!

        Listen I don’t know who you think you are talking to but no I am not Jewish I am an American, and yes I defend Humanity where ever it is threatened just like you do. Alright? I think you need to look at the History of Israel before you blast them like the enemy that you paint them out to be. Try looking at it in a Scientific World view in regards to Archaeology, I am asking for Historical facts News articles Archaeology etc. that pertain to the inhumane acts of Prime Minister Ben of Israel. You talk of him like he is not really in love with his people Israel, he is after all only part Jew and part Polish. He is in your thoughts only half hearted. Who started the fight in the middle East? Before you answer me this Question I want you to point me to facts not your word of mouth for example I posted things on here like http://www.obsessedthemovie.com you can also look up this subject on the Archaeology of Israel by going to http://www.wickipedia.com I ask you for facts, but all I receive in reply after reply is your personal opinions. The truth or should I say the facts are out there. You can also find (Facts) in regards to this matter on http://www.NetGeo.com and or http://science.nationalgeographic.com/science/archaeology/well-of-souls/ or http://www.Science.nationalgeographic.com Don’t be partial just investigate. Be a Scientist.

      • archemdis says:

        First of all Jeremiah I could care less where you were born or your nationality. If you chose deny your Jewish heritage that is okay with me; no skin off of my nose. Well Jeremiah is this an example of what you would ask of me; factual answers based in reality? “Like I said: ” If God be not on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s side let him be struck down by God himself tonight.” And shortly after I said this while a rocket was headed to the Prime Minister’s Defense Force Building (This building is much like U.S. Pentagon) a Strong wind from the East came and drove it into the Sea, and the Iron Dome’s defense system was down, and it was with in 4 seconds of impact, but: instead a strong wind from the East drove it into the Sea? As this happened a Man who was in charge of the Iron Dome’s defense system who was keeping count of impact got up out of his seat, and screamed: “There IS a GOD in ISRAEL?!?!”

        I would ask to try and remember Jeremiah when was the last time you remember having an independent thought, a feeling of your own, based on what you feel rather than what is told to you and spoon fed to you like a little baby forced to eat tasteless cereal? Jeremiah have you ever made a decision on your own about anything other than to blindly follow what you read in the press and what others tell you is right. You are part of what is wrong in the Middle East, blind faith devoid of independent thought. Why have you not answered any of the questions I put to you in our last chat?

        If I wanted the opinion of the people you blindly follow I would simply write them and hear it from them fist hand, but I am asking you if it is possible to tell me in your own words what you believe about Netanyahu’s handling of the war in Gaza? Tell me what you think of the fact that as the Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu is ultimately responsible for the killing of over a hundred innocent Palestinian babies; tell me what you think of the fact that Netanyahu is ultimately responsible for the intentional shelling of civilian targets causing the death of over a thousand innocent Palestinian people and finally tell me what you think of the fact that the United Nations is implying that he should be brought to justice for crimes against humanity and for violating all existing protocols and treaties by failing ignoring or neglecting to ensure that Israel adhere to its obligation to avoid firing on civilians?

        If you cannot, or for some reason are unwilling to tell me how you feel, then I am afraid we have nothing further to say to each other on this matter and I will exercise my right to unilaterally withdraw from this conversation as there is not much to gain listening to you mindlessly spewing out the words of another person.

        Unfortunately since you say you are not Jewish you are not even giving me insight based on a historical family, or community perspective and so I am quickly beginning to feel there is nothing more I can learn from you, that I cannot go to the original source for. Good night Jeremiah and thanks for commenting; be well!

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