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Harper’s Problems With Elections Canada And The Supreme Court Of Canada Are Not Only Old, But They Are Also Very Personal

I think that the Fair Elections Act and all of the many challenges and demeaning statements being directed at Elections Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada by the Conservative Party of Canada about it and the Supreme Court of Canada, prove that our government is being led by an overbearing blowhard that just refuses to take no for an answer and who acts out by throwing fits and has gone as far as shutting down the government through prorogation more than any other government in the history of Canada to avoid problems his government is facing and he wishes to avoid answering for. Continue reading

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What is Canada Helping To Make Possible With Its Unconditional Support Of Israel And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau?

Canada’s and other countries unconditional support of Israel have helped to create people like Jeremiah who seem not to care whether or not Benjamin Netanyahu was and is indeed responsible for targeting civilian institutions like United Nation’s schools, hospitals and mosques causing the deaths of over a thousand innocent Palestinian civilians of which over a hundred were children playing, praying, or sleeping in their beds. Continue reading

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