What is Canada Helping To Make Possible With Its Unconditional Support Of Israel And Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhau?

What Unconditional Support For Israel Looks Like

What Unconditional Support For Israel Really Looks Like

I believe that Canada’s new policy brought to life under Steven Harper to support Israel and its Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unconditionally has helped to create a land gobbling monster with an insatiable appetite for war and an unquenchable thirst for Palestinian blood. This monster is using an old religious story in one of its holy books to legitimise their senseless and brutal killing of  innocent Palestinians and literally sentencing one and a half million innocent Palestinian men, women and children to life in an Israeli  prison called Gaza.

I know that words and their meanings over years are constantly being redefined so let me ask these questions:

  • Have the words freedom and sovereign nation now been redefined so that it is considered okay that one and a half million innocent Palestinians in Gaza have been under siege by Israel an enemy nation for at least 8 years by virtue of an Israeli security fence, Palestinians forced  to use special travel passes in order to move freely on their own land and have to pass through checkpoints to visit family and go to work?
  • Have the words freedom and sovereign nation now been redefined so that it is considered okay that  an Israeli naval blockade and an Israeli no fly zone can be placed over another nation’s sovereign territory?
  • Have the words freedom and sovereign nation now been redefined so that Israel a sworn enemy of the Palestinian people can (a) collect Palestinian taxes for it without their consent? (b) Use the taxes it  collects belonging to the Palestinian people to control their resistance to the illegal occupation by Israel of Palestinian land? (c) Hand over the tax monies collected to the Palestinians if they behave as instructed by the Israeli government and withhold the much-needed monies if they do not?

If not why has the international community including Canada not stepped up to the plate and forced an end to what amount to intentional violations by Israel of  every international law on the books regarding human rights and the sovereignty of other nations? Israel has signed on to all of these laws, treaties and protocols and uses them when it sees fit to protect itself internationally. Why can’t  Stephen Harper and his government understand that it is countries like Canada that foolishly proclaim Canada’s  unconditional support for Israel’s flagrant violations of international law that is hurting the peace process in the Middle East and contributing to what is going on in the Ukraine as countries like Russia seek to use what Israel is doing in the Gaza and getting away with as reason to do the same?  The ongoing violations of international laws and countries like Canada’s hypocritical unconditional support of these violations allows for countries like Russia to rightfully bring into question  why they should adhere to international laws regarding freedom and the rights of sovereign nations and human rights treaties, if as it is being proved right now in the Gaza, that military might and having powerful friends in high places now decides which countries get to live in freedom and as sovereign nations, because the words freedom and sovereign nation have been redefined, by the west in its unconditional support for Israeli actions in the Gaza.

Note: Israel started ratcheting up its brazen acts of gobbling up Palestinian land and murdering innocent men, women and children in the name of self-defence, just after President George Bush decided to wage war on all  Islamic States using lies to invade sovereign nations like:

  • Falsely applying guilt for 9/11 on a nation it knew was innocent of the act  as justification to invade.
  • Falsely accusing a nation it knew to be innocent of having weapons of mass destruction of having them and using their refusal to get rid of something they didn’t have as justification the need to wipe out the weapons of mass destruction of a terrorist nation for their violation of international laws.

This vicious monster was created, because the west without consent or discussion with the Palestinian people took away their land and created with it the state of Israel with the displaced Jews of Europe who had never stepped foot in the Middle East in their entire lives and whose great grandparents had probably never been back to the Middle East since their departure.

The USA  allowed  this land gobbling, civilian killing, fanatically religious monster to become uncontrollable when it decided to give the state of Israel the means through weaponry and advanced computer technology to not only destroy its enemy, but tip the balance of power militarily so far in the favor of Israel that no other nation in the Middle East could ever hope to defend itself against it. Israel now having gained such capability to totally annihilate its enemy with nuclear weapons of mass destruction leaves the west that created it in a position of having to go along with their insanity, because the nations of the west fear what will happen should they not and a fanatical person like Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu gets too nervous and decides to end it all for everyone in the Middle East; which Israel has already threatened it will do if it feels its existence as a nation is threatened.

Canada under Stephen Harper with his unconditional support of Israel has also created an atmosphere inside of Canada in which Canadian citizens are made to feel that the slaughter of babies and unarmed innocent people can be justified in a self-defence statement by Israel. 

A fellow named Jeremiah has made a few comments on my last posting (Has Adolf Hitler Been Reborn In Benjamin Netanyahu And Have The German Sheep Been Replaced By The Sheep Of Israel?), asking for proof  that Benjamin Netanyahu  was indeed the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, which of course I could not give to him, but I did try to give Jeremiah the similarities that I found in both their handling of the political and very real problem they each believed they faced as heads of state; which I believe was for Hitter and is for Netanyahu, was what to do with a people who are in the way of your vision for your country, and whom you feel are a threat to your culture, religion and safety, in fact your very existence? I believe they both came to the same conclusion, the methods used were the same, removal of every human right, removal of dignity, illegally rounding up and imprisonment of a whole race of people with the final and ultimate solution being attempted removal of the problem people by death.

Canada’s and other countries unconditional support of Israel have helped to create people like Jeremiah who seem not to care whether or not Benjamin Netanyahu  was and is indeed responsible for targeting civilian institutions like United Nation’s schools, hospitals and mosques causing the deaths of over a thousand innocent Palestinian civilians of which over a hundred were children playing, praying, or sleeping in their beds. I copy pasted his comment below word for word, so you can see what I am getting at.  Jeremiah says,

“No you are wrong it is why I ask the Questions because I am looking at both sides of the story. Don’t Judge me by the name I was born with Judge me by the character I hold. I am asking for facts. It is possible yes for the Prime Minister of Israel to sin. And I am against killing the innocent with out cause, but I am asking for evidance to your story. If the God of Israel is against the Prime Minister of Israel let him be struck down tonight. But you have not showed me any evidance. Prime Minister Nitanyahue in my understanding is a good man trying to good. He is not training Jews to to take the heads of other Jews, this is all rubbish.”

Jeremiah and those like him on both sides of the issue have already made up their minds and although they blame the other side of not being willing to listen or give an inch they are as guilty as the side they blame.  At the time of his comment I did not know where Jeremiah lived, or where he was born, but he seemed to be angry and  accused me of judging him because his name is traditionally a Jewish one and he felt that he should be judged on his character, but reserved the right to say this about Islam in a comment he made on my last post,

“Can you please explain more in depth how Hamas is not killing their own even though Israel is trying to defend it’s self against an aggressive, and yet radical obsessed Islamic State that supports not Israel but Nazi Ideology? And can you prove to the United States that what you accuse the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu of doing? Because Islam trains little children along with adult males and females to take the heads of all Jews. Jihad is the word for “My Struggle.” Palestinian’s use this word and the Nazi Germans used the word Mein Kampf which also means “My Struggle” Prime Minister of Israel is not using these words Palestine is. And that they get their ideology from the Karan. Please explain how this is not a defense on Jewish Prime Minister’s part? You are turning the table on the issue regarding what is good v. evil are you not Man?”

I believe that Jeremiah and those who think as he does are incapable of seeing that what was going on in and around 1943 to the European Jews by Hitler and his Nazi Party in terms of the rhetoric, the loss of rights and the killing of innocent men, women and children, is no different from what the Israeli government is engaged in right now in the Gaza.  The support of the Israeli government from its people and the rest of the western world is no different then the support Hitler received from the European nations as well as Canada and the United State; hell we all competed in the Olympic Games in Germany.  Let us not take the opinion of news paper reports as being an accurate depiction of what is really going on remember in 1943 the press was supporting Hitler and against the European Jews.  This is what happens when nations give unconditional support to other nations to violate international treaties regarding war, human rights, freedom, civil rights and sovereignty rights; the world is thrown into chaos by every petty dictator with big dreams and every religious fanatic who thinks that God is on his/her side and so they cannot lose.

It is comments like this one below made by people like Jeremiah that make me believe that Stephen Harper’s policy of unconditional support for Israel encourages people like Jeremiah to believe that the state of Israel is above the laws of man, because of their belief that they are the chosen people of God and are doing God’s will and can only therefore be judged by God.

Like I said: ” If God be not on Prime Minister Netanyahu’s side let him be struck down by God himself tonight.” And shortly after I said this while a rocket was headed to the Prime Minister’s Defense Force Building (This building is much like U.S. Pentagon) a Strong wind from the East came and drove it into the Sea, and the Iron Dome’s defense system was down, and it was with in 4 seconds of impact, but: instead a strong wind from the East drove it into the Sea? As this happened a Man who was in charge of the Iron Dome’s defense system who was keeping count of impact got up out of his seat, and screamed: “There IS a GOD in ISRAEL?!?!”

I believe that the problem between the Palestinians and the state of Israel is that the state of Israel expects the Palestinian people to give up all that they own for the words of a God they do not believe in, much like the crusaders did in the past and the European colonizers did when the murdered all who would not believe in their God throughout the world. The Israeli belief  that they are the chosen people of God and that God has given them the right to do what they are doing makes them blind to the facts listed below and makes Canada a supporter of Israeli crimes against humanity.

(1) The  concentration camp/ghetto that Israel has forced one and a half million Palestinians to live in called Gaza complete with security fence, special identification passes and most of their land occupied is a violation of international law and that Palestinians might object and resist such an Israeli occupier and oppressor. I am willing to put my hand in fire though if I am wrong when I say that those same supporters of Israel along with Jeremiah see the ghettos of Warsaw in 1943 as an injustice for which the Jews had no other recourse but to resist and stand up to their oppressors anyway they could and fight with anything they had even though the rest of the world backed the Nazis and blamed the Jews for destroying any chance for a peaceful solution to the problem.

(2) The Israeli military’s mass murdering of innocent people with mortar fire and dropping missiles on innocent men women and children with nowhere to run trapped inside the Israeli concentration camp/ ghetto called Gaza city, does not register as being similar to Hitler’s murdering by gas and other methods, innocent European Jewish men, women and children during the 2nd world war by the Nazis, but  what Jeremiah refers to as Netanyahu’s being forced to defend Israel and Hamas killing their own people.

(3) Prime Minister Netanyahu’s position that lifting the blockade and returning the land to the Palestinians that it is occupying is not an option and will never happen while he is Prime Minister is not a correct and just thing to say and is not an impediment to resolving this conflict; although it is the core issue to resolving this never-ending war.

(4) All Jews have been taught since birth to believe through faith that they are the chosen people of their God the one true God; to believe that their right to all that they see before them comes from their God and therefore is above the law of man, making all that they do in that God’s name justifiable, even to the killing of the innocent. How does begin to negotiate with a people who believe that they are above the laws of man and that God has told them to take all that they see and drive your people into the see and take what he has given them onto themselves.

(5) An atmosphere where it is deemed acceptable that Israeli government and our citizens and theirs find it acceptable that the Israeli government is clueless when it comes to where its military bombs because every time they  bomb civilian targets with mortar, or missiles they say they will investigate to find out if it was they who bombed or how it came to be if they did.

(6) Canada through its unconditional support of Israel in my opinion has helped to enabled  Benjamin Netanyahu to unilaterally walk away from a military action in which he killed over a thousand innocent Palestinians, claiming to start all over again if the Palestinians dare to resist the Israeli occupation of Gaza and the blockade, even if it means killing more innocent men women and children and probably along with the USA make it impossible to bring him to justice in the world court for crimes against humanity that he is guilty of allowing his country’s armed forces to commit.

Here in Canada we choose to pretend that we care about the well-being of the innocent Palestinians being murdered in their sleep,  praying in their mosques, playing on a beach, or seeking refuge from the Israeli tank shelling and missile bombardments in United Nation’ schools, while our Prime Minister Harper and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird profess Canada’s unconditional support of Israeli actions and continue to blame the loss of life on the Palestinians.

In my opinion you can only win a lasting peace by the methods of Hitler and Netanyahu if you kill every last Jew or Palestinian to ensure that there is no more chance of revenge; ever.  This was Hitler’s goal and he was honest about it; is this Netanyahu’s ultimate goal as well? There will never be a lasting peace in the Gaza between Palestinians and the Israelis as long as Israel gets unconditional support from its allies which encourages Israel to call mass murder of innocent people self-defence and creates new reasons for hate at the rate of one dead baby per hour when Israel feels justified to do so.

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