Harper’s Problems With Elections Canada And The Supreme Court Of Canada Are Not Only Old, But They Are Also Very Personal

It Wasn't Me!

It Wasn’t Me!

I have wondered why the Conservative Party of Canada has been too stupid, or too arrogant to just thank their lucky stars and walk away quietly after getting caught committing several elections violations and getting off for the most part with a slap on the wrist from Elections Canada and the courts?

I really lose respect for any  political that would even consider throwing one of their own under the bus.  Michael Sona is just such and example; if you do not believe me check out these facts:

  • Michael Sona started as a Conservative Party intern and worked for several MPs, including James Moore, Rob Moore and interestingly enough Eve Adams.
  • He was working in Adams’s office when the investigation was first reported.   The same MP Eve Adams whose fiancé is  Dimitri Soudas, the former top campaign officer who was fired as executive director of the party following allegations he tried to throw his weight behind Adams’s nomination battle for the southern Ontario riding of Oakville North-Burlington.
  • Federal Court judge Richard Mosley said, “That the most likely source of the information used to make the misleading calls is the Conservative Party’s database.
  • Michael Sona, 25, was the only person charged in the “robocalls” scandal, though the judge said it’s likely he did not act alone.

Even if we  the Canadian voters wipe out the “Robo Calls” conspiracy theory and blame this whole scandal on  Michael  Sona  what does this say about how much effort the Conservative Party of Canada, starting with the Stephen Harper puts into ensuring that they run a clean fair election and that everyone in their organisation follows the rules of Elections Canada and the law of Canada as it pertains to running and participating in a fair Canadian election, if this lone nobody can do this all on his own without the slightest knowledge of the whole Conservative Party of Canada’s political machine? To date the Harper government has blamed everyone but themselves for their attempt to fix every election since Stephen Harper came to power and has sought to impede Elections Canada’s investigation and investigations attempted by the courts of  their MPs and party as a whole.

The “in and out” scheme:

  • In the 2006 election, the Conservative Party of Canada used the “in and out” scheme to take advantage of a loophole in spending rules.
  • In that same election, Conservative candidate Peter Penashue’s campaign took inappropriate contributions in Labrador and several Conservative candidates were told they had overspent their limits.
  • The in and out scandal resulted in convictions and fines under the Canada Elections Act for the Conservative party and its fundraising arm. Dean Del Mastro has been charged and has left the Conservative caucus. Peter Penashue stepped down, ran in a by-election, and lost.
  • Elections Canada sent a note to the Speaker of the House of Commons asking him to suspend a Conservative MP from Manitoba, Shelly Glover, for failing to file proper documents relating to the 2011 campaign.
  • Conservative Party of Canada attacks the head of Elections Canada, legislates and forces through laws to see his powers are reduced and investigations into their party’s wrong doing   will not happen again.  This in my opinion is one of the major  reasons for the “Fair Elections Act” and why the opposition parties and most other Canadians are calling it the “Unfair Elections Act.”

If you are wondering what is the motivation for all of this fighting between Stephen Harper and Elections Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada remember that:

  • In 2000 Stephen Harper as the president of the National Citizens Coalition, launched a court challenge of the Canada Elections Act, that the limits on third-party advertising were unconstitutional infringements of free speech.  In 2004, in the case of Harper v. Canada, the Supreme Court upheld the rules, which among other things, place caps on advertising at both the national and riding level and prohibit collusion to get around those limits, because citizens have the right to participate in elections by making their views known.
  • Even though they are sitting with a majority government Stephen Harper stills sees himself and his party as victims of an overbearing state power.
  • Stephen Harper does not like to lose, especially face.  Those causing Stephen Harper to lose face no matter how right they are made to suffer in any way that he can arrange. Character assignation, and defaming a person credibility are some of the favorite tactics used by him and his party.

Look at how Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party MPs and members have publicly responded when they are challenged by Elections Canada:

  • Jeff Watson, said Elections Canada was “pursuing a vendetta” against the Conservative party.
  •  MP Pierre Poilievre called an RCMP raid on Conservative headquarters a “circus” and accused Elections Canada of tipping off the opposition.
  • Harper’s opening line in the letter in support of Bryan: “The jackasses at Elections Canada are out of control.”

I think  that the Fair  Elections Act and all of the many challenges and demeaning statements being directed at Elections Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada by the Conservative Party of Canada about it and the Supreme Court of Canada, prove that our government is being led by:

  • A mean-spirited adult child bully, who stamps his feet,  throws a tantrum, calls people nasty names and tries to hurt anyone who says no to him and absolutely every time he can’t get his own way .
  • A spoilt brat who will not listen to reason and instead tries to force his will on everyone in the country using the power of a majority government, instead of trying to reach consensus.
  • Overbearing blowhard that just refuses to take no for an answer and who acts out by throwing fits and has gone as far as shutting down the government through prorogation more than any other government in the history of Canada to avoid problems his government is facing and he wishes to avoid answering for.

Kate Heartfield said in an article written in the Ottawa Citizen,  “Yet through it all, the response of the Conservative party has been either spin (in the case of in and out), stubborn support (Del Mastro, Penashue), silence combined with juvenile deflection (robocalls) and even, a judge found, outright “trench warfare” to prevent the courts from looking into allegations of electoral fraud. In short, every election since Stephen Harper became prime minister has been associated with some Conservative battle with Elections Canada, some scandal over broken rules.  Harper’s Conservatives have shown themselves willing to twist the rules into whatever shape is necessary to win. To spin. To control information. To push all possible boundaries, from prorogation to questions of privilege to manipulation of electoral law.  Combine that with enormous stubbornness and unwillingness to retreat, and you have what is starting to look like an unsettling disdain not just for the “jackasses” in the electoral bureaucracy, but for the democratic process itself.”

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