Peace Talks, Cease Fires And Sanctions All A Waste Of Time

Justice, human rights and nation sovereignty are meaningless words, unless your finger is resting on a button capable of setting off  a weapon of mass destruction.

Justice, human rights and nation sovereignty are meaningless words, unless your finger is resting on a button capable of setting off a weapon of mass destruction.

I believe that the Emergency  meeting of  the foreign affairs and international development committee called for by the Conservative government of Canada, for which Minister of Defense Rob Nicholson, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and the Chief of Defense Staff,  General Lawson rushed back to Ottawa to supposedly inform   and bring Canadians and opposition parties up to speed on Canada’s role in helping Kurdish troops to defeat “ISIS” in my opinion was a waste of time for 2 reasons.

First Reason:

  •  Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird  did little more than spew rhetoric and call those supporting ISIS inflammatory names; once again indulging himself in useless sabre rattling that has long become a trademark of his. John Baird is tactless, has no sense of diplomacy and in my opinion has created more permanent enemies for Canada and more mistrust of our intentions with his insulting words, then any direct involvement in any war we have participated in.
  • Minister of Defense Rob Nicholson on the other hand repeatedly said that he and his government could not say anything new, or specific, for national security reasons and that his party did not have to hold any parliamentary debates on Canada’s role in the mission because our troops were not going to be in a combat role. When asked how many advisors we were sending, when we were sending them and where they would be advising from he would only repeat what was already in the news and therefore already known by Canadians and the opposition parties before the emergency meeting. Anything which could cost the Conservative party votes if it were ever to be made public is handled the same way; be it a question on why a bill to stop child bullying on the internet was more about  introducing penalties for citizens caught stealing cable signals, or the opposition parties seeking detailed information, for what is actually in the European Trade Agreement, the reason given for the refusal to answer the questions is always, “It is a matter of national security.” I think Rob Nicholson was there to pat Canadians on the back for the way we used to be thought of  internationally in the past, before John Baird started running around the globe insulting people. Minister Nicholson  I guess was the spoonful of sugar that was supposed to make the medicine go down in such a delightful way by taking the edge off of what Minister Baird was saying, but I was not impressed.
  • I do not even no why they asked Chief of Defense Staff,  General Lawson to be there as neither minister Baird or Nicholson would let him speak. Even when questions were put directly to General Lawson they were answered by the ministers, who for the most part declined to answer due to national security reasons.  I thought it was a pointless meeting and could have waited until parliament was sitting again. What a waste of time considering that parliament was slated to sit again within a few days.

Second Reason:

The double standard that exists in the interpretation, adherence and implementation of international laws and treaties by  those who are said to be the super powers of the world; the self-proclaimed police of the free world and weapons of the one true God. These countries such as the USA, their allies such as some European Union  members and now Canada who say that they never attack or interfere in the sovereign workings of another nation for the purpose of gaining land mass, to change the political process of a country; the religious dynamics of a country, or the cultural behavior of a county are liars, whose ancestors have already done so to seize the very land that harbors their population now from that lands original inhabitants. War has become a way for the more powerful nations to force  trade treaties on the weaker nations, infect the weaker nations value system and religious beliefs until they are cast aside and replaced with that of the stronger nations. Justice, human rights and nation sovereignty are meaningless words, unless your finger is resting on a button capable of setting off  a weapon of mass destruction.

The approach to  the implementation of treaties and laws has so far been, do as I say not as I do by the super powers, but this paternalistic approach is failing both on a domestic front and on the international front; hence the chaos that is consuming the whole world It is very hypocritical and is the major cause of these conflicts. I fear that countries like the USA and Canada feel that because of their  past success writing history to depict the massacres that they are responsible for throughout history as great victories and a necessary evil to achieve the advancement of mankind, while writing history that portrays the other sides retaliation  as massacres that should never have happened, because they were without reason, that countries like the USA and Canada feel that they can continue to do so; take note though, this is not the wild west and these people are not unsuspecting North American Indians.   As long as there remains two different sets of laws internationally governing what is to be considered a crime against humanity  and the world continues to see a difference between what is going on in Ukraine and what has been going on in Gaza I believe that we are destined to die by our own hand and that no amount of meetings, or cease fires will matter. As long as this double standard exists in international law people will stand up and fight for their rights in this modern world. Calling groups like “ISIS” short for Islamic States of Iraq and Syria , or “ISIL” short for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant terrorist groups is great for selling ads for news agencies, great for getting politicians elected or re-elected, but does little to stop the killing of babies and innocent people, no matter what side you are on.  We have become nations of allies that back each other no matter how wrong, how brutal, or how dangerous that ally has become to the world and it is in this perverse sense of justice, deluded morality and arrogance, prevalent in the world today that I say that mankind’s time as rulers of this planet is almost over and it is only a matter of time before some one pushes the proverbial button in the name of something.


In 2003 the United States of America invaded Iraq using the excuse of destroying the cache of weapons of mass destruction that the then president of the United States of America George Bush and the Prime Minister of the Great Britain Tony Blair insisted were being hoarded there and were being used against the people of Iraq by their leader Saddam Husain and posed a threat to neighbouring nations and the free world.  It was later to be revealed that these 2 leaders had lied to the world and in fact had violated that countries sovereignty knowingly under false pretences.  There were no trials in the world court against either leader, no sanctions, no air strikes, no embargoes were every thought of against either  Great Britain or the United States of America, in fact there were no penalties either symbolic or diplomatic ever even mentioned as a possibility to deter such actions in the future by over zealous leaders who knowing under false pretexts lead their countries and the rest of the world into invasions of other countries. This again is the double standard of which I speak that make words like terrorists, freedom fighter, defenders of truth, just empty words.  I do not think that ISIS or ISIL should be beheading people to prove a point, but I do believe that the root problems driving these people need to be addressed, or it is going to get worse. For law to be effective be it domestic or international it must be applied to everyone in the same way, with the same penalties for violators no matter how powerful or well connected the violators are. As long as this is not the case  in international law, I believe that the disrespect for the law and treaties governing the sovereignty of nations, religious rights, linguistic rights, cultural   civil and human rights in general will continue to be ignored by leaders who think that they and they alone hold the answer to world peace.


Khalil Hamra/Associated Press wrote, “The Gaza war left more than 2,100 Palestinians dead, the majority of them civilians, according to Palestinian and UN officials. Israel says the number of militants killed was much higher and accuses Hamas of using civilians as human shields.” “The Gaza conflict is an appalling human tragedy, and has also exacted a terrible cost in already strained trust,” Serry said. “While the cease-fire brokered by Egypt has largely held since Aug. 16, it remains worryingly fragile with the underlying dynamics still unaddressed.”

Interestingly enough we in the west see Hamas as wrong and the terrorists and Israel as right and fighting for their right to exist. This is the double standard I am talking about, that is being played out all over the world today.  This type of hypocrisy might have worked in the past, but with the powerful weapons of today and modern technology linking everyone and carrying information from one end of the world in mere seconds, this old way of thinking can only work against peace and against the existence of all mankind.

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