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Are We Witnessing Incidents Related To Mental Health Issues, Or A Radicalised Canadian Terrorist Issue?

I write this post wondering what secret police, or security list I am on now, or if I am allowed to travel freely anymore, or if I travel abroad would I be allowed to return. I wonder about all of these things, because all of these things are done in secret with little, or no judicial oversight. Continue reading

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Canada Is Being Attacked Becasuse Canada Is At War And Attacking The Enemy Is How Wars Are Fought And Won!

Originally posted on The Quacking Duck's Blog:
Is what we are seeing in Canada really radicalized converts, or are they the rotten fruit of seeds sown by years of bad Harper changes to our laws? What is up Canada? Why do…

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What Is The Cost To Be Paid For Giving Up Canadian Soveriegnty For Global Domination?

The concept of a New World Order is nothing new and the result in the end will be no different today then it was yesterday, despite the new weaponry and technological advances being used to subdue whole nations. This new attempt to rule the world by the most powerful of nations is also doomed to fail. Continue reading

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It Is Hard For Canadian Soldiers To Fight A War Abroad When Our Government Is The Enemy Within

Sending unprepared troops who will be forced to use refurbished equipment, who are worrying about what happens to their life and families if they get hurt or killed in the service of their country is not a recipe for victory, but one of impending disaster. Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu Madman or Avenging Angel Of His God?

Who but a crazy man would declare the council’s action as anti-Semitic, assert Israel’s right to defend itself on the battlefield and in the court of public opinion, includes the intentional murdering of over 100 innocent children and the intentional targeting of civilians leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent men and women? Continue reading

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