Benjamin Netanyahu Madman or Avenging Angel Of His God?

Benjamin Netanyahu Madman or Avenging Angel?

Benjamin Netanyahu Madman or Avenging Angel?

I think that Benjamin Netanyahu is  a dangerous fanatic and an ideological extremist.  I also think that Benjamin Netanyahu is an insane man, who sees himself as  his God’s an avenging angel; I see him as an avenging angel gone rogue.  I think that Benjamin Netanyahu’s ability to think rationally, govern his people and help to bring peace and prosperity back to the region, has been tainted by his blood lust and desire to illegally grab through military might all of the land and territory of the Palestinian’s and through occupation and  resettlement of the lands get the world to agree that Palestinian people are now a nation without a land mass, fortunate to be allowed to live in the state of Israel; something like Canada did to its Mi’kmaq First Nation in Newfoundland and continue to do today.

Benjamin Netanyahu  no longer can see the difference between right and wrong as was demonstrated during the last war when he allowed fop his military to intentionally  target known civilian sites, like United Nations schools where hundreds of innocent men, women and children had sought refuge in, having nowhere else to go trapped within the city by the Israelis. Benjamin Netanyahu is so delusional that he thought that he could kill innocent civilians in their homes sleeping, children playing on the beach and patients lying in hospital beds and believed that the world would look upon these cowardly despicable acts as justifiable by reason of self-defense and not like the war crimes and crimes against humanity that they were. Did Benjamin Netanyahu   really believe that holding up a photo showing children next to Hamas rocket launchers to illustrate that the terrorist group uses civilians as a human shields, could possibly excuse, or justify Israel’s deliberate killing of those innocent victims being used human shields in order to get at Hamas? I think that this is the reasoning and ideology of a crazy person.

Benjamin Netanyahu stood up in the United Nations and said that Hamas and ISIS were, “branches of the same poisonous tree,” stating that they share a “creed which they both seek to impose well beyond the territory under their control.”   Now to me that also describes Israel’s actions since the United Nations created the state of Israel on land that belonged to the Palestinians of whom some are the members of Hamas. One need only look at how much Israel’s land mass has gown since it’s conception to know that Israel is the nation with the creed they seek to impose well beyond the territory legally under their control.

I have always known that Benjamin Netanyahu is full of hatred and wants more than anything for his legacy to be the leader credited with the securing of a totally Zionist state in the Middle East which he envisions to be Israel and it is just another reason that I feel that he should not be leading the nation of Israel at this point in the Middle East crisis. Benjamin Netanyahu  is now stating publicly that he does not seek peace with the Palestinian people. How could he when he refers to them as, “militant Islam, having Nazis’ like ambitions  for a master race, free of Jews.” What Israeli, what Jew could possibly want to make peace with those types of people?

Finally if not for the United Nations there would not be a state of Israel, or this crisis in the middle East as it is today.  Taking into account that without the constant financial and military support of members of the United Nations Security Council like the European Union, Canada, the USA, Israel would not enjoy the military superiority that enables it to get away with all of the things it is doing wrong in the Middle East and would easily be overrun by its neighbors if this support was to be cut off, would a sane leader go into the organization that was giving him a platform to voice his concerns and say that, “The U.N.’s Human Rights Council was an oxymoron,” because it launched an investigation into possible war crimes on Israel’s side of the conflict rather than Hamas’.

I feel that  Benjamin Netanyahu  is dangerous because I think that he has become the cancer he likened others to in his speech when he said, “You know the famous American saying, ‘all politics are local’?” he asked. “For the militants, all politics is global, because their ultimate goal is to dominate the world. That threat might seem exaggerated to some since it starts out small, like a cancer that attacks a part of the body. But left unchecked, it grows and metastasizes. We must remove this cancer before it’s too late.”

Netanyahu’s cancerous like disease of  hatred spreading to decent people was evident at that meeting when world leaders who profess to believe in  national sovereignty and claim to fight to end oppression and protect all people of the world from crimes against humanity, war crimes and oppression, stood and clapped when, Netanyahu said, “The U.N. Human Rights Council has thus become a terrorist rights council, and it will have repercussions.” Who but a crazy man would declare the council’s action as anti-Semitic, assert Israel’s right to defend itself on the battlefield and in the court of public opinion, includes the intentional murdering of over 100 innocent children and the intentional targeting of civilians leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent men and women? Who but people as crazy as this man, or as consumed with hatred and bigotry, could stand up and cheer  for it?

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