What Is The Cost To Be Paid For Giving Up Canadian Soveriegnty For Global Domination?

I believe that most Canadians believe as I do that there is very little to no transparency, inclusion and empowerment of the people in federal politics any more, because the federal government no longer is serving the people of Canada and feels it no longer has to be accountable to the people of Canada. Stephen Harper with his majority government has betrayed Canada by effectively surrendering Canada’s sovereignty in all areas of importance to the president of the USA without a single shot being fired. In my opinion this prime minister and his government are guilty of stripping Canada of its ability to think and act, independently as a nation. Canada in my opinion under the current federal government has become a small cog in the very big wheel of the New World Order’s, Western Alliance of states, headed by the United States of America.

It has long ago been said and proven that no one and nothing can serve two masters at the same time and I believe that this goes for governments as well.  I believe that  it is  Stephen Harper who must take responsibility for finally selling out and sending Canada down the slippery slope of giving up what he thought was a little of our sovereignty as a nation for an idealistic, simplistic vision of all nations of the world living and working together in peace and harmony, trading freely under one democratic governing body, representative of all member nations, only to find out that what was expected of Canada was a total relinquishing of its nations values and rights and a total compliance with the rights and freedoms afforded by the Western Alliance.

The concept of a New World Order is nothing new and the result in the end will be no different today then it was yesterday, despite the new weaponry and technological advances  being used to subdue whole nations. This new attempt to rule the world by the most powerful of nations is also doomed to fail. The Harper government unilaterally has decided that Canada as a nation will engage in the barbaric actions of the Mongol Empire, the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire. The rulers of these empires  sought to force their religion, their culture and their values on others through the use of their superior military force and weaponry, the oppression  and terror of civilian populations and the willingness to commit genocide and ethnocide if it was deemed necessary to win.  I believe this  is what we are seeing being played out in the hot spots of the world right now like in the Middle East conflict (the Israelis vs. the Palestinians), in the Ukraine conflict (the Ukrainians vs.  the Russians as well as in the Iraq/Syria conflict (ISIS/ISIL vs. Iraq, Syria and the Western Alliance and now, in Africa and in Hong Kong as well.

The United Nations should teach us that the world cannot be governed by one global governing entity, in this manner, because (a) each member state has to deal with own  problems, needs and  priorities(b) each member state has a set of values and beliefs, which they are not going to simply aside, because another thinks they are barbaric and unfair (c) Some member states always decide to give themselves the power of veto, placing what they think is best and their ideology above all others. When this happens democracy flies out of the window, because those member states will always use their veto to  seek a to get around honoring the democratic principles and rules that they themselves stubbornly use to hold other member states in line.   As in the case of the United Nations when these things are all considered and weighed these type of multi national governing bodies are doomed to fail, because they become self-serving a tool and weapon for the most powerful militarily not to do good for the world., but to carve out a new world based solely on what their idea of the perfect world should look like.

Why would Stephen Harper ignore how important  trust honor and mutual respect for countries entering into a partnership of any kind is?( trade deals, or an ally) How can this government trust the government of the United States of America to be the head of The Western Alliance, The Coalition of The Willing or anything else that requires trusting the government of the USA to respect our sovereignty as a nation when:

  • Time after time the USA has been guilty of not honoring its commitments to our joint Free Trade Agreement.  The Soft Wood Lumber dispute was a perfect example of the USA only adhering to the law when the law finds in its favor.
  •  President Obama instructed the American construction industry to buy American for their government infrastructure projects and gave incentives  to American companies that utilized only goods made in the USA?
  • Our invitation to join the USA in anything never sounds like a request or invitation of late, but rather takes the tone of a threat, or an accusation. This in my opinion is not a display of mutual respect, but an act of disrespect; an offer we cannot refuse, not an invitation.
  • American news media and politicians are always saying things like,  “Anybody with any ambition at all, or intelligence, has left Canada and is now living in New York.”   “Canada is a sweet country. It is like your retarded cousin you see at Thanksgiving and sort of pat him on the head. You know, he’s nice but you don’t take him seriously. That’s Canada.”

Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided unilaterally that Canada was best served by surrendering our sovereignty to the USA and the Western Alliance with terms rather than being forced to surrender with none. Since the decision of conditional surrender was made by this government we have been sliding down the slippery slope of becoming just another American state and an independent country in name only. The Harper government answer to every question concerning the decisions that they make supposedly  independently on behalf of the Canadian people  is, “We have to base our decisions on what the needs, wants and expectations of the President of the USA are at any given moment; after all they are our biggest trading partners and our most important ally.”   Canadians hear everyday  how we cannot exist outside of the new World Order and how we must join the Western Alliance, or find ourselves with nowhere to trade and no say in our own national defense, but I would ask all Canadians to consider where the invitation comes and in what form it arrived.

Stephen Harper has no problem taking for an ally a country that holds itself above the law of the world court and refuses to be held accountable to it as far as war crimes and crimes against humanity are concerned, because they feel that their role in policing the world is far to important for them to adhere to the same rules of engagement as everyone else.  Stephen Harper is in agreement with the USA’s assessment of the United Nations being a useless body since it no longer can control it to do its bidding when it comes to upholding and advancing our values and ideologies throughout the world. The world has seen too often the  United States go around the United Nations and go it alone or call upon a coalition of its own to do what the UN will not sanction.

This is the cost to Canada for our leader giving up our sovereignty as a nation and for every single Canadian for allowing it to happen so we can brag about doing our part to ensure that is our side that wins the race of  global domination and I think that all who attempt global domination are as doomed to fail today as they were in eras gone by.


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