Canada Is Being Attacked Becasuse Canada Is At War And Attacking The Enemy Is How Wars Are Fought And Won!

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Is what we are seeing in Canada really radicalise converts, or the rotten fruit of seeds sown by years of bad Harper changes to our laws? Is what we are seeing in Canada really radicalized converts, or are they the rotten fruit of seeds sown by years of bad Harper changes to our laws?

What is up Canada? Why do we keep asking the question,  “why we are being attacked?” I would think that it is quite obvious, “We declared war on people!” Please let us climb down off of our lofty moralistic, hypocritical perch and remember that it is the Canadian government who decided to send fighter jets to bomb innocent men, women or children, where the sleep, work, go to school and pray, in an attempt to rid the world of ISIS/ISIL. Let us not forget that this government has committed Canada to take part in the murdering of hundreds, with the possibility of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq. A good many of us self-righteous Canadians are willing to refer to the senseless loss of life that we and our…

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