Are We Witnessing Incidents Related To Mental Health Issues, Or A Radicalised Canadian Terrorist Issue?

I write this post wondering what secret police, or security list I am on now, or if I am allowed to travel freely anymore, or if I travel abroad would I be allowed to return. I wonder about all of these things, because all of these things are done in secret with little, or no judicial oversight.

I write this post wondering what secret police, or security list I am on now, or if I am allowed to travel freely anymore, or if I travel abroad would I be allowed to return. I wonder about all of these things, because all of these things are done in secret with little, or no judicial oversight.

Canadians are witnessing an out break of angry men in their 20’s killing RCMP officers and soldiers and even trying to kill federal politicians and I wonder why nobody seems interested in what is making them go over the edge. All I here being talked about is

  • The need to give the state and its security agencies  the power to invade the privacy of Canadian citizens where the internet and cellular phone usage is concerned; claiming it needs to be able to monitor, track and store what sites individual Canadians visit on the internet, what they are doing and saying on the internet in their private sites, e-mails and blogs. The state also claims the need to have the same powers in regards to cellular phone usage, including text messages sent and received. In both cases they seek to do this without notifying the individual and without obtaining a warrant from a judge.
  • The need to be able to revoke  a Canadian’s citizenship and passport without notice, effectively stranding that Canadian citizen abroad, without their day in court, or having the alleged evidence for the basis of the removal of citizenship and passport removal, been seen, or approved by a judge.
  • The need to deny Canadians the right to face their accusers. Deny the right of the accused to have their accuser cross-examined by a judicial panel, or judge entrusted to verify independently in a non bias way  if the evidence being used is credible.
  • The need  for the state to be able to force spouses to testify against each other in court, putting aside and ignoring the serious negative impact to relationships, and marriages, the possibility of  a rise in domestic violence as a direct result of one spouse being forced by the state to testify against a spouse, or partner they do not wish to divorce or otherwise separate from.

The state asks of us the Canadian citizen to trust their motives are honest and that they would never consider abusing these powers and yet we have proof that they have been caught abusing the powers they now have multiple times and the new laws are an attempt to legalize their past abuse of their current powers. They have also been found guilty of  withholding information about the lack credibility of a witness in the past.  I would take Canadians back to the 2009 ruling in  the Harkat’s case, in which Justice Simon Noel said CSIS “undermined the integrity” of the Federal Court’s work by failing to disclose relevant details of a polygraph examination of a source. CSIS neglected to tell him a secret informant failed portions of the lie-detector test — a lapse the spy service itself has called “inexcusable.”

The incidents in Moncton, Montreal and Ottawa  have shown that all of these young men were mentally disturbed and had an axe to grind with the authority and security figures of this government.  The government does not seem to think that this could be the time to reflect on how these incidents could have been prevented by not making everything a terrorist act and looking at things differently, enabling them to for instance

  • Get these people known to police the mental health help that they needed instead of ignoring their condition could have helped with avoiding the deaths of everyone including those obviously suffering from mental health issues
  • reinstating the long gun registry so that their security agencies are made aware that these people with criminal records, that have mental issues, that are security risks are long gun owners, so that an effort can be made to disarm them and there by reducing their capability to kill or injure innocent people.
  • Properly fund mental health care in this country.
  • Do more to end poverty and homelessness in this country.

I think  I would agree with the mother of Michael Zehal-Bibeau’s mother who said, “At the heart of this tragedy, she wrote, is mental illness and that her son’s terror-filled rampage in the nation’s capital this week wasn’t driven by some grand ideology, or political motive, but rather was the last desperate act of someone who was not well in his mind. I also believe her when she says that he was an unhappy person who was at odds with the world and so he turned to religion and Islam as a way to make sense of it, not to be a vehicle of violence for some Islamic terrorist group, but thought that he would be happier in an Islamic country where they would share his beliefs. “Most will call my son a terrorist, I don’t believe he was part of an organization or acted on behalf of some grand ideology or for a political motive.  “I believe he acted in despair.”

Keep in mind that the people asking you to trust them not to abuse the powers they are asking for said this when asked why they did not set the record straight when they realised that they put out inaccurate facts pertaining to the statement given by Michael Zehal-Bibeau’s mother,  “Our guys realized that they made a mistake” after reviewing the taped interview with the mother,” Cabana said. He said, “the force did not see a need to correct the record because extremist travellers destined for Syria often go first to places like Saudi Arabia or Turkey, said RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana.” So being factual is not important as long as what the government and the security agencies purposes and agenda are being positively served.

I believe that to ignore the fact that these young men never claimed to want to attack Canadians on behalf of ISIS, or any other group deemed by this government to be Islamic terrorists and insist that they are is in my view trying to use fear to make the Canadian people except laws that will infringe on their right to privacy, their right to a fair trial, their right to face their accuser, their right to freedom of movement, their right to free speech and now even their right free thinking.  I sense that it is easier and fits the Harper agenda better to have these crazies running around right now murdering people.  It has all the drama and terror needed to get what they want passed quickly and is a lot cheaper than putting money into all the things that I mentioned above.  This has allowed the Harper government to sidestep the fact that these people were mad a Canada for their suffering, because Stephen Harper and his strong, secure majority Conservative want to bring in a balanced budget by reducing its contributions to things like education, health care, veterans affairs and housing.

I write this post wondering what secret police, or security list I am on now, or if I am allowed to travel freely anymore, or if I travel abroad would I be allowed to return. I wonder about all of these things, because all of these things are done in secret with little, or no judicial oversight. I am guilty of daring to say out loud what most Canadian citizens only whisper about in private, because the Harper government punishes everyone who disagrees with them publicly? This type of concern is a new concept for me, because in all of the years that I have lived in this country I have never before felt like I was living in a police state; this is new, since Stephen Harper came into power with a majority government. I never before wondered if sharing what is on my mind could get me a visit from CSIS, or the RCMP and probably arrested and thrown in jail without trial for suspicion of something without benefit of all of the evidence on both sides being presented and tested in a court of law. Do all of these travel restrictions and removal of rights and freedoms sound like you are living in Canada, or more like life in Russia, China, or even some Banana Republic  we are so critical of when bragging about our democratic way of life?

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