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Talkative NDP Female MP Actually Responsible For Any Re-Victimizing Of Her Colleague, Not Justin Trudeau

If someone accused 1 of my grandsons of sexually assaulting them, I would want them to be given every opportunity to prove their innocence in a court of law, not in some back room in some politically charged environment that has found him guilty, because it is politically correct, or the chivalrous thing to do. Continue reading

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There Are Two Standards Of Equality In Canada When It Comes To Justice

These 2 female NDP MPs in my opinion have set the clock back to a time when coming forward was viewed bad, done by trouble makers; a time when the accusers needed to fear reprisals from their employers and society at large. They have not helped other women facing harassment, they have hurt them by encouraging them to cower in fear. This is what happens when the pendulum in law does not stop in the middle. Continue reading

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From Coast To Coast To Coast It Is Acceptable To Be A Racist In Canada, Just Listen To Your Government And Watch The Polls

I do not question the valor, honor or the bravery of our men and women who go to fight where the government tells them to go, but I do question why this government is sending them on such missions, when the Canadian government does not practice what it preaches and refuses to right the wrongs of Canada’s own past and present. Continue reading

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I Did Not Forget Rememberance Day / I Am Thankful Everyday

Originally posted on Archemdis's Blog:
I did not forget veterans day I just chose not to be a part of the hypocritical government spectacle that is put on every year on this day.  I am thankful to our veterans every…

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Is The Protecting Of Faceless Accusers Leading To Miscarriages Of Justice?

I think that before an accuser goes to someone’s boss, or goes public and accuses someone of harassment that they should really think it through, because what they are about to do will definitely have serious consequences for the person or persons they will be accusing.  I think that the … Continue reading

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Are Todays Politicians Merely The Shameless Whores Of Corporate Canada?

I believe that the reason our politicians are so out of touch with Canadians is that they do not care, because they have become shameless whores, who have sold themselves to the highest corporate bidder. Continue reading

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