Are Todays Politicians Merely The Shameless Whores Of Corporate Canada?

What I would be willing to do to be in politics.

What I would be willing to do to be in politics.

I believe that what is happening and has been happening in Canadian politics at the federal, provincial and civic levels of government tells me that  Canadian politicians are  not just simply out of step with Canadians on key issues.  I believe that the reason our politicians are so out of touch with Canadians is that they do not care, because they have become shameless whores who have sold their souls to the  highest corporate  bidder.  I believe that the idea that Canadian politicians enter politics to do good for their fellow citizens and their country is a myth. This myth is perpetuated by the political machines that court our politicians to run in elections. This political machine is most likely to be funded in a significant way by big business and special interest groups and so the political whore is turned out. With the recruiting of the candidate, the financing of the campaign all being done by special  interest groups like the CFA  and big business, is it not a great stretch to arrive at the conclusion that it is they that will benefit if their whore wins the election, by seeing a majority of legislation favorable to them past?

I see our politicians as the sales branch, the front men and women if you will of big business and running the country has been reduced to a big business contract, or deal and the success or failure of the company  depends on your political sales team, (your bought and paid for politicians and your political machine).   Think of the citizens of Canada (yourselves) as market share and the political parties at all levels of government all vying to claim as much of that market share for their company (political machine), as  possible as is done in all business by any means necessary and you will begin to understand why the only thing that matters is the brand itself and  to that end everyone and everything is expendable and disposable, from the leaders of the political parties, their ministers, senators MNAs, MLAs, city counselors, public servants, judges, institutions and even the people of the Canada themselves.

The  only reason for the creation and maintaining of this myth that politicians are there to represent the needs of the people  is to give the people of Canada  the illusion that what they think,  what they want and what they need matters. The Canadian voter is the market share and recognised as being the deciding factor in this corporate game. It is after all our vote that chooses the winner and the bigger the win the easier it is to get one-sided legislation passed with the least possibility of failure.  Most Canadians do not realise that all that is required to be considered a democratic  country is that all eligible citizens have the right to participate, either directly or indirectly, in making the decisions that affect them. Canadian citizens normally elect someone to represent them in making decisions at the different levels of government.  This is called a representative democracy.  Countries like Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom all have representative democracies. In Canada it is not necessary that any percentage of the population needs to vote for an election to be considered a valid election, It is not necessary that politicians keep their promises after they are elected; it is not even necessary that they provide good governance and heaven help us if a government is elected with what is considered a majority government at any level, because in that case Canadian governance is more akin to  a dictatorship with no checks and balances.

The myth of the Canadian politician entering politics to serve the people and the country selflessly, working long hard hours for little pay and less appreciation, gives Canadians a reason to vote and help create the illusion for those looking in from outside that the will of the  Canadian people is being served and that the Canadian government is adhering to democratic principles and processes, by serving the interests of the majority of its citizens and doing what is considered by the majority of Canadians what is best for Canada. Unfortunately for a representative democracy to work the politician must tell the truth about what they believe is best for the country, how they intend to go about seeing that this is achieved through creating new legislation which will affect us as a nation, domestically and internationally. Politicians seeking to truly represent the Canadian voter in a honest, democratic and fair way would have to be truthful during their campaign about their intent to alter Canada’s core values through the removal, or altering of old legislation and creating or altering of Canadian policies such as trade, immigration, finance, health, education, diplomacy  and foreign aid and then after winning the election follow through with their campaign promises. In Canada over the course of our history this has simply not the case and since Stephen Harper came to power with a majority government with less than 50%  of those who voted in the last election we are in real danger of making the need for a majority government to seek consensus and makes showing up for work for those in the opposition parties a mere formality and a waste of tax payer dollars and a waste of time; rendering the need for opposition parties in that situation moot. If the Canadian government truly is meant to serve and protect all Canadians, how is it possible that this  government could try to govern without benefit consultation, without transparency and without aggressively seeking consensus with the elected opposition parties that make up the representation of the Canadians that thought differently from them?

We live in a Canada today where there is freedom of speech and thought only as long as it is pro-government in nature. Unfortunately on the other hand we live in a Canada where talking out against the government in any way, shape, or form, could cost you your job, your reputation, or both if you are a public servant, your tax-free status and funding if you are a charitable organization and your budget if you are a crown corporation, or at arm’s length institution. In Stephen Harper’s Canada it is acceptable for Bird Watchers to be threatened for stating publicly on their official website that the Harper government is soft on environmental issues.?  Is this the kind of Canada that we Canadians want? In Stephen Harper’s Canada a special squad of 15 auditors target some 52 charities, many of whom are critical of Conservative government policies, such as environment groups, social justice and poverty groups, among others?  So far, no group has been deregistered, but the audits have been expensive and disruptive for charities, many of which operate on a shoestring budget. I mention the bird watchers, because hundreds if not thousands of people are being threatened, coerced and intimidated by this federal government everyday in such small ways that most people would shrug it off, because individually they are but a single drop of rain. The problem is that these single drops of rain are a part of a never-ending down pour happening at the same time in all regions of this country, that if ignored threatens to cause wide-spread flooding with the possibility of wiping out all that we have labored so hard to achieve as a country on so many different levels, as the dams all over this country break, one dam at a time.

I would agree that if you look at the incidents of intimidation individually, it would seem like no big deal, nothing to get to concerned about, but if you were to look at all of them together, you would be able to see that this intimidation touches the private lives of Canadian citizens, arm’s length government agencies and their CEO’s, public broadcasters like the CBC  and even charitable organizations. The people of Canada are being systematically suppressed and oppressed. This suppression and oppression is not a great Canadian value, they are acts of a government drunk with power, who is being led by a leader with no respect for Canadian laws, culture and way of life and probably wishes that Canada was just another American state and is working very hard to make Canada’s assimilation into the USA’s way of doing things as efficient and as irreversible as possible.

The government that is elected next will be no different. They will not give up any of the powers that the government has stolen from the people and given to themselves, because they too will get drunk with power and seek to keep what they claim not to want; that which they can blame on the mean-spirited, not very Canadian minded Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada. Until Canadians are willing to stand up to this government and all governments who do not act in their best interest and say no more and take all steps to show this discontent within the law with acts of civil disobedience, such as protesting in the streets in numbers too large to be ignored or easily turned aside; by refusing to pay taxes to a government that does not serve them, by refusing to work for a Canada that refuses to pay them fairly and assure for their safety above all other considerations, politicians will remain the bought and paid for whores of big business and our children and grand children will indeed suffer the consequences of our in action.

 Note: With the passing of  the Fair Elections Act into  Canadian law deliberately took away the right of every eligible Canadian’s to vote and participate in a fairly run election and at that point we became a democratically governed country in name only. When all political candidates and parties lost the ability to compete on a level playing field we became a country that no longer adhered to the democratic principles of law.  Since Stephen Harper came to power with his  strong stable majority government, even the vote which was Canada’s last vestige of  respecting the democratic process has been cast aside, resulting in Canada’s assertion that it is a democratic state to be little more than a sham, with no respect for democratic institutions, processes, principles and democratic spirit. Is this truly the type of Canada in which we Canadians wish to live?

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