I Did Not Forget Rememberance Day / I Am Thankful Everyday

I wrote this post in 2011 and things have gotten worse for our veteran’s and their families not better. Our veterans are committing suicide rather than face another day in a country for which they fought and were injured and watched their comrades die that has forgotten them. A country that continues to deny them the medical treatment, financial support and retraining that will help them in their transition from military life to civilian. Things are so bad for veterans that one threatened to blow up a building housing veteran’s affairs offices. It is time to listen to our veterans and see to their needs, instead of spending millions of dollars on lavish out door ceremonies that would be better spent helping our veterans and their families live a life of respect, dignity deserving of those who have sacrificed so much for their country.

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I did not forget veterans day I just chose not to be a part of the hypocritical government spectacle that is put on every year on this day.  I am thankful to our veterans every single day that I wake up and find myself still free and still alive.  That the government refuses our veterans the help that they need once they are out of the armed forces and then tries to make political points by pretending to give a damn about them on November 11th bothers me. Traditions aside I am sure that the veterans coming back from Afghanistan would rather be getting medical disability, rather than listen to speeches telling them that the war is not over, or that Canada is not at war.  Do not get me wrong I think that our veterans deserve this day and a whole lot more and it is the whole lot more that they…

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