From Coast To Coast To Coast It Is Acceptable To Be A Racist In Canada, Just Listen To Your Government And Watch The Polls

It seems that it is always okay to be a racist in Canada, because we have been asked to do so by our government since Canada was formed. This country could only come about by each province and its leaders being willing to accept the principle and ideology that the original inhabitants of the land this country was created from did not count, because everything about them was inferior. Their religion, their culture, their laws and their language all  backward, all inferior and so we could lie to them for their own good and ours, cheat them out of what was rightfully theirs for their own good and ours and try through integration, plague and every other means possible wipe their very existence as a people off the face of the earth for the good of the nation this country’s founding fathers  envisioned, which they would call Canada. This principle, this ideology is racist at best and what the end the 2nd world war defined as genocide.

I ask you, how can we expect anyone to believe that Canada cares about the rights of other people throughout the world when our government is still acting as if the original inhabitants of this country are little more than children, who require their guidance and who without their help are incapable of self governance? How can we defend the right of others as individuals to practice and enjoy without fear of reprisal freedoms such as  religion, culture, language and speech, if we for purely selfish reasoning deny this to the original inhabitants of this land, by our paternalistic attitude and laws that are grounded in racism?  The fear that each government has had since confederation with their failure to include First Nations in the decision making process that led to the creation of Canada is that if  Canadian courts ever looked upon what was done to First Nations in a fair and impartial manner the courts would have to find in favor of First Nations. Such a decision would give the over 600 different First Nations all across Canada that the Canadian governments have refused to deal with up to and including this day with respect and dignity, the potential power if  existing land claims and treaties with them  are honored to bring Canada to her knees, and bring Canada’s economical progress to a staggering halt.  I believe that this is the fear that  has kept every government since confederation from doing the right thing and instead has kept each government continuing the annexation all First Nation’s land, much like Russia has done with Ukraine’s, Crimea.

Even if the non natives of Canada were to say that as a nation we can skip over the fact that we did not consult the original inhabitants of this land when we decided to make it into one nation, because we were in jeopardy of being taken over by the Americans and decided that we could skip over what we did to the 1st nations with our integration scheme, residential schooling, how do we justify what we are doing now in todays modern Canada? How do we justify a Canada in which still do not really have any right and freedoms; a Canada in which our government still creates laws and an environment which blocks the people that we have so badly wronged from seeking the very human rights and dignity’s that we send our military into other countries to fight and die for?

Modern day Canada says to our First Nations you have the right to be consulted about everything that happens on your land and that would be good except that these laws always give the final decision on what is to be done in the end to either the federal government or the provincial government. I would ask them is this not just the government going through a formality a show of caring knowing in the end that the process will always end with them getting what they wanted in the first place? If this is true would this not just be another way of pacifying  the First Nations as a grownup would do to a child who complained about decisions being taken on their behalf, for their own good that the child was already been deemed to immature, or not worldly enough to be allowed to decide for themselves?

I do not question the valor, honor or the bravery of our men and women who go to fight where the government tells them to go, but I do question why this   government is sending them on such missions, when the Canadian government does not practice what it preaches and refuses to right the wrongs of Canada’s own past and present. To negotiate in bad faith and holding a gun to a people’s head is not negotiating at all; to rig the negotiating process so that government opinion is alone the determining factor in the end result is not negotiating at all; to say that we will consult you before we violate your treaty rights, but your agreement is not necessary for us to go forward with our plans, is tantamount to not consulting at all and renders all such consultations moot.

Why are sending our men and women of the military to fight, be injured and die in far away lands for things that we deny our own citizens by continuing to enact laws that allow this government to promote and create the environment in which,

  • the rule of law for almost everyone in our own country, when it suits our interest, or when it is convenient, is acceptable?
  • laws such as are found in the Indian Act, or if you need a more recent one Bill C-25, the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Act, become the accepted norm?
  • the 3rd world conditions that most natives live in on most Canadian  reserves, is deemed their problem? (e.g. No adequate drinking water, no appropriate housing, no guaranteed education for their children past a certain point)
  • for provincial governments to be allowed to consider it not only reasonable, but legal under Canadian law and perhaps more importantly, constitutionally justifiable, to discriminate against some of their citizens. (e.g. Provincial governments passing laws that limit the how much and how one of the 2 recognised official languages of Canada can be used in their province, or deny the wearing of religious signs if working or seeking work with the government and basically treating the minorities of their province like 2nd class citizens? (e.g. Charter of Quebec Values)
  • for forced relocations of an entire ethnic community such as Africville in Nova Scotia?

So if our Canadian governments on both the provincial and the federal level promote fear and divisiveness, because of a citizen or group of citizens race, culture, language, or religion, would it not be a reasonable assumption that people would stop seeing racism for what it truly is and begin to self deny and wrongly justify their racist attitudes and behavior in the right  to self-preservation like the Mohawk of Kahnawake reserve with their, Marry Out Move Out rule, the painting of racist slogans on the walls of  Muslim mosques and the desecration of Jewish head stones in cemeteries.

The problems that this country is having with racism has gotten to be of such great concern that CBC has felt the need to do a special asking the question, is Canada truly a non racist country, or is Canada a racist country in denial. Canada has been unable to rid itself of racism, because Canadian governments have since the time of confederation swept it under the rug, hid it in the closet and pretended that racism did not happen in Canada on a national scale and that of course there were isolated incidents, but Canada as a country, as a government, abhorred such behavior. Well if you are not guilty of something then there is nothing to atone for and nothing to change in that regard and so it is in Canada. Every few generations Canadian political leaders get up in the House of Commons and very publicly apologise for the racism that Canadians have been guilty of committing, but have been actively denying for the generations prior to the apology, because this is how Canada and the Canadian government deals with the fact that Canada is and always has been a racist country in denial. In order to become a non racist country on a government level or any other level I believe that the Canadian government needs to

  • Stop sweeping Canada’s racist history under the rug, accusing the victims of that racism of exaggerating the extent of the racism and not being  willing to reconcile.
  • Rewrite and teach Canada’s true history in our schools, so that Canadian children grow up empathetic and sympathetic instead of believing that those who have suffered the abuse are liars and wrongly talking about Canada.
  • Stop creating laws that promote and continue racist practices.
  • Stop making statements like Canada for real Canadians.
  • Stop managing Canada’s racism by hiding it in the closet and start admitting it and start down the path of being a truly a color blind society.

Only by doing the above mentioned things do I believe that all people living in Canada will enjoy the same right to freedom of speech, linguistic freedom, religious freedom, and be able to live without the people of this land suffering discrimination for the color of their skin, their culture and place of origin; a Canada devoid of racism.

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  1. ROBETRT KOZY says:

    so called canada ia built —on the displacement of THE NATIVE NORTH AMERICAN–PERIOD THIS IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY


    • archemdis says:

      As I have said in this post and in others I agree with your statement 100% and Canada has no business trying to take the moral high ground in the world with its having done absolutely nothing to right the wrongs of the past, or live up to the treaties it has with First Nations and settle the land claims with First Nations that have not been resolved. Thank you for taking the time to comment and have a great day!


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