There Are Two Standards Of Equality In Canada When It Comes To Justice

I think we the citizens in Canada are watching a dark political comedy unfold on Parliament Hill that is in reality exposing the hypocrisy of our politicians, their total lack of respect and disregard for the laws of this country. I think that Canadian politicians have gotten away with putting themselves above the law for so long now the they really believe that there should be 2 ways of interpretating and applying the laws of Canada, instead of the 1 interpretation and application that all Canadians including them are obligated to follow.  They also believe that they should not be investigated, or punished, or held accountable in anyway for violating any law no matter how bad the crime is that they have been accused of, or found guilty of. These politicians are now in the process of changing Canadian law and removing all judicial and special oversight in order to see their mistaken beliefs realised.

I believe that every time a politician  claims privilege, whether it is to allow themselves to get away with what is intentionally telling a lie in the House of Commons (intentionally misleading the House), which is tantamount to misleading Canadians, they are putting themselves above the law. Are there 2 dictionaries now one with special definitions for words like lie, cheat and transparency to be used only in the House of Commons, by MPs?

I believe what the 2  female MPs are doing right now by demanding that their right to anonymity be honored after they denied those they accused anonymity by naming them reeks of not only special privilege being demanded by the female, but special privilege now granted female MPs. The pendulum has swung and has not come to rest in the middle, but landed squarely on the side of  a women’s right to make accusations that are indefensible by the accused, for lack of information.  I guess women need not worry any longer about being sued for deformation of character by the males she accuses wrongly now, because faceless and nameless people I would imagine would be very hard to sue.   This case is just another affirmation that there are indeed 2 sets of laws, 2 standards of honesty, 2 standards of transparency, 2 standards of  justice  and therefore 2 standards of equality in Canada when it comes to justice; one that applies to the ordinary citizen of Canada and one that applies to politicians that are responsible for creating the laws of Canada that the ordinary citizen must follow or suffer the consequences for breaking.

In the case of the 2 faceless and nameless female MPs who made the accusations of harassment against the 2 male MPs who they named and who now are refusing to leave the safety of their anonymity, who is the real victim in all of this based on the evidence in front ofyou and me? Have the laws of Canada shifted so much in its attempt to create an environment in which female MPs feel safe about coming forward when they feel that their rights have been violated, that we are prepared to allow for the accusing  and the punishing of male MPs, by  anonymous victims who refuse to lay formal charges? Who are  the real victims in this case again? The substantiated and tangible evidence in this case, based on the evidence available to me at the moment lead me to conclude that, the accused  are the real victims in this case.  It is the accused who are suffering damages to their careers, personal lives and reputations based on unsubstantiated accusations, coming from 2 female MPs, who really did not think that whatever happened to them was, or is serious enough to lay formal charges about. This to me will encourage women to lay unfounded charges against men knowing that they will never have to substantiate them and can hide behind their right to anonymity like the 2 female NDP MPs are doing now.

What were / are these 2 female MPs thinking when it comes to justice and its need to be equal for all? Do they really feel that a females right to justice, trumps a males? What has happened to this country’s sense of justice that our law makers would allow for anyone making these types of serious accusations that caused so many problems for colleagues they named in their accusations, could possibibly feel that they have no responsibility to either lay formal charges, or withdraw their accusations and publicly apologise for the problems they have caused, or find themselves facing deformation charges from the accused?

I thought that our politicians, police and courts were trying to encourage victims of sexual assault, sexual harassment and harassment to come forward with their complaints, by providing an environment where the victims can feel safe? Instead I find that they are setting up and environment and a culture where any female with an axe to grind against a male can do so from behind the safety of anonymity geared to shield her from answering difficult questions, while allowing males to be tried and vilified in the news and work place? Why after naming and accusing 2 male MPs of harassment  to both their own party leader and that of another party are these 2 female  MPs being allowed to hide behind the right to anonymity in face of what the 2 males are having to go through publicly?

When a case such as the case of the 2 faceless  female MPs goes into the back room to be investigated by an internal organization such as the Internal Board of Economy which is known to pay off parliamentarians in order to make embarrassing problems go away and are not spoken again ever raise questions like:

  • What were their motives for accusing the 2 male parliamentarians? I mean this is a federal election year and the males just happen to be in a party that are way out in front in the polls.  Was this just an elaborate attempt to attack, or hurt the Liberal Party of Canada in an election year gone bad?
  • Why did one female NDP MNA feel that she had to go to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada with this issue after she had already discussed it with her party? Did her party advise her that they would not do anything, or did Mulcair advise her to go see Justin Trudeau, knowing that what happened would happen, hoping that he could  use the woman to hurt the Liberal Party of Canada?

It is definitely a scary time to be a male MP on the Hill right about now, because fairness has taken a back seat to anonymity.  It seems that all a female MP has to do is accuse a male MP of any form of personal misconduct, like sexual harassment, or harassment, refuse to go public, or refuse to lay official charges and wait.  This makes it really scary for the ordinary Canadian male, because this will definitely have an impact on how cases are handled from now on, because those who right the laws are ignoring the laws of equal justice for, in an effort to make life easier for those who accuse.  These 2 female  MPs in my opinion have set the clock back to a time when coming forward was viewed bad, done by trouble makers; a time when the accusers needed to fear reprisals from their employers and society at large. In my opinion these 2 female NDP MPs have told Canadian women and the world that it is not safe for a woman to come forward in Canada with complaints of this nature.

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