Majority Government Governance / The Canadian Oxymoron (Democratic / Dictatorship)

If all that separates Canada, a country claiming to be an international law-abiding country, governed by a  “democratic government” following the fundamental principles, policies and values democracy, from other oppressive regimes is what Canada has become to stand for under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, then I feel compelled to ask, “Why bother?”  Democratic/dictatorship is a Canadian oxymoron.

No Canadian should be proud to when the president of the USA make the statement in which he refers to the prime minister of Canada in a majority government as having dictator like powers. He of course was referring to the ease at which Prime Minister Harper could undermine the democratic process, change the core fundamental principles and values of Canada by simply using his government’s majority status to ram through any new laws, or change any old-established laws that he wished, without having to fear anything more than moot opposition. This is the oxymoron that I talk about; this is Canada’s democratic style of governance; this is the democracy that can be turned into a dictatorship on election night simply by any political party being given a majority government.

Stephen Harper has proven that it is only the Supreme Court of Canada that stands between the government totally being able to continue to enforce the laws that it enacts which violate Canada’s constitution and it’s citizens charter of rights, but that is a very long process as we are seeing now and does not stop the government from enacting the laws; in other words the Supreme Court of Canada is reactive not proactive.  this process can be a long drawn out process and very costly and all the while it is being argued the law stands and people suffer.

In the 42 years that I have been eligible to vote in Canadian elections,(federal, provincial, or municipal) I  have never seen a government in Canada that has turned its back democratic process and principles, like this Conservative Party of Canada has, under the leadership of Stephen Harper. Even Brian Mulroney who said that he was given the mandate to govern when Canadians elected him with a majority government and that he did not have to seek consensus with the opposition parties did not try to:

  • Alter the way Elections Canada functioned, by diverting the power of the head of elections Canada to the governing party.  I believe that when Stephen Harper created the ministry of Democratic Reform it was with the intention of  eliminating any independent oversight governing how federal elections are run, by transferring the powers of the head of Elections Canada, to the Minister of Democratic Reform the and in so doing to the prime minister of the day, himself. In my opinion this reduced the head of Elections Canada a powerless figure-head, unable to investigate election irregularities like overspending, or take action to force politicians to correct their error, or hold to account politicians who refuse to correct their mistake. It also effectively gagged the head of elections Canada going as far to make it illegal for him to inform Canadians of what is going on. I believe that in doing these things that the Conservative Party of Canada turned its back on the fundamental practices of democracy and made a mockery of the process that was put in place to fully ensure that the government and politicians obeyed the election laws of Canada, ensuring that the process was fair and just for all parties and candidates and for those who were eligible to vote.
  • Did not try to openly deny, or seek to make it difficult for those who were entitled to vote, but did not traditionally vote for the Conservative Party of Canada, by creating a new Ministry of Democratic reform. The new minister of democratic reform  immediately set about changing the election laws of Canada in such a way that all election experts in the field of elections said in the committees of both chambers and in public would cause thousands of Canadians who did not traditionally vote for the conservative party of Canada unnecessary hardship and some their right to vote. One example of this was the change in the law concerning what was to be considered acceptable proof of identification and proof of residence allowing a person to vote in a federal election.

 I am sitting in my chair watching the proceedings of the Standing Committee On Public Safety And National Security and it strike me that I am watching yet another example of the farce that the democratic process has become in this country under this strong, stable majority conservative government, led by Stephen Harper. The members of the committee were in clause by clause consideration  of Bill C-2 An Act To Amend The Controlled Drugs And Substance Act. The majority of members of any committee are always Conservatives and as such there is not one amendment that can be passed without their consent and no procedure set out by the conservatives can be blocked.  In order to push through Bill C-2 An Act To Amend The Controlled Drugs And Substance Act the Conservative members of the committee has  imposed 2 different types of time allocations. The 1st was to impose a 5 minute time limit to deal with each clause by each party and the 2nd to close the committee down at 5:30PM.  Once again I say if this is democracy why bother with the pretense and just stop wasting time and money send the lame duck opposition members home without pay and get on with the dictatorship until election day? Again I do not understand why the opposition parties are allowing for this farce to be continued.  Why bother to vote, why show up at all. Why not just refuse to dignify the unjust, non democratic process that has thus far not allowed one substantial amendment put forward by any opposition party, or public source since gaining majority status in both houses.

I do not understand the thought process  and the way laws are being passed by this strong, stable, conservative, majority government. This government asserts that its primary motivation in the altering of the established laws of Canada, as well as its drafting and  enacting of  any new laws are to preserve and protect Canadian the fundamental rights, values and freedoms  of every Canadian citizen, but in every law it enacts, this government is taking power from Canadians and giving that power to itself.

This government also asserts that its secondary and only other  motivation for altering the established laws of Canada as well as in the drafting and in its enacting of any new laws are to put Canada in a position to  assist the  innocent victims from around the world to share  the freedoms that we as Canadian citizens enjoy; a life free from oppression, tyrannical rule and terrorism, but all I see are hidden agendas in every change to Canadian law that they are responsible for.  The reason I say this is because the laws governing child pornography, illegal trafficking of humans, firearm legislation, First Nations’ rights, online bullying, prostitution for example all hurt the person, or persons they were supposedly altered or enacted to help, while doing nothing to punish those responsible in any real way. For example:

  • I find it ironic that 450 Tamil refugees, (men, women and children) that were aboard the Sun Sea were thrown in jail and the people who profited from their suffering were all let go.
  • Those who have child pornography on their sites and profit from the advertising generated by that child porn have not being targeted by this government for punishment of any kind, but are now partners with the benefit of immunity, helping to catch the sick user of those who view the child porn posted by users of their sites.
  • Policeman are being ambushed and killed, women and children are being shot in their homes, soldiers are being gun down on our streets and mental person stormed Parliament Hill, accessed center block and cold have killed the politicians inside, because the Conservative Party of Canada’s gun ownership ideologies, policies and laws. Their laws seem to be causing loopholes by which people who have criminal records, known mental problems and are on police terrorism watch lists, are able buy and go undetected by the police, semi automatic rifles that are killing innocent unsuspecting Canadians. Is this what the government hope to achieve when it scrapped the Long Gun Registry?

I know that nothing is perfect, but what we have in Canada today is an oxymoron (a democratic/ dictatorship), because in no way shape or form can democratic governance be allowed to resemble in ideology, process,  principle, or practice the governance of a dictatorship, for expediency, or any other rational.

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