What “Je Suis Charlie” Means To Me / Is Racism Ever Really Funny, Or Informative?

 First off let me publicly condemn those who had anything to do with the killing of those people yesterday in France. I do not agree with the policies and practices  of those who work and run, Charlie Hebdo, but I am against any person, or group, who would use violence to solve their problems.

Having said that I must say that those people choosing to use the hash tag,  hold a poster, or pin the slogan, “Je suis Charlie” on their person are saying that it is okay to be a racist, to insult another’s religion and God in the name of freedom of expression and free speech.  In my opinion they are no better than those who used violence to resolve their differences, because they are the racist instigators.

The world should be outraged that 12 people were killed and dozens more injured, but to side with those who are known for propagating hatred as those cartoonists were, is a dangerous thing to do. The rest of the non-European cultured world will no longer accept  a double standard of justice being applied by those countries of European decent and culture who are guilty of unfairly putting an end to only certain kinds of perceived  hate, whether it be via writing, art, speech, or law. That non-European related world is now demanding that there be only one standard of justice and it must be applied to all equally, or those who the equality misses will push back with the only mechanism they feel is left to them and all too often those pushing back see this as killing those who they feel are responsible for their injustice.

How long and what will it take for France, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and USA to understand that:

  • They are not in charge of the whole planet and it is not only their culture, their laws, their religion and their languages that count?
  •   ISIS and Al Qaeda which  have been named Islamic extremist terrorist groups, because of their preferred use of violence to settle scores, do not share their sense of humor when it comes to what they choose to call satirical humor and freedom of expression and  speech  and will not be deterred by the bombing, embargoes and naval blockades. These groups have sworn to attack those who do such things where they live and have been very successful at doing so?
  • To support  Islamic hatred in any form is equally as bad as the supporting of anti-Semitic ideology in any form?
  • Countries like Canada should be trying to force countries like Germany, and France to give up their racist policies and laws and step up and join the rest of the civilised world in the 21st century, instead of making free trade deals with them and holding support rallies for them and encouraging them to continue in their racist ways.
  • These types of anti Islamic cartoons can no longer be considered to represent freedom of speech, but should be considered what they are, racist, hate mongering trash, created to intentional depict certain people of a certain religious belief as evil and less than human and that in the future they should be treated by all nations as if they were anti-Semitic.

I found it  interesting to hear Canada’s Steven Blaney, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness talk about those cartoonists killed in Paris as though they were truly just innocent people doing a job and not the instigating, constantly pushing the boundaries of good satire to out-and-out anti Islamic propaganda. These cartoonists were the instigators of what happened yesterday and what they died for unfortunately had nothing to do with freedom of speech, or freedom of expression, in my opinion.  They died because:

  • France is a cesspool of racist integration policies, much like Canada was in its beginning years.
  • They believed falsely that the government of France’s tough security measures and the police could protect them from those they were insulting for no other reason then to sell ads in their magazine.
  • They believed in that a false sense of European superiority was enough to protect them.
  • They believed that what they depicted in their cartoons was real and that the people in those caricatures were supposed to represent were really that stupid, backward and inept.
  • They were hell-bent on insulting others for profit no matter the cost to others charged with protecting them.

The deaths of the cartoonists have been denounced by every Islamic group from Canada to the Middle East and in contrast not one western leader has stood against  France’s integration system which in my opinion is racist and toxic and has created the environment that has instigated this response.  No one can say that they are surprised by the attack, because it is not the first attack of this sort against, “Charlie Hebdo” and this attack was promised.   The world rightfully  does not tolerate anti-Semitic anything, be they racial slurs, cartoons, caricatures, or denial of the Holocaust, so why would cartoonists in what are supposed to be the democratic countries of the world be permitted by their governments to create, publish and distribute  these insulting, degrading caricatures and cartoons?

I listened to the news reports this morning; sickened, my heart breaking for the families that have lost their loved ones and wondered, “What will it take to put an end to this type of politically approved and backed targeted racism?”  “How many people have to die so that a few greedy magazines, the racist cartoonists that they employ and the sick minded readers  who in this day and age still think that racist cartoons and caricatures are  funny can continue to get a chuckle at another’s expense?” “When does this type of freedom of expression if you insist on calling it that become not worth it; when will it be considered to go too far like anti-Semitic anything?”

When a government such as France and Germany create, enact and enforce laws that seek to strip all Muslims of their culture and religion in an effort to force Muslims to assimilate into the culture and religion of the white, Christian majority, it is easy to understand where and why those that died in France get the impression that it is all right to do what they do and call it freedom of speech and expression, but nothing in life is free and the price for those wrong thoughts yesterday, was their lives.

 Francois Hollande, the president of France has to be joking calling the editors and cartoonists that were killed heroes; victims of their own arrogance and false sense of security, for sure, but national heroes in my opinion not a chance. I would suggest that his statement reveals Frances’s views on who it is legally okay to hate as long as the government hates them too. I believe it also answers the question, is France a racist state?

That not one of the leaders of the three top Canadian federal parties had the courage to call for the end of the derogatory drawings of another’s religion, God and way of life is a travesty and shows that we are no different in the way we think in Canada then those in France when it comes to protecting all of our citizens from hate crimes. Under Stephen Harper’s leadership we are sliding back into our racist past, where we enacted all sorts of anti foreigner laws and tried to forcefully assimilate everyone that came here as well as the First Nations People we found here.  We in the west cannot win this war against what we choose to call terrorism with bombs and other means of force, because our enemies can now wage war on our soil; innocent life for innocent life, building for building and economy for economy.

I would say to all those who would use the hash tag,  hold a poster, or pin the slogan, “Je suis Charlie” on their person, are saying that it is okay to be a racist, to insult another’s religion and God in the name of freedom of expression and free speech. I would say to you that they are no better than the Nazi  swastika wearing supporters who show their support for senseless hatred of an entire race of  people, simply because they are different, or feel they  pose a threat to their way of life.

Remember this, Great Britian, Germany and France as countries have taken the position publicly that their governments do not feel that multiculturalism is necessarily a good thing as far as preserving European ethnicity, culture, language and religion as it stands today, but France’s leaders feel that they must do just that, by any means necessary.  We in Canada did the same to the Chinese and Japanese people who sought to immigrate to Canada, by imposing fees on citizenship, restricting their right to vote and forcing them out of certain province to ensure the right balance of population needed to block them making any legal change to the law.  We called them prolific breeders who would soon overrun our European majority and change the flavor of our culture and values through sheer numbers. We were wrong then and France and those who think like them are wrong now. What does it say about Quebecers and it citizens values, when we learn that it was such a loved magazine in Quebec it was always sold out before it hit the shelf? Needless to say I did not brave the cold to show my solidarity for the right to print, voice and publicly display what I consider to be anti Muslim propaganda.

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4 Responses to What “Je Suis Charlie” Means To Me / Is Racism Ever Really Funny, Or Informative?

  1. Duncan Hill says:

    I agree with your opinion on “Je suis Charlie” being effectively support of racism, but just a heads up on a factual error. Great Britain isn’t a nation, it’s an island. The United Kingdom is a nation.


  2. Diane Rountree says:

    I am rather torn when it comes to Je Suis Charlie…..we cannot allow a group of extremists to dictate what people can say even if we do not agree with it…..I think it was an act of cowardice & I can see where the people of France are coming from….very interesting reading☺


    • archemdis says:

      Thank you Diane, as I said I condemn those who did the killing, but I also condemn racists and racism. As I said in this post I think of the dead as victims and in no way as heroes. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Have a great evening!! .


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