Why Are The Children Always Made The Sacrificial Lambs In Political Struggles

Why is it always the case that every time an ethnic, religious, or any other kind of minority decides  to make a political, or ideological point, or tries to advance their fundamental rights, the 1st one’s to be sacrificed for the, “cause” of whatever freedom adults are seeking  are the children, by both their parents and movements?

At first glance it appeared that an aboriginal minor girl decided that her chemotherapy treatments hurt and she did not want to continue with them(understandable), but as she began to state that the chemotherapy was killing her body it seemed to me that she was being influenced by an adult and that what she was saying was simply not the words of a child.

When her parents agreed with her opting for traditional medicine, canceled the minor child’s remaining  chemotherapy treatments that would have given her a 75%- 95% chance to live and took her to an establishment licensed as massage treatment center to go through an untried, non scientifically proven, controversial cancer treatment,(not so understandable). When I too into consideration that neither the child, or her parents had studied medicine, or had any medical training that would have allowed them to reach  an informed decision as to the full extent of the  consequences for refusing chemotherapy treatments, it became clear to me that the parents of this child were now being guided by others who they respected and perhaps were making them feel important personally. Perhaps they were being told that although they could not stop their daughter’s death, they could make their daughter’s death stand for something that would make her a hero in the eyes of her people and strike a blow in the fight for aboriginal self-determination, but in reality I am only offering a personal opinion not grounded in fact. What we do know for a fact however is that in this case the decision to stop this minor child’s chemotherapy  saw her dead in approximately a year.

To receive the full support of their chief, leaders and scholars of their band to deny their minor child her right to the best medical care in Canada,(not acceptable and is starting to look suspiciously like there is an underlying hidden agenda at play, wherein the child is to be the sacrificial lamb). This may have been a case of the parents doing what they thought was the best thing for their child, who was suffering from Leukemia, but I believe that those in high positions within her band seized upon the opportunity to advance their political agenda and callously began using this little girl as a pawn.  I believe that it was decided that it was okay to sacrifice this little girl and include her life as a weapon in their arsenal, in their by any means necessary fight for independent governance that hopefully would leave First Nations  no longer bound to the laws of Canada, in any way shape or form.

Holistic medicine vs. traditional medicine vs. scientifically proven medicine with a 75%-95% chance of survival like chemotherapy, I guess is a personal choice if you are an adult making a choice of treatment for yourself, but one thing is perfectly clear and that is that no minor child is informed enough, or old enough to understand the consequences of their actions. At 11 years old why would a judge, her chief, elders, parents argue that she was capable of making that choice for herself and that it was solely an aboriginal rights issue, like hunting and fishing and not a human’s rights issue of protecting a child from all that would hurt them whether that hurt is intentional or not through the laws governing the country that they live in?

This little girl paid the ultimate price in her people’s struggle, but I believe that in the end the decisions made on he behalf had nothing to do with her getting well, which I believe should have been the sole consideration of everyone involved in this senseless loss of an innocent life.  Once again the hidden agenda of making the little child a token hero for the cause prevails and the little girl dies.  In my opinion one minor First nation’s girl is dead, because her parents with the support of their aboriginal chief, elders and aboriginal rights activists decided that her death was more important than her living. Unfortunately with the court decision that allowed for this  First Nation’s minor child to refuse treatment that could have given her a 75%-95% chance at life, is that it makes First Nation’s minor children medical treatment subject to the whims and beliefs of their parents, or guardians, leaving First Nation’s minor children with no rights of their own, or protection as far as medical treatment is concerned under the laws of Canada. Unlike the rest of Canadian children whose medical needs and right to the best medical treatment available in Canada now First Nation’s minor children are no longer guaranteed that right under Canadian law.

I wonder how many of those activist adults who backed the fight for this little girl to refuse medical treatment that would have saved her life would sacrifice their own children for the cause, or having being diagnosed with cancer would go to the same quack they sent that little girl to, or refuse to take life saving therapy and opt solely for traditional medicine? In my opinion the lack of proper medical treatment in this case leads me to believe that this is homicide brought on by negligence and ignorance.  Another consequence of this victory for First Nation’s activists concerning in this little girls case is that yet another aboriginal minor child is going to made a sacrificial lamb in exactly the same way and I am sure that she will not be the last, because now those who could stand by and watch a child die to advance their political agenda thanks to a Canadian judge, now have legal precedents founded in  Canadian case-law to cite.

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