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Canada Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Determining What Constitutes Hate Motivated Crimes And How To Deal With Them

Canada is a country which was founded on racism and intolerance and continues to enact laws that are racist and intolerant where hate crimes, intolerance of others and equal justice for all is concerned by the fact the laws they enact seek to make one form of racism more serious and hurtful than that of another, because of who that racism is being directed at. Continue reading

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Questions That Are On My Mind That I Think Should Be On The Minds Of All Canadians

It has never been more evident than with this governing Harper government that politics on the federal level is geared to divide Canadians in an effort to appeal to certain voting blocks rather than doing what is right, fair and just for all Canadians. Continue reading

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Except For The Weapons They Utilise I See No Difference Between Islam And Christianity, The Western Alliance And ISIS

I see little difference between what the Western Alliance is doing and what ISIS, is doing. I see the same old war, being fought over the same reasons, with both sides trying to claim the high moral ground as the death toll of the innocent caught in the middle continues to escalate. Continue reading

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