Except For The Weapons They Utilise I See No Difference Between Islam And Christianity, The Western Alliance And ISIS

Though I am against all violence when it comes to the settling of any dispute and I am totally disgusted and reviled at anyone, group, or country that would take the lives of the innocent and think of it as merely an ugly necessity  to achieve a justifiable end, I feel compelled to say that I see little difference between what the Western Alliance is doing and what ISIS, is doing. I see the same old war, being fought over the same reasons, with both sides trying to claim the high moral ground as the death toll of the innocent caught in the middle continues to escalate.  Both sides of what is now being referred to as a war on terrorism are in my opinion terrorists, because they are guilty of intentionally targeting and killing innocent civilians either by doing the actual killing themselves, or supporting financial, militarily, or morally those that do.

The Western Alliance would have you believe that their:

  1. Imposing  and enforcing of trade embargos, no fly zones and naval blockades that end up starving innocent men, women and children cannot be considered as intentionally targeting civilians to be killed, but in reality we all know that it is the innocent that suffer and die, not the heads of states, or what we call terrorists regimes. In my opinion these are crimes against humanity and acts of terrorism and should be viewed in the same light as the attack on Charlie Hebdo, the police woman and the kosher grocery store killings  in France, or the senseless death of anyone, anywhere else in the world for the purpose of advancing  religious, ideological, political beliefs, or simply to gain a strategic military advantage.
  2. Intentional bombing of hotels, apartment buildings, schools and tourists beaches is less devastating on the local population, because in some cases the bombs that are being dropped by Western Alliance jets miles up in the sky, tanks miles away form their targets, or launched by computers 800 miles out to sea is in response to an ally government asking for help to deal with an enemy it has made within its own population, or of one of its neighboring countries.  I say that the end result whether it is a lone gunman, a Jihadist bomber, or an attack by the Western Alliance is always the same; endless suffering of the local population, senseless death to both sides, accompanied by years of living in fear of retaliation, loss of privacy, fighting a war that has proven itself unable to be won by either side for centuries.

The religious war between Islam and Christianity is nothing new and over the centuries has taken on different appearances, been called by many different names and involved coalitions of assorted mixtures of countries. The west now calls this ancient war, “The War On Terror” and ISIS, Boko Haram and Al Qaeda call it a “Religious  Jihad,” but when all of the rhetoric and crap is stripped away it is the same old religious war that has the leaders of both sides, the planners and backers of this madness:

  1. Sitting safely in their places of command, insulated from the daily suffering of the  people that they are hurting, both theirs and that of their enemies.
  2. Sitting safely seeking the high moral ground as they order and therefore are responsible for being the cause of atrocities that by any human standard of judging makes them all guilty of crimes against humanity.

I believe that for a person to understand what is going on now, you must understand how we got to the present state of things and  I will share with you some of the facts that Stephen Harper and the leaders of the west fail to even mention as their motivation for their unconditional support of Israel, regardless of how often, how horrifying are its  crimes against humanity.  Both sides seem to forget that for no other reason than expansionism, that they have both built and kept their empires through acts of terrorism.  Neither side has ever truly given up their old habits of  conquering, enslaving, torturing, persecuting, oppressing, deporting and trying to wipe out whole civilizations in  an effort to be the only religion, type of governance, set of values and customs in the whole world; they have just changed their tactics, rhetoric, weaponry and  means of accomplishing their ultimate goal which is and has always been for both sides, world domination.

A little history:

The religion of Islam cannot take the high moral ground in what caused this unholy mess in the first place, because:

  • From approximately 200 A.D. to approximately 900 A.D. the land of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, etc. was inhabited primarily by Christians and that once Islam began to spread and become powerful, Muslims invaded these lands and brutally oppressed, enslaved, deported, and even murdered the Christians living in those lands.

Nor can the Christians absolve themselves of what came next by simply saying that those who tried to reclaim the lost lands for Christianity, by virtue of their actions were not really Christians, because quite simply put:

  • The crusades were attempts by “Christians” in the 10th through 12th centuries A.D. to reclaim land in the Middle East that had been conquered by Muslims / Arabs.  People were forced to convert to Christianity and if they refused, they were put to death.

Neither side in this timeless battle of religions seems to have learned anything from all of the horror, the senseless suffering and meaningless deaths.  The idea of conquering a land through war and violence in the Name of Christ, or Islam is still going on today although we have conjured up other names for the wars, and fabricated other justifications for it.  All wars are based in religion, because it is in God’s name and under whose protection all sides clam to be fighting for. Every chance he gets, Prime Minister, Stephen Harper says that Canada is at war to preserve and maintain our culture; our heritage; our way of life and our religion and I would suggest that is the same garbage that we here from those we are choosing to call Islamic terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS.

Both sides need to understand that:

  1. Because of modern technology and the advancement in weaponry the world is too small for anyone nation, or religion to win this war through violence.  Everyone can now be attacked both at home and abroad?
  2. Killing innocent civilians, hoping that they will understand that you killing their grandparents, parents, siblings, friends, would be lovers, husbands and wives, is  a necessary evil; hoping that in time they will see that they are being offered a better way of life, with better values and that everybody can still be friends, is no more.
  3. That they should both be ashamed at how they gained their power, their status in the world in the first place, because there is blood on both of their hands and neither of their hands will ever be clean again. They both should be atoning  for the deaths and suffering of the millions of people that they are responsible for  throughout recorded history, instead of trying to justify why they had to do it in the past and why they  continue to have to do it still today through rhetoric and war.
  4. Both sides have a debt that can never truly be paid to the innocent people of the world who just want to live their lives in peace. It is because of these two ancient enemies  insatiable lust for violence, unquenchable thirst for blood and fanatical adherence to a religious ideology says there can be but one of them left standing, that is responsible for the world being reduced to little more than a battlefield; a hell on earth no matter what religion you believe in.

There is no right side in this ancient war, because both sides are:

  1. Fighting to maintain control over lands that  they  have stolen from the original inhabitants of the land, often through the use of what amounted to ethnocide and  genocide.
  2. Fighting for their belief   that there can be and should be only one of them left standing and controlling everything in the world religiously, culturally, economically and militarily and that one is theirs.
  3. Dedicated to  the suicidal ideology that insists that failure to accomplish either numbers  1, 2, or both , is not an option and would rather be part of leading  to the annihilation of every living thing on this planet.


Just a few short weeks ago certain members of our government were giving long-winded speeches about the need to fight for freedom of speech and expression after the tragic deaths of satirist cartoonists in France and some outraged Canadians even braved the blistering cold to hold prayer vigils for those they thought died for those rights and freedoms in France and yet today  in Canada, in Montreal to be exact the same people cheered as those same rights and freedoms were denied a Muslim desiring to open up a community center. Denied not because he was guilty of breaking any Canadian law, but because of his religious views and a message he chooses to share with others.   He is not guilty of anything under Canadian law, unless the freedom of speech and expression that was deemed worthy of dying for a few weeks ago in France, no longer exists in Canada this week? Perhaps this freedom and many other freedoms no longer are the rights of all citizens of Canada and only really exist  in Canada for those who are in line with the ideology and beliefs of the majority?

I wonder how many wars would be fought in today’s world if the leaders of our warrior nations, (kings, sheikhs, dictators, chiefs, prime ministers, or presidents) literally had to lead the charge on the battlefield with a gun in their hand, as in days of old, instead of from their offices; their only weapon a pen, with which they send others to kill for them as well as die for them?

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