Questions That Are On My Mind That I Think Should Be On The Minds Of All Canadians

There are some  questions about what is going on in Canada that are on my mind and that I think should be on all Canadians minds, but that I have not heard raised by concerned citizens, news media, or politicians of any stripe. The questions that I feel are very important are many and it would be impossible for me to ask them all, so I will just touch on a few and hope that you see where I am going.

What are the ramifications for ordinary Canadians if the Supreme Court of Canada and the Federal government remain at war with each other, because the Conservative Government of Canada refuses to follow the laws of Canada where the Canadian Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is concerned?

  1. Will the Supreme Court of Canada  have to continue to write the laws of Canada on important issues concerning all Canadians rather than seeing to it that legislation is being followed as it is written by legislators?  This will happen when the one year time limit is ignored in which the Supreme Court has given the government of the day to bring in new law as the current  Criminal Code provisions remain in place and allow the law of the past to simply fade into history. What was once illegal becomes legal at the end of the year following the decision. The government of the day has by it’s inaction allows for the Supreme court decision to pass into law. It is at this point that the government of the day in my opinion, has forced the Supreme Court justices to become the drafters of Canada’s laws.
  2. Will the government continue to be contented to wait until the to  last minute to hastily throw together new legislation as it di in the case of the  new anti- prostitution legislation, that will probably not stand up to a constitutional challenge once again, because it was drafted in anger, in an attempt to tell the justices of the Supreme Court to mind their own business, rather than with respect for the jurists, very little parliamentary debate and without consultation as to the newly drafted law’s legality?
  3. Will the Canadian tax payer continue to pay for these very expensive court challenges, because the government believes that the Supreme Court of Canada, all government agency over sight groups, the Canadian Ccharter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Constitution, represent needless red tape?

What will  the ramifications for ordinary Canadians,  Insurance companies and the Canadian government be if assisted suicide is made legal in Canada? 

  1. Would people find it even more difficult to get life insurance policies, for instance (tougher medical examinations, DNA testing to rule out unforeseen serious diseases that would now covered when legalizing assisted suicide), because insurers would fear that the people looking to be insured could be just looking for a way to leave loved ones a maximum payout  of money for a minimum amount of paid in premiums?
  2. Does the making of assisted suicide legal in Canada force insurance companies to view and treat death by assisted suicide  assisted suicide in terms of paying out claims in exactly the same  manner as they would death by natural causes?
  3. If yes would it be retroactive covering all policies no matter when taken out?  I ask, because in most instances suicide disqualifies most claims, or reduces payment significantly?
  4. Would the government of Canada failing all other remedy supply life insurance to anyone wanting to get life insurance no matter what their illness that would payout benefits including to beneficiaries whose benefactors had chosen to die by assisted suicide?

What are the ramifications for ordinary Canadians, those tasked with keeping us safe personally and our country secure resulting  from the government of Canada’s long gun policies and laws?

  1. Can we expect to see more cases in Canada where  our soldiers, police and civilians are ambushed maimed and murdered on our streets, in our public places by home-grown terrorists, or as the Minister Mackay likes to call them, “A group of murderous misfits”  using long-barreled semi automatic fire arms available to all Canadians, because of the Conservative Party of Canada’s refusal to make them illegal,  like in the most recent cases in Halifax, Quebec, Ottawa, Calgary  and Moncton?

What are the ramifications for ordinary Canadians to be considered as this government of Canada struggles with the definition as to who is to be considered a terrorist, or what is to be considered a terrorist act?

  1. Are all Canadians to forever to be considered enemies of the state by their own government, considered as potential terrorists waiting to commit terrorists acts?
  2. Are all Canadians to forever to be considered enemies of the state by their own government as potential terrorists to be spied on, detained, arrested and jailed in secret without benefit of normal due process of law, because somewhere, someone has deemed their thoughts, word either written or spoken suspicious?
  3. Are all Canadians to forever to be considered enemies of the state by their own government, viewed as potential terrorists waiting to commit terrorists acts, because the government is afraid to say out loud, what they say in private and say in the laws that they enact; that all Muslims are potential terrorists waiting to commit terrorist acts for fear of being deemed racist, by the average Canadian, the rest of the world and possibly end up costing them enough votes and cost them federal elections?

What are the ramifications for ordinary Canadians to be considered when governments such as Canada continue to support racist satire directed  at Muslim’s under the guise  freedom of expression?

  1. Does Canada try to rid their countries of all followers of Islam to avoid the killing that usually follows racist insulting depictions of Allah as a dog, by cartoonists whose body guards whisk them away form danger, leaving others to die and be martyrs in their place?
  2. Does Canada make it illegal to follow Islam, or support it as a religion in any way?
  3. Does Canada simply try to find and promote the humor in this type of racism as they do with ,”Black Face” routines?

What are the ramifications for ordinary Canadians to be considered when governments such as Canada continue to allow railways to regulate themselves as far as safety is concerned?

  1. Do Canadians continue to see event like the tragedy of Lac Megantic.
  2. 7 January 2014 – Canada – A CN train carrying crude oil and propane derails near Plaster Rock, New Brunswick. The resulting fire forces an evacuation of the area within a two-kilometre radius.
  3. 27 January 2014 – Canada – A CN train hauling liquefied petroleum gas, clay, and automobiles derails near the Saint-Basile community of Edmunston, New Brunswick. Five cars left the tracks, three carrying automobiles, and one each of LPG and clay.
  4. 7 October 2014 – Canada – A CN train hauling dangerous goods derails near Clair, Saskatchewan. Twenty six of the 100 rail cars derail, two of which leaking petroleum distillate and catch fire. The approximately 50 residences of Clair and surrounding farms are evacuated and Highway 5 is shut down.
  5. 7 January – Canada – A CN freight train hauling 114 cars heading east from Edmonton, Alberta to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan derailed between the community of Jarrow, Alberta and village of Irma. Twenty-three cars derailed, of which one began leaking a non-dangerous liquid adhesive. The ensuing cleanup resulted in the temporary closure of a section of Highway 14


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