Canada Has A Double Standard When It Comes To Determining What Constitutes Hate Motivated Crimes And How To Deal With Them

If Canada does not have a double standard when it comes to determining what constitutes  hate motivated crimes and  how to deal with them, then:

  1. Why when a man in a hoodie, shorts and sneakers threw at least a half-dozen rocks at windows and the glass door of the women’s entrance to the Assunnah Muslims Association mosque a little more than a week after Michael Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and then made his way to the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings, where he shot and wounded a guard before being shot and killed himself, did no one in law enforcement think that the attack on the mosque constituted a hate motivated crime?  Considering this happened right in Ottawa with all of the anti Muslim sentiment, why did not even  one MP either in the government or in parliament in the House of Commons raise any concern over the growing anti Muslim threat and growing  Islamophobia, when on the other hand as soon as a few swastikas were found  painted  on some cars that were parked in the garage of one Montreal residential building frequented by Jews  by a person or persons unknown the government  called for an all party emergency debate about anti-Semitism in the House of Commons and the incident immediately being recognised as a hate crime?
  2. Why is it that voicing your opinion that the state of Israel should not exist will constitute a hate crime, but denying that the First Nations of Canada are independent sovereign nations within the land mass called Canada is no crime at all?
  3. Why is it that in Canada it is considered that sight of a swastika evokes too many painful memories to be considered just an act of vandalism and therefore must be considered a hate crime if painted on anything that belongs to a Jewish person or group,  but  the resurgence of Black Face in Quebec is being defended as part of their culture and not one word of concern was offered by  the prime minister, any minister, MP, or party leader to denounce its use and talk about the real awful memories of enslavement this type of demeaning display of mockery evokes either before or during the emergency debate called to discuss the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Canada and around the world and what to do about it?
  4. When Winnipeg was deemed the most racist city in Canada, because of its treatment of  First Nations People residing in its city, why was there no emergency meeting called for by anyone in the federal government or in parliament to denounce the deplorable treatment of those First nations people living their and why is this type of behavior not seen as hate crimes worthy of immediate attention the same that is given to the slightest indication of what is considered to constitute anti-Semitism?

I unlike Jason Kenney, or MP Irwin Cotler think that all persecuted, exploited and oppressed people in the world need to be protected from those that would see them harmed, devalued and made to appear less than human.  If Canada is truly a nation that believes that all of its citizens are entitled to the same rights and protections under the law than how can our laws reflect 2 different levels of urgency when it comes to the protection of its citizens from crimes of hate? Jason Kenney, Prime Minister Harper, Irwin Cotler and just about all the MPs in the House of Commons  keep insisting that the Jewish people of Canada and the world are more deserving to be protected from racism and hate than any other Canadian, or that it make sense to make them the only people for whom it is our laws are being changed to explicitly protect to the exclusion of all other races and religions.

I believe that this government and this parliament believes that the impact of the Holocaust was more devastating and brings back more horrific memories for Jews  than:

  1. The African Slave Trade all over the world in which the Jews incidentally willingly participated in and profited from as did the people of Canada. The millions of blacks taken on slaves ships that never made the ocean voyage thrown overboard alive and dead into the ocean to be drowned or consumed by ocean predators like sharks gets minimized by some Canadians claiming that blacks also took an active role in enslaving their own people by capturing them and selling them to European slave traders, but were there no Jewish collaborators and if they were how come the same rationale does not apply.The life of slavery in North America for those who survived the journey, to be considered chattel to be bought solid and killed by their masters, with no rights and freedoms considered and not human.   The enslavement of Black people did not last for a few years it lasted for over 300 years and I would encourage Mr. Cotler and the government and all parliamentarians to consider this when next they decide to stand up in the house of Commons and  gives speeches on why the Jews should be protected more than anyone else in Canada and the rest of the world.
  2. The European’s deliberate systematic wiping out of the North American Indian’s way of life.  That more Jews died in the Holocaust then the Indians during the colonization of North America. The wiping out of the North American Indians’ religion,  language and culture. The literal extinction of some North American Indian tribes.

Why is it that the government of Canada and parliamentarians only want Canadians to understand only the hurt that anti-Semitism causes, or perhaps see the hurt of others, but learn to ignore it or down play it, whether it be by words, acts, or artistic forms.

Canada should be ashamed of its history where human rights and freedoms are concerned, because the history that is being taught to Canadians is a lie and there is no value in a lie.  The problem with historical lies is that over time  the truth gets buried and the lie becomes seen as the truth and all chance of becoming a better country, a better nation is lost.  By that I mean that Canada’s  boasts of  having a history of  multiculturalism, freedom of expression, speech, religion tolerance and acceptance of those that are different them is a blatant lie.  The European settlers/ colonists  gained the right to share in this land from its original  inhabitants through fraudulent means by the  signing of treaties and agreements that they had absolutely no intention of honoring.  The founding fathers are guilty of horrifically  exerting the will of their European sovereigns on the first Nations people that welcomed them to these shores, without whom they would have never survived their first winter, which in the most severe cases amounted  to the extinction of whole tribes of aboriginals.  The loss of the aboriginal people’s land’s, culture, religion, right to self governance at the hands of our founding fathers in my opinion at the very least constituted crimes against humanity and at it’s worst genocide.   The founding fathers and every Canadian government since no matter on what level has deliberately taught a version of the history of Canada to Canadians that they knew to be untrue and  factually incorrect; slanted to make all that happened acceptable and our First Nations look like lazy, ungrateful children.  Once the founding father’s started down the very slippery slope of falsifying historical facts to make themselves look good, every government of Canada since has found it the easy way to get away with doing horrible things against other people that came here as they did looking for a new start.

Canada is a country which was founded on racism and intolerance and continues to enact laws that are racist and intolerant where  hate crimes, intolerance  of others and equal justice for all is concerned by the fact the laws they enact seek to make one form of racism more serious and hurtful than that of another, because of who that racism is being directed at.  racism and intolerance chose to lie hide those things totally leaving them out of the history of this country, rather than own them and work to become a better country and if we are not careful we will continue to be the racist country that we are only protecting Jewish people because it looks good internationally and serves a political ends to a means.

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