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If It Waddles Like A Duck And Quacks Like A Duck And Looks Like A Duck, It Is Safe To Believe That It Is A Duck

I believe that it is people like CBC’s analysts Tasha, Jonathan and Jay, politicians like Conservative Party of Canada John Williamson for New Brunswick and Larry Miller for -Grey-Owen Sound and the prime minister of Canada Stephen Harper that should feel guilty for every Muslim woman that is harassed and feels threatened when she goes out in public, because they are all guilty of creating, or supporting an environment in which racist ideals, laws, language and actions flourish. Continue reading

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The Creation Of Israel And Its Future Has Nothing To Do With God And Everything To Do With Treacherous Men

Is it possible that Benjamin Netanyahu is acting from a place of hatred when dealing with the Palestinians and is using the situation in the Middle East to get revenge for the death of his eldest brother Yoni who was killed while commanding the 1976 Entebbe rescue operation to free the passengers of an Air France airliner held hostage in Uganda? Continue reading

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