The Creation Of Israel And Its Future Has Nothing To Do With God And Everything To Do With Treacherous Men

 It is a real concern to me that this government feels that Canada must support Israel unconditionally, because I believe that to support Israel unconditionally puts the sovereignty of every other nation in the Middle East at risk and threatens to wipe out the religious rights, freedoms and cultures of Israel’s neighbors, because Israel is still being governed by human beings. If one’s support for another is ‘unconditional’, then it is absolute and not subject to any special terms or conditions: it’ll happen no matter what else happens. Could any government, or any country that is governed by any man/woman driven by very human emotions, such as fear, ambition, hate and love, ever be worthy of ‘unconditional support’? I for one do not think so, but it has become painfully obvious that this government and its allies do.

To see the extent to which the Harper led government is willing to go to prove its unconditional support of Israel one only has to look at the changes this government has made to the laws governing hate crimes in this country. Ordinary Canadians are living in a time and in a country where speaking one’s personal understanding of the truth about certain things has been made illegal by Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada in a very one-sided way, seeking to protect only one race, one religion and one group of Canadians from racism and bigotry, instead of all Canadians. For example:

  • To deny the Holocaust happened was once considered ignorant, but not illegal.  Why is there  no Canadian law that says that to deny the African Slave Trade, the plight of the North American Indian, or any other world tragedy is to be considered a hate crime?
  • To say that Israel should not exist, was once  considered one’s personal opinion and could be voiced and expressed openly and freely as a  guaranteed right under the Canadian Constitution.  Why is there no Canadian law making it illegal to say that the Palestinians should not have a homeland, or that Iraq, or Syria  should not exist?
  • To convert to Islam from say Christianity could get you branded a radicalized Canadian, put secretly on the no fly list and secretly investigated by all levels of Canadian law enforcement. Why is it that conversion to Judaism and Christianity by a Muslim raises no red flags, or has no law enforcement asking parents to contact them so that their children can be saved from radicalization? Is it only radicalization in Canada when the convert is choosing Islam?
  • To protest the mistreatment of Muslims in Canada and throughout the world, or support their cause financially, or in any way could find the average Canadian on the wrong side of Canadian law. Why then can Canadian Jews send financial support to Israel, join and fight in their army legally without fear of violating even one Canadian law? Why were Greeks and Turks allowed to return home and fight for their ancestral homelands without fear of breaking any Canadian laws?

If the government of the day wishes to protect its citizens against racism and all manner of hate crimes then I would suggest that the best way to go about that is through education and by this I mean a new way of teaching the history of the world and of Canada in Canadian schools. For instance:

  1. Telling a total, accurate and factual history of Canada and not one designed to make Canada look good internationally and domestically.
  2. To encourage the true telling of world history like how a small portion of Palestine became the homeland for the homeless European Jews, (Israel) and how it came to pass that Israel now illegally occupies by military force most of Palestine.
  3. Stop enacting new laws and amending old laws  to protect only one group of Canadians.  These type of one-sided laws only serve to divide Canadians, making some feel more important and special while alienating others and causing them to feel resentful.
  4. Remove Holocaust and anti-Semitism from all language found in Canadian law pertaining to hate crimes, because it places what happened to the European Jews at the hands of the Nazis above all other such tragedies whether those tragedies be years past or present day and it is simply not so, “Racism and  bigotry hurt everyone in the same manner and everyone and every Canadian should be protected from it equally under Canadian law and in Canada that is no longer the case.”

Did you know that to show their unconditional support of Israel, Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada have changed the laws of Canada so that it is now possible for you the ordinary Canadian citizen to:

  1. be secretly investigated by CSIS, the RCMP and the local constabulary (your home, cell phone, e-mail, computer and anything else they deem necessary)?
  2. have things you have posted on the internet removed by CSIS, the RCMP and the local constabulary without your permission, or knowledge?
  3. be secretly arrested and detained and questioned for over a week without the right to even legal council?
  4. be tried in a secret court where the witnesses, your accuser and the total evidence for the crime for which you were accused may or may not be shown to those who sit in judgement of you, be they judge, jury, or a special judicial panel; who at the end of the process will responsible for setting you free, or finding you guilty based on the evidence put before it, or lack of it?
  5. be at the end of this secret process sentenced to a new predetermined minimum sentence forced upon the courts by the Stephen Harper government?

Most citizens of the Western Alliance, The Coalition of The Willing, or whatever this  group of nations responsible for the mess in the Middle East are calling themselves these days have  some false ideas about how and why:

  • Israel was created in the 1st place.
  • Israel was created in Palestine.
  • We continue you to offer Israel unconditional support even in the face of its blatant defiance of the advice of its financial and military  benefactors and its continual targeting of civilians in its war effort, which it calls self-defence.

In a nutshell:  If the truth were to be told, the creation of Israel was just another instance where France and Britain made a deal with a group of people for their help in winning a war and then betrayed their ally when the war was over and won. Instead of honoring their deal  with the Arabs/Muslims they divided up the Ottoman Empire between themselves as the spoils of war and added insult to injury by creating a homeland for the displaced Jews of Europe in Palestine.

Documented Facts:

  1. The British realizing that if they were to have any success at all, they needed the support of the Arabs. An agreement was drawn up between the British High Commissioner in Cairo, Sir Henry McMahon, and Hussein ibn Ali, the Sharif of Mecca.
  2. A letter from Sir Henry McMahon dated Oct. 24, 1915 was clearly written and excluded from any agreement “portions of Syria lying to the west of Damascus, as they cannot be said to be purely Arab, but it did promise the Arabs their own state. Subject to the above modifications, the letter stated, Great Britain is prepared to recognize and support all regions within the limits demanded by the Sharif of Mecca.
  3. The agreement between the British High Commissioner in Cairo, Sir Henry McMahon, and Hussein ibn Ali was never honored.
  4. There is at no time any discussion of creating a homeland for the Jews in Palestine.

Note: That deal between the British High Commissioner in Cairo, Sir Henry McMahon, and Hussein ibn Ali, the Sharif of Mecca would appear to be quite similar to what those fighting for ISIS and those other Islamic groups deemed terrorists seem to be fighting for still today.

I think that it is important to understand that there was never anything remotely religious, or Godly about the creation of Israel and there is nothing religious, or Godly  related to it being allowed to continue its reign of terror in the Middle East.  I say this because the facts are quite clear, common knowledge and to say otherwise is a blatant lie.

  1. A Jewish homeland in Palestine was no gift from God and no prophecy fulfilled to the Jewish people, it was what Dr. Chaim Weitzmann, a Zionist leader asked for when Great Britain offered him a ‘boon’  for showing them how to make smokeless gun powder called “cordite”, during World War One.   This “boon” was at the cost of  the Palestinians, without discussion with them, or their consideration.  Considering the fact that their agreement with Hussein ibn Ali, the Sharif of Mecca for an independent Arab state was never honored, I would suggest that the creation of Israel as an independent Zionist state in Palestine had to have been considered quite the slap in the face, by Hussein ibn Ali, the Sharif of Mecca  and an outright betrayal of all Arabs.
  2. Why Palestine for the creation of Israel and not somewhere else in the Middle east can easily be answered by knowing that Palestine was the only region not covered by the an agreement between the British High Commissioner in Cairo, Sir Henry McMahon, and Hussein ibn Ali, the Sharif of Mecca for an independent Arab state when  Lord Arthur Balfour was given the task of finding a homeland for Dr. Chaim Weizmann’s Jews. To  keep the promise made to Weizmann  McMahon needed, sought and got the backing of rich, powerful Jews inside Britain,  especially that of Lord Lionel Rothschild, a wealthy Jew and prominent banker and with their help was able to succeed in giving the Jews a homeland in Palestine; God had nothing to do with it.  Note: The displaced Jews were offered Ethiopia, but relocation to Africa was not an option that the Zionist leaders were willing to consider.
  3. Not honoring their agreement with Hussein Britain now needed a new ally in the region and Britain’s interests were best served with the creation of  a totally new friendly state in the eastern Mediterranean region and it would be called Israel.
  4. Growing sympathy for a Jewish state meant public support for the concept in Parliament. Lord Balfour sent  “The Balfour Declaration,” that promised a Jewish homeland in Palestine.
  5. The Balfour Declaration, which in part said: “His majesty’s government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavors to facilitate the achievement of this object.

Note: Treacherous men gave the displaced Jews of Europe a homeland in Palestine, not the God of Israel. Those same men’s ancestors  make it possible today for the Israelis and their Zionist state to keep gobbling up all of Palestine, through their financial and military aid.

How Israel says thank you for your unconditional support brings us up to today and the disgraceful behaviour of  the Zionist prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu,  and the shameful boot licking reaction to his disparaging, condescending, insulting  speech by Republican Party member and  Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner and the Republican Party of the USA. How could the Republicans rise and give a foreign leader over 20 standing ovations for a speech that

  1. Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) called it “fear-mongering” and “condescending” and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said it was “insulting to the intelligence of the United States?”
  2. Listed historically how Israel has ignored the USA’s advice in the past and learned from the experience that it has nothing to fear in the way of losing any financial or military support from the USA no matter what it does, or says.  (From Secretary of State George Marshall’s opposition to David Ben-Gurion’s intention to declare statehood in 1948 to U.S. opposition to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s launch of Operation Defensive Shield in 2002 and others in between. Time and again, he told the crowd, Israel has acted in its own best interest. The friendship survived, and the relationship strengthened.)

In my opinion Republican Party member and  Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, John Boehner and the Republican Party of the USA made Benjamin Netanyahu the most dangerous, unpredictable, fanatical Zionist leader on the planet, by reaffirming to him that Israel is free to do whatever it wants to whomever it chooses in the region and  the USA and it allies will continue to support Israel unconditionally.  I cannot understand why John Boehner and the Republican Party of the USA , prime minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada and all of their allies would embolden this man who  I believe is acting from a place of hatred when dealing with the Palestinians and is using the situation in the Middle East to get revenge for the death of his eldest brother Yoni who was killed while commanding the 1976 Entebbe rescue operation to free the passengers of an Air France airliner held hostage in Uganda?   Why would they embolden this leader so full of hatred when they know that:

  1. Israel possess weapons of mass destruction, and is considered to be one of four nuclear-armed countries not recognized as a Nuclear Weapons State by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  Why is Israel not suffering under sanctions intended to make them comply with NPT as is done with other nations like Iran?  Does not Israel having them and refusing to acknowledge that they have the weapons make Benjamin Netanyahu a liar when he says that Iran would be starting a nuclear arms race and a hypocrite for saying that Iran’s nuclear capabilities need to be curtailed and watched closely? If this is true does not his whole case of  Israel only defending itself become part of the lie?
  2. The US Congress Office of Technology Assessment has recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared chemical warfare capabilities, and an offensive biological warfare program and again I have to ask why this has been allowed to continue without Israel suffering the same sanctions as other countries have for violating treaties prohibiting the making, storing and use of  such weapons?

Just because officially Israel neither confirms nor denies possessing nuclear weapons and  chemical warfare capabilities does that mean that the what is known to be true should not be investigated and the same sanctions applied to Israel as Iran and all other violators of the NPT? Is this not hypocritical on the part of the USA and all of its allies Canada included for not insisting that Israel follow the rules? Does it not follow that it is Israel that is responsible for starting the nuclear arms race in the region and not Iran? If this is all true does that not make Benjamin Netanyahu a boldface liar, a man not to be trusted?

  • The absolute worst thing that could happen to the world though is the reinforcement of the USA’s unconditional support of Israel to use all the deadly force it deems necessary in the region.  How all that applause must have emboldened Benjamin Netanyahu.  As  Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the Republican party of the USA and told them that their president, their commander-in-chief was a fool who had no idea of the gravity, or danger to the world that Iran posed to Israel and the rest of the world.
  • To be more respected than the president of the USA in the USA and get a standing ovation for insulting the president of the USA in his own country must have made Benjamin Netanyahu feel like the most powerful man in the whole world.
  •  To stab Barrack Obama in the back after stating the president of the USA has done more for Israel behind the scenes then most people know, is another way he and Israel said thank you, for your support.
  • To threaten Israel’s most important supporter the USA  that Israel would act alone if necessary against Iran is yet another way that he and Israel said thank you, for your support.

I ask again how could John Boehner and the Republican Party of the USA gave Benjamin Netanyahu over 20 standing ovations for this clearly condescending, insulting and fear mongering speech?

I write this post in Canada in spite of  knowing what I know about the new laws that Stephen Harper and his government have imposed on the rest of Canada through their majority government. I am no radicalized Islamic Jihadi terrorist, but  I am a Canadian who honestly feels that I must speak out about the injustices I see. I cannot help but see the racism,  persecution, subjugation, oppression and deliberate murdering of innocent Muslim men, women and children and so feel compelled to speak to  the plight of those the world has decided have no voice,  to save my self the shame of that all those and their ancestors who said the things listed below have had to live with, such as:

  • We did not see the Nazis rounding up over 6 million Jews Europe.
  • We did not see the smoke from the death camp ovens.
  • Even if we knew we were powerless to do anything and feared for the safety of ourselves and that of our  families, so we did nothing; we remained silent and we remained safe.

I refuse to be one of those who are able to turn a blind eye and I will continue to speak out, no matter who the injustice is being done to and whether or not it is politically correct to do so.

I believe the world is at a new crossroad, this is the test of that over used saying, “Never Again” that  Benjamin Netanyahu and people who think like him truly think relates solely to the Jewish race and Israel. I thought ‘Never Again’ meant never again would those in a position to stop it, allow for the persecution, racial cleansing, or genocide,  the like of what the Nazi’s tried to accomplish during the 2nd world war to ever happen again to anyone or any group of people. The western nations must decide, “Did they mean ‘Never Again’ to cover just the Jews, or were the Muslims and every other people of the world a part of the, ‘Never Again Promise’? Until such time as it becomes impossible, I will continue to speak the truth as I see it and wait for the knock on the door by CSIS, the RCMP, or local constabulary, because  if rights such as freedom of speech and expression are not fought for by ordinary folks like you and me,  they stolen from us bit by bit, by the state.

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