Stephen Harper Has Made Canada Look Like Those Regimes He Claims Are Non Democratic, Barbaric And Blood Thirsty, With No Respect For Human Rights And Freedoms

I say this openly and without reservation that I believe that when armies start shooting at each other, blowing up each other and killing innocent men women and children caught up in their war, because there is just no where for the innocent to retreat and find safety, that there are no good guy nations and no right side; there are only tough guys, leaders with, ‘gangsta’ mentalities satisfying a personal need to be the  toughest nation on the block, no matter what they have to do to achieve that status and Canada never before wanted any part of that scenario; that is until Stephen Harper. No matter their station, be they king,  sheikh, president, prime minister, imam, ayatollah, priest,  rabbi, as long as they can justify the brutal and heartless slaughter of the unarmed innocent as a reasonable cost to be paid in order to  convert   the minority  populations of their country, or the people of sovereign nations by force to their political, religious, philosophical, or  ideological beliefs, no matter how many they have to make die, that they are murders without honor.  This is true of all those who do these things be they the USA and their allies, going by whatever catchy name they give their coalition these days, or those they call terrorists states, or terrorist organisations like ISIL, “All are shameless calculating murders; why this Conservative Government of Canada has decided to abandon our values, and long-standing position and policies and  become one of them is a tragic mystery to me.

Why would Stephen Harper choose to be one of the leaders of the world for whom:

  • Peace keeping missions are to considered standing on the sidelines and not doing their part.
  • Offering to help end civil wars, or wars with neighboring countries only through peaceful solutions that can only take place when all stake holders are  sitting at the negotiating table and when all stake holders are committed to achieving a  diplomatic solution, is to be considered standing on the sidelines and not doing their part.
  • providing shelter and humanitarian aid where possible to those fleeing and those trapped with nowhere to go is not rewarding enough.
  • The millions of displaced refugees, daily civilian dead in order for warring nations to gain the title of toughest nation in the world, nation protected by the only true God, policeman and protector of the planet, are considered as merely collateral damage and a fair price for freedom, justice and democracy.

I will rarely speak about the values, or policies of  the Russian, Chinese, or even the  American government, or what makes their leaders do the things that they do,  because I am a Canadian and more concerned with why the Canadian government does the things  that it does and how those things affects me and all Canadians.  I feel that it is my right and my duty as a Canadian citizen to speak out about the way Canada is being governed and challenge the government if I feel that it is acting illegally, or creating bad laws. I believe it is the duty and within every Canadian citizen’s right to hold their government to account and make sure that the government of Canada upholds both domestic and international law and treaties.  Like most Canadians I would like to be proud of Canada, but find that the positions  that this government has taken about  going to war and about taking away the rights and freedoms of Canadians getting in the way of that wish.

Stephen Harper is claiming that Canada has the legal right to bomb targets in Syria, a sovereign  nation that we are not at war with without their permission, because:

  1. The Americans have been doing it for weeks and no one has complained and therefore they have gotten away with it. I say that reasoning  does not make what the Canadian government is doing legal.
  2. Syria’s neighbor state Iraq asked Canada to bomb ISIS who are hiding in Syria. I say that without getting the permission of the Syrian government to  bomb targets in Syria, when we are not officially at war with Syria, is illegal.
  3.  ISIL has threatened to do harm to Canadians on Canadian soil. Well the reverse could be said as well and we know who threatened who first. No matter the fight between Canada an ISIL what Canada is going to do in Syria remains illegal and a violation of international rights regarding the sovereign space of nations.

I think a good test of Canada’s legal position is to ask the question, “If a foreign nation put Canada on the receiving end of these types of  interventions, sanctions and bombings would Canada see them as legitimate and legal?”I think that the Canadian government would not see the legality or legitimacy of another nation interfering in Canadian affairs, or dropping bombs in Canada’s sovereign space without its permission,  no matter  what the reason they gave; for instance:

  • Canada’s government and Canadians  would consider any retaliation by Syria on Canadians, or Canada itself for the bombing that Canada will carry out in Syria, without the permission of the Syrian government  an act of terrorism and not the self-defense of Syria’s sovereignty.
  • Canada would not  be accepting of a foreign government interfering in its internal political problems like, (a)Aiding and abetting Quebec to achieve its wish to be an independent country by either financial support, advisory support, or military support. (b)Cut off diplomatically relations with Canada, or  through use of trading restrictions try to ruin Canada’s economy, or through the use of travel restrictions try to keep Canadians from safely traveling outside of Canada, because of the way Canada abuses its aboriginal people, or perhaps the way Canada abuses it minority Muslim population.

What I am getting at is that Canada under the present government, led by Stephen Harper has developed a taste for war, a thirst for blood and a lust for power.  Canada under this government is no longer the champion of finding and promoting diplomatic solutions to war and civil war, but instead has  become an instigating, aggressor in a never-ending war of rhetoric. In Stephen Harper’s Canada we are constantly offering up financial backing, our full military capability of 6 bombers, a couple of fuelling jets and 600 military troops and a few advisors to any cause fighting against Muslims that is desperate enough to take them, which will cost the Canadian tax payer billions of dollars while on the other hand saying that the cost of helping to pay for university student tuitions, Medicare, welfare, federal pensions and a whole host of social programs to be all unsustainable.  The killing of the innocent along with the guilty or causing them great suffering does not bother this Harper government one iota,  because they think that their war is a just one and a legal one. I put this to you that, ‘making something legal, or saying that the majority of a nation, or group want it that way does not make it morally or ethically right, it just makes it mob rule.’

If all you need to be right is a majority then:

  • The enslavement of African Blacks was okay,
  • Residential schooling of Canadian aboriginal children was okay
  • The atrocities committed against Jews of Europe by the Nazis (the Holocaust), was okay
  • The murdering of Christians by ISIL where numbers give them the ideological majority is okay.

My point in saying these things is not to support ISIL, because I do not,  but rather to point out that the Canadian government is becoming as lawless, as murderous, as merciless and as devoid of conscience as those they call barbaric.  When one realises how close the government of Quebec came to being no better than those who would persecute and oppress Christians by trying to introduce its  Charter of Quebec Values, few would disagree that it was clearly a racist document  that threatened the rights and freedoms of Canadian citizens and yet the federal government did nothing to help its citizens who would have been discriminated against  by  that set of laws.  I believe this is because the Charter of Quebec Values was primarily an attack on Muslim’s religious rights which the Harper government feels are not in keeping with real Canadian values. The non action emboldened the governing party in Quebec and I see as a dangerous trend of racial and religious intolerance that the Harper government seems willing to turn a blind eye to. With Bill 51 look how close Canada comes to treating us, its citizens like those of, Russia, China, Iran where freedom of speech and expression are suppressed.  We may be winning the bombing war with our superior weaponry and the economic war with our trade embargos, blockades and now sanctions, but the cost of those victories is the loss of our values, our humanity and our conscience.  We are  becoming more like those we claim to despise and lose more of ourselves with every:

  1. Law that is past that strips Canadian citizens of their guaranteed rights under the Canadian Constitution and Charter Of Rights And Freedoms to gain more security against terrorist threats from outside the country and from within.
  2. Violation of international law regarding the respecting of sovereign nation’s and their borders, war, treatment of prisoners, just to name a few, Canada becomes more like them and Canadian citizens will feel the grip of tyranny and governmental oppression of the masses.
  3. Violation of international law and treaty that we are a signature nation of regarding the sheltering and accepting of all refugees fleeing oppression and  death and not only the ones that practice the same religion as our Christian majority population.

My message is a simple clear one; a message that all governments, military leaders, religious extremists; those who wish to lead and those who do, would do well to and be wise to heed.

  • History has proved that being the toughest on the block is a fleeting thing that will be challenged constantly until you are beaten down and finally lose to someone and there will always be that someone; it is always just a matter of time. People only use force when they are unable to articulate or otherwise prove their point with facts that will persuade other people to do as they wish. Finally lasting peace can never be achieved through violence and democracy never achieved and held at the end of a gun barrel.

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