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Canadians Should Be Rejoicing Not Lamenting Peter MacKay’s Departure From Politics

I believe that Peter MacKay has abused the trust given to him for all of these years by helping to drag Canada down to a level considered by internationally organizations like the United nations, as a racist oppressive country. Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why I Feel That Stephen Harper Does Not Like Barrack Obama

I believe Stephen Harper’s only differences when compared to Hitler is that he has a lust for spilling Muslim blood, instead of Jewish blood and that he is not as honest in stating his purposes. Continue reading

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Canadian Voters Need To Stop Voting For Paper Canadidates/Sacrificial Candidates

Is it fair to the Canada’s voting population and to the candidates themselves to have political parties like the New Democratic Party, both provincially and federally make it practice to run paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in elections, or is it an abuse of the electoral system?

Continue reading

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Revealing My True Self To You And My Feelings About Canada And The Harper Government

I abhor the killing of innocent people for any reason, by anyone, be they an established recognised nation, a people seeking to become a nation, or religious cult. Continue reading

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