Revealing My True Self To You And My Feelings About Canada And The Harper Government

Firstly I think that it is time that I identify myself.  My name is Milton Davis. I am a black Canadian male.  I am in my late fifty’s. I also have children and grand children.There was a time that I felt that it was okay to voice my views having no one really know who I was, or anything else about me. I did this because I found  people who read my blog when I first started writing were responding more to the color of my skin rather than to what I was saying.  Today however I find that because we live in a time when the Canadian government is suggesting that people who disagree with anything that they do are terrorists of one sort or another that maybe my name and a little personal information is okay to reveal. I would not want it ever suggested that I was secretly trying to support in any way, any sort of terrorist activity.   I know all about how it feels to be assumed guilty based on the stereotypical prejudice beliefs of others, rather than on the real proof of any wrong doing.  I have never have believed as some have and still do that Canada and Canadians are without prejudice and live in and environment that permeates a sense of love and equality for all, because Canada has proved to me personally that this perception of Canada is not true in practice and never has been.

One only has to look at the way we treated and still treat our First Nations to see that Canada still fights to hold on, support and defend what Stephen Harper calls Canada’s true ideology, culture and religion. It seems to be of no consequence to Stephen Harper or the majority of Canadians that Canada was created using European  supremacy and colonization type of attitude that were racist and in today’s world would have been considered committing crimes against humanity and the committing of  genocide.

With the Canadian economy failing and just about all Canadian citizens angry at him for one thing or another, Stephen Harper has decided to use the race card, the extinction of  Canada as we now know it card, to get them to vote for him in spite of how much they dislike him and mistrust.  This feat is easily accomplished, because the majority of Canadians who just happen to be White Christian people already harbour  fear and mistrust of everyone that is different then themselves in any way, be it  racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious and even linguistically. I do not think there would be any difference if the majority of this country were Black, or followers of Islam, because the world is full of political opportunists like Stephen Harper, religious fanatics like those leading ISIS and those like Benjamin Netanyahu the leader of Israel who would drive every Palestinian into the sea to keep what Israel has stolen illegally from the Palestinians. It is the hearts and minds of each of us that must change if the leaders of the world that represent us are to be of a different sort.

Many leaders have used this tactic of divisiveness by playing to the often hidden prejudices of their majority populations, or religions; it is far from new.  Hitler used it against the Jews of Europe,  Yugoslav’s former president Slobodan Milosevic’s used it  against Kosovo Albanians and Bosnian Moslems, ISIS uses it against all who do not follow their view of Islam, Israel uses it against the Palestinians and Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party of Canada uses it, so far without the mass murdering of people.

Stephen Harper guilty of  changing the laws of Canada to consider things that would never have been considered before, like the torturing of prisoners to obtain information and confessions and the detaining, charging, trying and convicting an accused without them, their legal team, or trial judge ever seeing the accused in person give evidence, or viewing the complete body of evidence that led to terrorism related charges being laid in the first place and prove the prosecution’s case. Stephen Harper insists that all  of these changes that he and his government have made to existing laws as well as the forced passage of new laws that affect everything from what makes us as Canadians eligible to vote to who can immigrate to Canada are a necessary evil that will ensure that Canada’s European culture, religion, ethnicity and value system will forever remain intact, keeping for real Canadians of European heritage Canada’s majority population forever.  I feel that because of this government’s change’s to the law that I must show my face and stand up for what I believe to be right out in the open and not from a position of autonomy, lest my autonomy be deemed for some reason suspicious by the wrong people with the power to make me into something I am not, because I do not agree with their policies and laws.

I say this about Canada, because as Canadians we have allowed and for the most part supported Stephen Harper in his anti Muslim agenda. I say this, because we as Canadians continue to support him in his unconditional support of Israel, which I believe no person,  political leader, or religion on this planet is worthy of being empowered with and finally I say this, because as Canadians we  continue to support his abuse of this country’s aboriginal peoples.  I say this because we have ceased to fight for our rights and freedoms, values, traditions and sense of  democracy; instead choosing to take the easy road, give in to the fear mongering and avoid the hard questions that need to be asked and answered in order to change ourselves for the better so that we can be a shining example of what we say we believe in rather than  a conquering force that uses death to promote peace and harmony.

 Canada under the leadership of Stephen Harper has become a country devoid of empathy, compassion, exhausting without a real sense of right and wrong, where the end justifies the means as long as at the end of the day whatever we are engaged in makes a buck. Under Stephen Harper’s leadership all of our values and all that we were so proud of standing up for has been compromised;  by a government hell-bent on staying in power by any means necessary, using as its main scare tactic an overblown image of a Islamic jihadi, terrorist threat within Canada and the threat of Canadian children being radicalized to frighten us to concede our rights and freedoms.  The problem is that with every Canadian citizen’s rights that are watered down and stripped from Canadians, we as a country become more less democratic and more authoritarian in terms of our governance, like the countries we hypocritically criticise.

  • Protesters arrested for protesting without government permission.
  • Protesters arrested for occupying public city spots like small parks.
  • Protesting workers forced back to work by government legislation.

Sounds more like communist China, but it is democratic Canada in the 21st century that those points refer to.

  • Citizens can be arrested, detained and questioned without the benefit of talking to a lawyer, or any other right to due process of law.
  • Citizens can have their passports and  right to travel taken away from them, because (a)they are outspoken Muslims who are unsatisfied with Canada and the coalitions treatment of Muslims throughout the world (b) they are Muslims who have recently traveled to Turkey (c) they are Muslims who are trying to travel to Syria,  Iraq or any other known ISIS recruiting spots.
  • For posting on the internet anything that is considered supportive propaganda of the ‘Islamic jihadi  terrorist threat’ by   the government, law enforcement agencies, CISIS, or any neighbor with an axe to grind against you.

Sounds more like the travel restrictions placed on citizens in the old Soviet Union, but this happening legally in Canada, by laws passed by the federal majority conservative government in power today.

In the new world of social media no one is able to lay claim to the excuse that I did not know it was happening. This means that if you, or I stand by silently and do not protest the laws  that this government has enacted and  the legislation that it will force into by virtue of its majority status in both parliament and the senate, we will be as guilty as those politicians are of the atrocities that they will be guilty of giving birth to through their misguided, archaic and barbaric legislation.

Let me be perfectly clear about what I feel and believe in:

  •  I abhor the killing of innocent people for any reason, by anyone, be they an established recognised nation, a people seeking to become a nation, or religious cult.
  • I believe in the rule of law that is fair and just and the same for all, where all who live under it are treated just and equally.
  • I believe in utilising diplomacy and negotiated settlements to settle disputes whether they be internal domestic disputes or international disputes rather than the relying on of military might without meaningful diplomacy.
  • I believe that a world that is devoid of hatred based on fear of those that are different from us would be a safer, richer and much more rewarding world than the self-serving, greedy racist world our world leaders seem to be promoting in the 21st century.
  • I have just about every race in my family, we have atheist Christians and Muslims in our family, gays and lesbians. We do not always agree and we do not always get along, but we do respect each others right to be who they are and believe it what they choose as long as they are not tying to force their opinions, values or codes of conduct on others.

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I try to say what is on my mind and not hurt others, but some things need to be said whether they hurt or not and I do just that. I try to listen as well as talk, but my opinion is just that mine. You need not take it as your own, just respect the fact that I am entitled to it, as you are yours. I do read all comments, but will only answer, or allow to be displayed those which adress me by name, refer to the post by name in the comment, or that have been sent through the proper channels. In this manner I can tell whether the comment was meant for me and that it is not just spam.
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