Canadian Voters Need To Stop Voting For Paper Canadidates/Sacrificial Candidates

What is the only job in Canada that one can earn over $100,ooo starting salary, paid vacation, full benefits including pension that does not require the hopeful candidate to have any  job experience, a higher education, or any special skill sets? If you answered becoming a Canadian MLA, or MP you would be right, because political parties are now running paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in our elections and they are getting elected in droves, because the electorate has begun to vote according to the political party that they like rather than voting for what the candidate in their riding stands for and believes in.

Is it fair to the Canada’s voting population and to the candidates themselves to have political parties like the New Democratic Party, both provincially and federally make it  practice to run paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in elections, or is it an abuse of the electoral system? I am not saying that the NDP is the only party that is doing it, but they appear to be the only party doing it as an accepted party strategy to disrupt the results of elections and give voters a false choice in candidates in both federal and provincial elections.  When one considers that paper candidates/ sacrificial candidate are not expected to win in the riding they are supposed to be representing and so:

  • Really do not participate in a meaningful campaign.
  • Often do have ties to, understand the needs of, or even bother to visit the ridings they claim to want to represent as an MP, or an MLA.
  • Do not have their backgrounds, competence, or views and character vetted properly.

 The NDP excuse for doing what they do is that they are the party that represents the youth of this country, but what about the people The NDP are hurting like:

  • The voters of Calgary-Bow , who were told by the Alberta NDP that after checking out  Deborah Drever that they could feel safe casting their ballots in her favor and elect her as their as their MLA, because the NDP of Alberta found her to be a credible, trustworthy, competent, representative and of the same mind with the party’s core values, beliefs and policies of the Alberta NDP.  Of course this we are finding out was all a lie, because not expecting her to win, no one bothered to check her out and the people now have an MLA who was kicked out of caucus and sits as an independent, not able to represent them as the NDP MLA they voted for.
  • Deborah Drever, who told no lies to be chosen as a worthy candidate for the Alberta  NDP, or earn her victory, but now finds herself because of an  incompetent background check the victim of protests to remove her from office before she is sworn in. I am not suggesting for one moment that she is right in the things that she has done in her past, but if  her morality and beliefs did not seem important to either the people of  Calgary-Bow, the NDP, or the media before the election, ( proved by the fact that it was not discovered before hand) is it fair to protest for her firing now and blame her for the blind support given to her by all? Should not the new Premier be held accountable and heads roll, or is this just what should be expected when political parties run paper candidates/sacrificial candidates and we the voter vote out of anger without doing our own background checking?

I think that it is high time that the practice of running these types of candidates comes to a halt.  It is in my opinion is a deliberate attempt b political parties to deceive the Canadian electorate and could lead to the voters in those ridings being not represented in the legislature, or parliament the way they voted to be.

Whether  the election is federal or provincial it is up to us the voter to check out who we are voting for, because political parties have proved over and over again that they will lie, cheat and steal to win in order to maintain power, or take it from another political party and this means running paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in your area, they no nothing about.

Why would anybody cast a vote for a candidate that:

  • Had not campaigned, or visited the riding?
  • They know nothing about, for example things that seem to matter after an election is won, like (a) the candidates non illegal past indiscretions, or (b) the candidates views on homosexuality?
  • Whose only qualification for being able to run as a candidate for their political party of choice was that they applied for the job?

I find myself wondering:

  • What Canadian voters expect to get when they vote for these types of political paper candidates/sacrificial candidates?
  • Why there is such hostility and outrage directed at the Deborah Drever’s for what seems to be a political party’s neglect, incompetence, or possibly deliberate attempt to deceive voters and the voters obvious laziness when it comes researching those wishing to represent them?
  • Why does the press not speak out before the election, or do they wait in the shadows for the story that will be made more sensational if the dirt on them is exposed after the election?

Could it be that we Canadians get mad at ourselves for falling for the same old tricks time and time again?  There is hope though for us and Deborah Drever too, because it has been proved through the success of candidates who started off as paper candidates/ sacrificial candidates and won can work hard  and turn out to be a positive rather that a negative.  A perfect example of that is the NDP’s  MP paper candidate/sacrificial candidate, Ruth Ellen Brosseau who won the Quebec riding of Berthier – Maskinongé. this single mom has done quite well for herself and proved to be quite a valuable asset to her community and to the NDP.  Ruth Ellen Brosseau is a working hard and has been given some important work to do.

I am on of those people who think that if a political party does not check out who runs for them before and election and their was no fraud committed by the candidate then they should not be punished or marginalised for stuff that was accessible to the public  comes out after the election. Let the MP or MLA do their jobs and if they prove unworthy of the position let the people vote them out or deny them the right to run for your party in the next election and that goes double for the voters of Canada.

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