Three Reasons Why I Feel That Stephen Harper Does Not Like Barrack Obama

Before I begin I want to put on the record and make it perfectly clear that my personal opinion of Stephen Harper is my own and it is not flattering. I do not like him, or trust him, but how could I? I consider Stephen Harper to be one of the most dangerous leaders on the planet, because he is a throw back to a time of the Christian Crusades and the European Colonisation of most of the world by force. I consider Stephen Harper a throw back to a time when the mass murdering and enslaving  of native and aboriginal people living in countries the Europeans wanted for themselves was considered okay if those original inhabitants refused to give up their lands, religion and all that made them who they were and unconditionally surrender to the superior occupying force. The term genocide had not been coined yet, that would take the deaths of millions of  European Jews during the 2nd world war.  What Stephen Harper is so proud of  and what he wishes Canada to take an active role in the recreation of in the 21st century is an ideology and set of practices that saw my ancestors and Barrack Obama’s enslaved by his ancestors for over 300 years. I will not lay down and give up all that my people have worked so hard for and suffered such pain to achieve, by letting anyone force me or mine to fit and conform to a closed-minded ideology of what the world should look like and that includes bigots the likes of Stephen Harper.

There are probably  many other reasons why Stephen Harper does not like Barrack Obama, but in my opinion at the core of his dislike of Barrack Obama are the three key character flaws I find in Stephen Harper.

  1. Stephen Harper’s beliefs and ideology are in line with white supremacy and I believe that when he said in a speech that he intended to enact laws that  would keep Canada’s European heritage, culture and religion safe and intact for “real Canadians” ,  he proved just how racist he was. Stephen Harper is having a hard time dealing with any world leader who is not White, Christian, or a Jew. Barrack Obama is  a black man sitting in a job that Stephen Harper could never hope to be in, but lusts after and thinks that he is just naturally more suited to then a black person, by right of being born white, if for no other qualification. Strike one against Barrack Obama: Stephen Harper does not respect Barack Obama as a person, because Stephen Harper thinks that Barrack Obama is a black man in a white man’s job and believes that Barrack Obama is inferior in all ways to himself.
  2. Stephen Harper is a control freak  who refuses to be told no, or that he can’t do something for any reason , or that he must do something; it must always be his way. The supreme court told Stephen Harper no in a case before he became prime minister and he has used his power as prime minister with a majority government to try and undermine, disrespect and render moot their validity and authority with almost every law he has enacted.  Strike two  against Barrack Obama: Barrack Obama not only said no to the pipeline, he demanded that Stephen Harper bring Canada inline with environmental concerns.
  3. Stephen Harper has an almost fanatical hatred of anything Muslim and has given Israel his unconditional support and now has a black man he is jealous of telling him no to something he wants to do, (2) what to do if he wants to get his support, (3) refuses to give Israel unconditional support, but insists that Israel work for a 2 state solution and (4) has sought to open diplomatic talks with sworn enemies of Israel. Strike three for Barrack  Obama: Barrack Obama’s refusal to give Israel his unconditional support and his willingness to talk to sworn enemies of Israel about peace in the Middle East.

I guess you now understand that I think that Stephen Harper is a racist, egomaniac,  control freak the ilk of Adolf Hitler. I believe Stephen Harper’s only differences when compared to Hitler is that he has a lust for spilling Muslim blood, instead of Jewish blood and that he is not as honest in stating his purposes.  I think that knowing that a black man that has a Muslim sounding name is the most powerful man in the world by virtue that he has control of the biggest guns  is driving Stephen Harper to distraction. I find that Stephen Harper has gone out of his way to go around Barrack Obama and use the Republicans to get what he wants done in the USA in order to put an uppity black man in his place.

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