Canadians Should Be Rejoicing Not Lamenting Peter MacKay’s Departure From Politics

While everyone is lamenting the soon to come departure from politics of Peter MacKay, yet another high-ranking federal conservative cabinet minister, I rejoice and dare to hope that this is the beginning of the end for the federal Conservative Party of Canada as a force in Canadian politics.

I detest racism and oppression in any form and this government led by Stephen Harper is arguably one of the most racist and oppressive governments to ever receive and blatantly abuse a majority status in the House of Commons and in the senate. I have spoken to the racist ideologies of this government many times, so today let me talk of its oppression. Cannot the definition of oppression as found in the dictionary be used to define Stephen Harper as well? Definition of oppression: (a)the exercise of authority or power in a burdensome, cruel, or unjust manner, or (b)an act or instance of oppressing or subjecting to cruel or unjust impositions or restraints, be applied to this government’s changes to old laws and the creation of its new ones? For instance:

  • The changes made to the law that this government insists that it is making in order to keep Canada safe, but that experts in the field say do nothing to keep Canada safe, but are in fact designed to (a)target and make life so tough on certain minorities in this country that they will wish to return to where they have come from despite the many dangers they might face, (b)leave by choice and go live somewhere else, or (c) feel so out-of-place, so miserable that they become a target susceptible to radicalization by terrorist and do something that under the new laws can have their citizenship revoked and after some time in jail can be deported from Canada. (d)make sure that any of those people they now oppress in Canada’s relatives and countryman know that Canada is not the place to seek shelter from abuse and oppression, or freedom to practice their religion and perhaps it would be wiser to seek that safety and shelter and freedom from abuse n another country more suitable to their values, religious practices and their culture  This my friends is subjecting one’s citizens to acts or instances of oppression, or subjecting them to cruel or unjust impositions or restraints.
  • The changes made to Canada’s  election act are viewed by all of the experts in the field, the academics, and those presently working in the field as designed to make it tougher rather than easier for Canadian citizens to vote in elections whether they live in Canada, or trying to cast a ballot from outside of the country. This government has decided to disenfranchise a certain segment of the Canadian population that does not traditionally vote for them, by making it difficult if not impossible for them to qualify to vote.  This my friends is voter suppression a tactic that oppressive governments use to take away the voice of the population of a country that does not agree with them. This my friends is just one example of how this government under the orders of Stephen Harper has exercised its authority and power in a burdensome, cruel, and unjust manner.
  • When we start seeing laws created which would allow for the stripping a Canadian citizen of their citizenship instead of punishing them for breaking the law as all Canadians should be, I begin to get nervous.  I am a firm believer that if any Canadian citizen commits treason, takes up arms against Canada, or commits and act of terrorism in Canada that they should be arrested and if convicted be penalised as a Canadian to the full extent of Canadian law.
  • When I start to understand that this government allowed for the torture of a 15-year-old Canadian citizen at the hands of the Americans and supported the confession gained under that torture to imprison that 15-year-old Canadian citizen to 8 years in jail served mostly in solitary confinement,  for something that was not even a crime at the time of his capture, but was a law created after the fact and applied retroactively I get nervous and so should you my fellow citizens. Look at what CSIS can now do with its new powers granted to it by the Harper government.  It is now possible for the 1st time in the history of Canada thanks to Ministers of the Conservative Party of Canada such as Peter MacKay and Steven Blaney that a citizen of Canada
  1. Can now be arrested, detained and tortured as long as their interrogators do not kill them.
  2. Will not be allowed to have an attorney present during their questioning\ torture.
  3. Can now be arrested, held against their will, charged with crimes under the new Anti-Terrorist Act and neither their attorney, or the presiding judge will be able to cross-examine their accuser or witnesses the prosecution  has given protection to and so there could be no chance for anyone other that the  prosecution who is not working to set you free to determine the credibility of the case against you.
  4. That a Canadian security agency such as  CSIS can remove from the internet your views concerning how they treat Muslims; your views on why people become radicalised in the  1st place and your views that you publicly post about anything that any cop, or Canadian spy going through posts on the internet  feels is sympathetic or supportive to terrorists, or finds promotes terrorist activity and finally feels is terrorist propaganda without advising you, or requesting a warrant from a judge, or subject to any other oversight be it parliamentary, or judicial.

In my opinion we should not lament, but rejoice that Peter MacKay is finally leaving politics. I believe that Peter MacKay has abused the trust given to him for all of these years by helping to drag Canada’s reputation down to a level considered by international organizations like the United nations, as a racist oppressive country. The legacy Peter MacKay shares with Stephen Harper and all of the members of the Conservative Party of Canada is one of arrogance, a sense of entitlement, abuse of power, corruption and racism.  This is the kind of country that he has helped to build for his son and soon to be daughter to grow up. I think that he should be hanging his head in shame and working very hard using all the legal ability that he possesses to right the wrongs that he has help to create for the rest of his life. I would go further and suggest that he owes it to those he has put in harm’s way to defend them and try to undo all of the oppressive, racist and immoral laws that he helped to create.

What good does it do to revoke the citizenship and deport Canadians holding duo citizenship, because they are  suspected terrorists, or suspected terrorist sympathisers back to their country of origin, where they will most likely join up with the very terrorists?  Was it not this government real intent to stop Canadian home-grown terrorists from going to join up with ISIS and other terrorist groups when they imposed restrictions, took away passports and detained at the airport anyone CSIS and the RCMP put on the Canadian no fly list? I do not get why a government would now seek to revoke their citizenship after creating laws  designed to limit Canadian home-grown terrorists ability to travel abroad? That is unless all of this has nothing to do with terrorism at all, but rather has everything to do with a government trying to use the fear of terrorism to create, or alter law to legitimise its ethnic cleansing of what it considers a troublesome, dangerous and unwanted minority within its population.

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