Tom Mulcair, The Man Lurking Behind The Beard

The title of this post is meant to convey just how I feel about Tom Mulcair, leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, head of the Official Opposition in the House of Commons and who is willing to sell his soul and those of all Canadians to become the next prime minister of Canada.  I believe that Tom Mulcair like Stephen Harper has proved time and time again that he will do anything to become prime minister of Canada. Tom Mulcair like Stephen Harper is a lying hypocrite who does not hesitate to bend and break the rules to suit himself and further his ambition. Tom Mulcair like Stephen Harper when caught with his hand in the cookie jar, or found guilty of breaking the law, no matter how big or small, will always say he is innocent. Tom Mulcair like Stephen Harper will do anything, say anything and sacrifice anything and anyone to become the next prime minister of Canada and once there to stay in power, even if it means for instance sacrificing the rights of the English speaking minority of Quebec guaranteed to all Canadians under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Voting for the New Democratic Party is a vote for Tom Mulcair another egotistical control freak like Stephen Harper.  Canadians in my opinion should not trust Tom Mulcair, because Tom Mulcair has proven that he:

  • Thinks that he is above the law. Let us not forget as leader of the official opposition in the House of Commons that (a)Tom Mulcair drove through a Parliament Hill check point, (b)when the RCMP signalled for him to pull over he refused to pull over (c)bad mouthed the officer when he finally stopped asking him, “Do you know who I am?” and (d)refused to answer any questions in the House of Commons, only issuing a statement that did not acknowledge any wrong doing on his part, but rather referred to it as an unfortunate misunderstanding.  There was no misunderstanding he should have not drove through the check point without the okay, the safety of the hill depends on everyone obeying the security rules.  He should have pulled over right away and apologised to the RCMP officer for breaking the rules and taking the officer away from his important duties for a wild goose chase. Finally Tom Mulcair should have admitted his wrong doing, explained himself to his fellow parliamentarians and Canadians and moved on, instead of acting like a spoiled brat with a bad sense of entitlement. This is not an isolated instance. ….Tom Mulcair is doing the same thing right now with the satellite office scandal plaguing his party.   Tom Mulcair obviously got cute with the rules, got caught using tax payer money illegally and because it was not the outcome he wished called the process a kangaroo court and refused to pay back the over 2 million dollars he and his party misused, claiming he did nothing wrong. Now I wonder if it was Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada instead of Tom Mulcair and the New Democratic Party of Canada that had allegedly violated the rules and the combination of the Conservatives and the NDP voted together ordering the Liberals to pay back the money would Tom Mulcair still think that it was a flawed process, or would he be screaming from his dais that the money should be paid back?  As Canadians do we want another prime minister who thinks that he is above the law and refuses to admit that he is wrong about anything and is above apologising to anyone for anything?

Why was it that Tom Mulcair’s handlers think that Tom Mulcair will need an image make over to make him seem more approachable, more kindly, less arrogant and more in tune with the average Canadian voter if he is to have any real hope of winning the federal election in October? Can a leopard the likes of Tom Mulcair? Remember folks that  the last politician to get a make over  before a federal election was Stephen Harper. Stephen Harper was supposedly transformed from cold heartless, self-centered, power-hungry, egotistical fanatic into  Stephen Harper the warm, caring, honest, open, which we fell for and gave him a majority government to prove it; but boy oh boy were we  fooled and the price for our naiveté is the loss of our rights, living under a government that has no respect for the democratic process, has no respect for social programming, no respect for the laws of Canada and no respect for Canada’s judicial system.

Remember this people of Quebec: Quebecers  still angry over the Liberal Party of Canada because of the ‘sponsorship scandal’ voted for Jack Layton, but remember the New Democratic Party ran paper candidates/sacrificial candidates in Quebec. this in my opinion proved that they not expecting to win did not give a damn about Quebec or its problems and concerns, but allowed these candidates to run because they did not need money to campaign and if they di manage to win all the better for the party.  Remember the New Democratic Party’s showed their concern for Quebec and Quebecers after they were propelled into the position of Official Opposition with the help of Quebec when answering the question as to why the NDP was not fielding more candidates in Quebec’s provincial election, their new leader Tom Mulcair said something like, I am too busy building our party right now to run candidates in Quebec, we may run some candidates in the next provincial election.

Food For Thought: Ladies of Canada, when considering Tom Mulcair’s ambition, motives for doing things, how far he is willing to go to win and if this is the kind of person you would want to be the next prime minister of Canada, consider everything else and then what is written below

  1. Why is it that when the 2 female MPs in his party found themselves at the receiving end of sexual harassment, that for one woman went as far as actually being physically raped, that neither woman felt comfortable going to him with the problem, but instead went to the leader of the 3rd party Justin Trudeau for help solving their problem?
  2. Why is it that when Justin Trudeau took decisive action to support the 2 female NDP MPs did Tom Mulcair try to make political gain by turning the what should have been non-partisan support into a political calculated partisan attack on Justin Trudeau, implying that he did something wrong in his handling of the matter?

Do you every think about why Olivia Chow really left the NDP, or why she does  not like and will not support Tom Mulcair?  I think that the answer to that lies in the fact that he is a corrupt, power lusting, egotistical, do anything to win politician, whose vision for Canada goes no deeper than him being elected as the next prime minister.  One would almost think he was a Stephen Harper sleeper who infiltrated the NDP, but that my friends is another story, best left for another time.

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