Ask The Non Francophone Of Quebec If They Feel That All Canadian Citizens Are Treated Equally Under The Laws Of Canada

It is assumed that all Canadians citizens are treated equally under the laws of Canada with the exception only coming into play when we look at the Canadian governments continued  mistreatment of  the indigenous people of this country throughout Canada’s  history.  The truth  though is that the federal government is guilty of allowing for by its refusal to take action to end what started as a push for the preservation of French language and culture in Quebec, into a provincial government created, controlled and operated form of ethnocide. Every provincial government since the creation of the Quebec Charter of language is guilty of promoting and   engaging in cultural and ethnical cleansing.

The problem can be seen for what it is if an interested person looks at the ideology that has been allowed to be planted and fertilised in the minds of the francophone population of Quebec  and is now being harvested by the removal of the English minorities rights as guaranteed them under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights. I say this because the Canadian government stood by and did nothing while the separatists of Quebec instituted their laws and own charter of rights and freedoms that they (the separatists) used and the government of Canada  allowed by its inaction, to do an end run around  the Canadian Constitution  and the Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms and ignore all federal laws that do not appeal them.  It as if they have achieved “Sovereignty Association”  despite having lost the referendum to do so.

The driving force behind the inaction seems to be some idiotic agreement between Quebec and the federal government that recognises the province of Quebec as not only being a distinct society within the borders of Canada, but that somehow that acknowledgement gives the government of Quebec the right to commit ethnocide in order to “protect its French language and culture.”

The federal government’s position and that of federalists provincial parties has proved to be so far that:

  1. If keeping Quebec in Canada depends on allowing for Quebec separatists to not only mistreat its non francophone population, but even violate to the rights of its Anglophone community it is somehow a small price to pay to keep Canada whole.
  2.  Along with the separatists of Quebec that it cannot and will not protect the rights of Canadian non francophone Canadians choosing to  live and work in Quebec In Quebec it has been proven that no matter what government happens to get themselves elected with a majority government that nothing changes for the non francophone population of Quebec in terms of them being denied their rights under the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, because either the federal or the provincial government will fight for those rights no matter how great the violation of those rights are.

Real Life Example: A pregnant couple got into an accident on the highway with another car.  The man gets out to check on the driver of the other car while his Anglophone fiancée calls 911. Unfortunately she is calling for help in Quebec and the emergency dispatcher cannot speak English and further more even if the emergency dispatcher could, he/she is not obligated to under Quebec law.  While the dispatcher tries to find someone who speaks English just to understand what the caller is saying, her life, the life of her baby, the life of her finance and the life of the other driver are all in jeopardy and for what?  I get so angry that some people are so heartless, so inhuman that they could say too bad and feel that the potential loss of life is justified if it nets them the political goal they seek to achieve.

When an accident happens on a highway or anywhere in the province of  Quebec and an English speaking person calls 911 for help they should not expect to be able to communicate in any other language but French. It does not seem to matter to the federal government, or any Quebec government be they Liberal, or Parti Quebecois that:

  1. The dispatcher for 911 is paid for with English tax payer dollars as well French tax dollars.
  2. The government of  Quebec is guilty of  instituting taxation without representation.
  3. They are both allowing for a two tier  system when it comes to getting help  from  the police in. this incident has proved that how fast and efficient a caller receives life saving response in the province of  Quebec is all too often based on his/her ability to communicate in French.
  4. They are both putting the lives of non francophone Quebecers literally in mortal danger.

In this case the pregnant female did not get injured, but what if she had been injured and something happened to her or her baby because of this idiotic policy.  Since when:

  • Does the charter of a province out weigh the Canadian Constitution?
  • Is there really 2 official languages in Canada and the this a bilingual country?
  • If so why is no one protecting the rights of non francophone Canadians living in Quebec?
  • Is Dumaresq’s statement that, “It is often possible to find a dispatcher on shift who does speak English, or to transfer the emergency call to another SQ call centre where an English-speaking dispatcher may be available,” what is passing for equality in Quebec and acceptable in Ottawa?
  • Is this what it means to have 2 official languages and to be a bilingual country in Canada?
  • If this is what equality means in Canada and if  we as a country cannot even protect the rights and freedoms of our own citizens, what right to we have to interfere in the business of another sovereign country?
  • How can the federal government justify going to war against foreign nations to win for their citizens the very rights and freedoms that are being denied Canadian citizens living, working, paying taxes and trying to raise their families in Quebec, under such laws as found in the Quebec Charter of  Language?

The Official Response:  Mélanie Dumaresq spokesperson for the Sûreté du Québec  said,“Dispatchers aren’t required to speak English.” “At the SQ, all our employees, in their work, speak French, because it’s the language of the province. When they hire dispatchers, it’s not an obligation for them to speak English.” 

This is no isolated incident, this is a deliberate attempt to rid Quebec of the English language and those who speak it, by making it impossible for non francophone, or receive the essential services they are entitled to in English.  Non francophone Canadians living in Quebec cannot even ask for help from a bus driver or metro ticket attendant their taxes pay the salary for in English without risking arrest, being insulted and in one case even being assaulted.  Société de transport de Montréal vice-chairman Marvin Rotrand said, “My understanding from our legal department is we do not have wiggle room on Bill 101,” Marvin Rotrand is quick to add that , “If an STM employee can’t speak English, he or she must find another way to communicate, which could include providing a pamphlet or map, or asking another employee or supervisor to serve the customer.”

Official Position: The STM (bus and metro service of Montreal) notes that under Bill 101, it can’t require employees to know a language other than French.  The STM says it will not look into requiring front-line employees to speak English. 
 Note: The STM had to force an employee to remove a sign at a metro ticket booth that said: “Au Québec c’est en français que ça se passe!” Translation: “In Quebec, we do things in French”).

Even when in a hospital where understanding what is going on is so vitally important English is all but forbidden. Do not take my word for it ask the workers and management at the Sacre Coeur Hospital in Montreal Quebec.

Story: A letter was sent to the workers at Sacre Coeur Hospital ordering them to only speak French at work. The Sacre Coeur hospital sent a letter to employees suggesting that it was enforcing  Bill 101, Quebec’s language charter, (over Canada’s Constitution and Canadian Charter of Rights) and ordered its health-care workers to speak French on most of the premises. The letter said that the language law permits employees to speak English only in the emergency room and the trauma wing. Any other language is banned.

According to Spokesperson for Sacre-Coeur, Josee-Michelle Simard  the  letter was sent to remind employees that according to the law of Quebec,

  1. French must be “prioritized” when it comes to oral communication at health-care institutions.
  2. Any written communication must be in French only and that no one can even post bilingual information in the hospital.
  3.   Communication in a language other than French has to be approved by management on a case-by-case basis.

This all started because two English-speaking people were over heard speaking to each other in the hall of the hospital and then again in the cafeteria. This raises the questions;

  • Does an institution have the right or power to impose any sanctions for speaking English on the job?
  •  Can Canada still say that all Canadians live in a free and democratic society when two English speaking people do not have the right to speak to each other in their language?

The preamble of the Charter of the French Language  states that the National Assembly resolved “to make French the language of Government and the Law, as well as the normal and everyday language of work, instruction, communication, commerce and business”. It also states that the National Assembly is to pursue this objective “in a spirit of fairness and open-mindedness”, recognizes “the right of the Amerinds and the Inuit of Quebec, the first inhabitants of this land, to preserve and develop their original language and culture”. Nothing in there about the non francophone Canadian citizens living in the province of Quebec being treated, “in a spirit of fairness and open-mindedness”, or recognizing the right of the non francophone Canadian citizen to preserve and develop their original language and culture” and yet both the government of Canada and the Liberal government of Quebec continue to proclaim the greatness of this countries multiculturalism, bilingualism and the democratic principles entrenched in our Canadian Constitution and Canadian Charter of rights and Freedoms.

Does it not seem just a little strange to anyone but me that the federal government has allowed this obviously racist, divisive charter to be used against citizens of this country it is sworn to protect and uphold the rights of? Is it only me that see nothing wrong that the federal government has chosen to allow the Quebec Charter of Languages and remain unchallenged legally to appease some separatist hardliners? Is it only me found it strange that the federal decided to take a let’s take a wait and see approach as the Parti Québécois while in power tried to put into law its racist Quebec Charter of Values? Why has the Liberal government of Quebec which has held several majority governments refused to get rid of, or soften any of Quebec’s Charter of Languages   positions?  

Thought: Reversed racism is no better than the racism that came before it, no more justifiable and every bit as unsustainable.

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