Should The Sins Of The Father Ever Be Forgotten?

Is suppression of the truth ever the answer to moving forward?  In looking at what happened to the Jews of Europe before, during and after the 2nd World War, was the shame; the horror; the persecution and the intentional murder of  over 6 million European Jews in an attempt by Adolf Hitler to remove all Jews from the face of Europe, really only the German people’s, Adolf Hitler’s and its  governing Nazi party’s to bear?   Does the world’s writing and telling of  a historical atrocity such as the attempted genocide of the Jews of Europe in a way that omits certain countries participation in such an atrocity, whether intentional, or non intentional, change what was and what is? When a people of a country choose to ignore, or deny their direct, or indirect, intentional, or unintentional participation in such a crime against humanity, but instead chooses to put forward a self flattering image of themselves, can the lie change what was and what is? I do not think that it does. I do believe however, that any lie of any sort, including a lie about one’s ugly past, be it personal in nature, or about government policies and actions can and will come back to bite the liar in their butt. It is always better to tell the truth in my opinion, even if that truth is that your country aided and abetted genocide, because

  1. Eventually the truth will be told and the negative deed exposed.
  2. There can be no reconciliation without an admission of wrong and a sincere apology given.

Yes I think it better to tell the truth, apologise ask for forgiveness of those you have wronged, make restoration where possible and move on being a better person, or country in the future.  Suppression of the truth can never be the answer to moving forward.

Why are these historically accurate facts left out whenever governments begin talking about the persecution of the Jews and why and how they helped the Nazis in what they saw as their ‘Final Solution’ to the ‘Jewish Problem’ in Europe? 

  • The Poles, the Ukrainians and the  Lithuanians who believed that the Jews in their countries practiced witch craft and were the cause of every bad thing that happened in the country, even before the Nazi’s came to power, or even considered invading their countries.
  • The Poles, the Ukrainians and the Lithuanians who because of those beliefs engaged in the oppression and persecution of Jews in their countries even before the Nazi’s came to power, or even considered invading their countries.
  • The Poles, the Ukrainian and the Lithuanians who along with their governments offered no resistance and no shelter  to the Jews of their country during and after the Nazi occupation.
  • The Poles, the Ukrainians and the Lithuanians made profit from the Nazi’s rounding up of the European Jews (moving into their houses, taking over their businesses, guarding the Jewish ghettos ensuring no Jew escaped).

What kind of people  could live in a houses, or take over a businesses that they knew were theirs only because the  Jews who once owned them were forced into barbed wired, walled in Ghettos, refused education, medical attention and were literally being starved to death?

I believe that the sins of the father should never be forgotten, even if it is possible that they be forgiven.

Poland and Poles in my opinion are among the worst of all Nazi collaborators. Both the government and the people of Poland worked hand in hand with the Germans willingly. They (the Polish government and people) have been persecuting the Jews in their country on an ongoing basis from the time the Jews fled to Poland trying to escape the Christian Crusaders. Poles felt the same about Jews as the Nazis did and were happy that the Germans were willing to do their dirty work for them. If the Nazis were willing to get rid of all the Jewish people for them they would certainly not stand in their way and the fact of is that they made it easy for the Nazis and assisted them.

During the war the Polish Blue Police rounded up the Jews for the Nazis, guarded the walled in barbed wire ghettos where the Jews were forced to live die of starvation and disease, or often opt for suicide, seeing it as their only way to escape the unbearable weight of a never-ending oppression? It was the polish government with the full support of most Poles who participated in enforcing the, Worship, forbidden; travel, limited; taxation, excessive laws instituted by the Nazis.

After the war  the Polish government did something that just proves how cruel and calculating they could be; they issued an edict which proclaimed  that all Jews were to remain in Poland. The reason for this was that the Polish government was afraid that if the remaining Jews were allowed to leave Poland they would tell the world how the Poles continued to persecute the Jews after the Nazi extermination program was over.  This edict forced the Jew to remain in a country that did not want them within a population who supported and participated in their annihilation. Even today grave stones and memorials meant to honor those who died in the Holocaust and in the Jewish ghettos are constantly defaced with anti-Semitic slogans that blame the Jews for the war and all that Poland suffered during the war and after it was over. Should the sins of Poland be forgiven?

I believe that the sins of the father should never be forgotten, even if it is possible that they be forgiven.

Great Britain: In my opinion only Hitler’s hatred for the Jews of Europe can be considered a more important factor in why the Holocaust was allowed to happen and why the Jews of Europe found no safe haven even after the war was over. Six million European Jews died during the Holocaust in part because the   British government lusting for oil and to hold onto this part of its Empire worked tirelessly spreading anti-Jewish propaganda before, during and after the war. I find it appalling that Great Britain even after the war, after witnessing what happened to the Jews continued using its political influence to keep Jews in concentration camps and out of Palestine. It is a fact that even after the war, after all the Brits witnessed they still continued to put pressure on every government throughout Europe to keep their borders closed to Jewish refugees. The Brits pushed the idea  that the Jews reasoning for trying to escape Poland was merely a plot of the world’s Zionists to force their own solution on the Palestine mandate.

Why is there no mention of the conditions that were prevalent in the refugee/ concentration camps the Brits ran, which should be noted offered Jews the same quality of life they were force to endure in  Nazi run ghettos in all of the “We are for Israel and Israelis rhetoric”?  Is the killing of Palestinian men, women and children for a policy and position they (the British government) once not only supported, but enforced with their military might a true form of support of Israel, an apology for their past mistakes, or is this just another attempt for them (Great Britain) to regain control over a part of their lost empire? How could the Brits have been allowed to sit on a court and judge the Nazi’s for war crimes, when they themselves were covered from head to toe in the spilt blood of so many innocent Jewish men, women and children?  Should the sins of Great Britain be forgotten?

I believe that the sins of the father should never be forgotten, even if it is possible that they be forgiven.

Canada: What of the 930 men, women and children (refugees) aboard the vessel St. Louis in 1939? What excuse; what reason; what possible justification can be made for the USA and Canada to refuse  entry to Jews seeking  a place to escape persecution from Nazi Germany? Canada simply did not want the refugees traveling on the vessel. “None is too many,” an immigration agent would say of Jews such as those aboard the ship in May, 1939. The St. Louis was within two days of Halifax Harbour when Ottawa, under pressure from high-ranking politicians, refused to grant the Jewish families a home.

Is a memorial wheel placed in Canada’s, Halifax harbor enough of an apology to the families of the Jews who were denied shelter ,forced to return to Europe where they were scattered in Great Britain, Belgium, France and the Netherlands? Is a wheel in a Canadian harbor enough when we consider that many of the passengers who were not in Britain were ultimately rounded up and sent to concentration camps.  Is a wheel in a harbor enough when we consider that 254 of those Jewish men women and children that Canada’s Mackenzie King government turned away did not survive the holocaust? Should the sins of Canada be forgiven?

I believe that the sins of the father should never be forgotten, even if it is possible that they be forgiven.

Since I believe this to be true, I am left wondering for example:

  • Why the sins of so many Nazi collaborators who to this day try to deny how they aided and abetted the Nazis willingly without need of  force and who still feel in this the 21st century that the Jews are the root cause of all of their problems, have not been exposed and made to tell the truth?
  • Why are countries who continue to lie about their involvement in the African Slave trade, refusal to acknowledge it as a crime against humanity and a form of  genocide, who through their refusal deny the ancestors of the African Slaves  an apology, and any chance of closure and reconciliation, being treated like they accept and follow the democratic, non racist, non exclusionary principles and values of what is considered to be the acceptable standard of human rights and freedoms?
  • Why have countries like Canada, whose government have a clear and proved track record of what amounts to an ongoing history of oppression, persecution and denial of every internationally recognised civil, moral and human right  to the land’s indigenous people that they given freely to all other people living in Canada, been allowed to be associated and called a democratic, non racist, non exclusionary principles and values of what is considered to be the acceptable standard of human rights and freedoms?

If we consider that what happened to the Jews of Europe, has been happening to people the world over since the recorded history of man, then why after suffering such atrocities do the Jews that survived the Holocaust, their ancestors not able to see, draw any comparison to, or acknowledge that what was done to them by the Nazis and their collaborators was not the 1st instance of such cruelty and was not the last, but was just one example of man’s inhumanity to man that have occurred through the ages and carried on right into the 21st century?  Some of these atrocities may have happened before the word Holocaust and genocide were coined, but that does not make them any less horrific, or diminish the cost in human life that slavery and forced assimilation for example is to blame for. Now the methods used to achieve the genocide of others throughout history may not be exactly the same, but surely what happened to the:

  1. North American Indians whose tribes in some instances were wiped off the face of the earth;  whose language was forced from them whose culture was stolen could be compared to what happened to the Jews of Europe and be considered genocide?
  2. Africans who were sold into slavery where they would lose their language, religion, culture and all contact and association with their ancestors. The fact that over 6 million Africans who were thrown shackled  into the ocean to drown by slavers, to avoid being detected by anti-slaving vessels and all those who died in the 300 years of slavery is worthy of the name genocide?
  3. In Rwanda and Kosovo is  horrific enough to be considered genocide?

Unfortunately those who suffered and survived the Holocaust do not  that even the things listed above are worthy of being considered  genocide, or are worthy of comparison to the horrors of the Holocaust, because nothing that came before it, or after it  do they feel are worthy of being considered  genocide. I would suggest that perhaps that is because the Jewish race has forgotten, or are trying to suppress the fact they are guilty of  and therefore must except responsibility for the wrong that they have done to others in the past and are now doing in the present such as:

  1. Their role as participants  and financial profiteers in the African Slave Trade.
  2. The creation and maintaining of the nation of Israel requires the same mistreatment of  a people, the same sort of propaganda, the same enforcing of the Worship, forbidden; travel, limited; taxation, excessive laws instituted by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe.

In the past the nations of Europe especially Britain have played one side against the other in the Middle East and throughout the world for their own gain. I believe that the Brits did not care for either side and at one point or another lied and stabbed each of them in the back if not once than a thousand times. I believe that until people are just seen as people there can be no peace and the world with its rapid information highway (the internet), its nuclear ability to destroy the world and its biological warfare capability will remain on a course of the total obliteration of all mankind.

My wish is for a world where the words all people have the right to be considered equal without the consideration of race, culture and religious beliefs and usable assets. I think  that it is high time that equality mean more than mere political posturing and rhetoric and a political tool. It is for this reason that I will state over and over until I can speak no more, that I believe that the sins of the father should never be forgotten, even if it is possible that they be forgiven.

Food for thought: If this post makes you mad and you think that I should not have written it, ask yourself why you are mad and feel this way. Perhaps you are guilty of wanting to keep forgotten the sins of the father?

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