Thomas Mulcair / Leader Of The Official Opposition / Leader of The Federal NDP, Or Political CEO For Hire?

Thomas Mulcair the leader of the Official Opposition Party (the NDP) in my opinion is little more than a political CEO for hire by any political party in Canada, willing to meet his price tag.  By that I mean what he stands for at any given time has depended on what a political party could offer him as perks in terms of starting position within the party, career advancement, job  title and money and very little do with his or their policies. Just as corporate CEOs move from one company to another to achieve these things so has Thomas Mulcair.  What is wrong with this is Thomas Mulcair in my opinion feels that it is not in his job description to care about the hopes and dreams that all Canadians have for a better Canada to leave to their children and grandchildren, but rather to sell Canadians the product being sold by the political party he finds himself employed by at the moment. Whether he believes in the product, or how what he is selling will hurt Canada and the Canadians who have put their trust in him is not what is important to Thomas Mulcair, because getting results for his political employer of the moment is what he knows  is all that counts in terms of what value he brings to the party. I believe that political parties have never wanted Thomas Mulcair because of his belief in what their party stands for, but rather because he does not have to believe in what the party stands for to work hard at selling their policies to Canadians as long as he gets paid his price.

Examples of this are:

  1. From 2003-2006  Mulcair is a provincial Liberal Party MNA serving as their Environmental minister in the Charest government. (Charest in my opinion another political CEO) First choice of party to work for based on policies and platform does not seem to be the NDP provincially. (a)decided that he was a Liberal and that the Liberal’s  represented his values and political view on things. (b) Quits the party, because he cannot get his way according to him on an environmental issue, but according to Quebec Liberals Mulcair quit, because he thought that the job offered to him after a cabinet shuffle felt like a demotion to him.
  2. Mulcair was in discussions in 2007 to join the Conservative party as a senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper the 1st step to running as a conservative candidate in the 2008 federal election. Conservatives will tell you that the negotiations broke down, because of money; Mulcair will tell you that negotiations broke down, because he did not agree with their environmental policies; I am telling you that it really does not matter the fact is that in either scenario Thomas Mulcair either believed in everything else that the Conservative Party of Canada was putting forth as their platform in 2007 for the election in 2008 or that what a political party stands for does not really matter as long as he is happy with his title, its advancement opportunities and of course the money. First choice of party to work for based on policies and platform does not seem to be the NDP federally either.
  3. Mulcair joined the NDP in April 2007, I am guessing the  they were desperate enough to  get someone, anyone elected in Quebec for the 1st time that the $300, 000 price tag he was demanding for his services seemed worth it.  Mulcair won a by-election in the Montreal riding of Outremont 5 months later. In 2008 he became the 1st member of the NDP to win a seat in a general election in Quebec.  Thomas Mulcair was re-elected in 2011.

I do not think the question should be  is or was he worth it in terms of  bringing whatever was necessary to making the NDP a more successful party, because:

  1. The “orange wave” that saw the New Democratic Party move from 3rd party status to that of Official Opposition Party had nothing to do with anyone in Quebec’s love for Thomas Mulcair and everything to do with the late Jack Layton’s opinion regarding Sovereignty Association between Quebec and the rest of Canada and what percentage of the population of Quebec  was needed for separatists to achieve in order to claim victory in such a referendum.
  2. These high-priced salesmen are not selling Canadians vacuum cleaners or encyclopaedias; they are supposed to be selling you their dream, their vision of what Canada should be and doing for you and me to ensure a better and more fulfilling prosperous country for our children and their children to inherit, if we put our faith in them and vote for them on election day.

Food for thought:

The New Democratic Party of Canada  have proved by their choice of leader and their ongoing support of him in spite of his actions that continually show that:

  • He feels that he  is above the law that he expects his political rivals and the rest of Canadians t o follow and that they (NDP MPs) by extension are above those laws as well.

Examples of this are:

  1. His refusal to stop at the check point while entering Parliament Hill and then compounding that wrong by refusing to stop as RCMP tried to get him to pull over and just when you thought that he understood that he was wrong, he refuses not only to answer for this breach of the law, but also refuses to acknowledge, or apologise for  his actions when asked to in the House of Commons.
  2. His refusal to admit that it was wrong to open illegal satellite office and  use of over a million dollars of  tax payer money on mail-outs promoting his (Tom Mulcair’s leadership) during a Quebec by-election last year. Instead Tom Mulcair once found guilty found  of misusing tax payers funds supports an official response to the decision which said, “The NDP denounce the “partisan role” of the Board of Internal Economy and accuse the Conservatives and Liberals of uniting “to politically attack the New Democrat Official Opposition for following the rules.” “Today’s unprecedented move confirms that, under Stephen Harper’s Banana Republic Conservatives, due process and the rule of law are secondary to political gamesmanship.”  “Behind closed doors, with no due process and no opportunity to review the evidence, the two parties transformed the Internal Board Of Economy into a Kangaroo court. Ironically, this transformation is the ultimate misuse of parliamentary resources being used for partisan purposes.”  Mulcair has decided to go to court and refuses to pay Canadians back insisting that he has broken no laws.

How do we as Canadians trust these politicians especially those with prime ministerial ambitions if they will represent any party that agrees to give them power, positions, titles and money, like what Thomas Mulcair has in my opinion made a career out of doing? Even more importantly though do we as Canadians want another prime minister who thinks that he and his party are above the laws that they expect their rivals and the rest of Canadians to follow?

I wonder if the Bloc Québécois, or the Parti Québécois offered Thomas Mulcair let us call it the  presidency of Quebec upon attaining its independence would Mulcair enter into negotiations with them? If not, I am left wondering, why not; he has either worked for or negotiated with all of the other major parties in Canada.

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