Does Honesty And Transparency = Political Inexperience And Political Suicide In Canada?

If it is to be believed that the majority of Canadian politicians get into politics wanting to do good for Canada and all Canadians, then we must acknowledge that something changes in politicians that is neither good for Canada, or Canadians as they gain political experience and savvy. It would seem that their already competitive nature gets thrown into overdrive; their need to be the best seems to trigger a must leave a legacy complex, which usually leads to an I have all the answers to solve all of Canada’s problems, that ultimately means that I do not have to listen to anyone about anything, because I must achieve for Canaadians my vision of what Canada should look like no matter who gets hurt in the process. Overtime with enough political experience and savvy this, “achieve by any means philosophy” becomes all-consuming and all that they once were and believed in is lost to them, Canada and Canadians forever.   Arguably I contend that the more experience a politician gains makes him or her less suitable to run Canada in a way that is good for Canada and all Canadians.  Having said that maybe all elected government MPs  including the prime minister should only be allowed to be re-elected in 2 consecutive elections; thus providing an opportunity and mechanism to get rid of tired, rigid leaders and their sheep like MPs.

I would suggest that Canadians have very little to no influence over what our government does and says on our behalf, because:

  • Most Canadians do not want it! Todays Canadians are a people who prefer not to have to be responsible for anything going on in the country or anywhere else in the world that Canada is up to anything at all.  They would much prefer to be able to say,  “It is not our fault? What could we about? They lied to us. We did not know.”  Blaming everything on elected officials only works if a country’s people are content to follow their political masters like a flock of sheep.
  • Those Canadians that do want it for the most part are so used to being lied to and told what to do rather than being consulted and taken seriously that they take honest and transparency in a politician as naiveté and see the politician who is open and honest as not politically mature, or as the attack ads against Justin Trudeau are insinuating, not quite ready, or politically savvy enough to be the prime minister of Canada, because being honest and transparent is just not the way politicians are supposed to conduct themselves in Canada.
  • Most Canadians are unmoved and thereby unwilling to fight for anything that does not have to do with their family, their culture, their language, or their religion directly.  This allows Canadian politicians to use one Canadian against another on what they like to call wedge issues e.g. Jews against Muslims, French against English, Indigenous people against non Indigenous people in order to win votes and power for themselves.
  • Canadians swallow everything that they are told by Canadian news agencies hook line and sinker, even though they know that for a long time now the news agencies have not been interested in reporting the truth, but rather in ensuring that they keep their market share and for a long time now that means (a)sensationalistic journalism, (b)giving their personal opinion rather than the facts and (c)cheerleading for their  personal choice of political candidate.

If none of this was true how could we as Canadians vote back into power a prime minister who was kicked out of parliament for lying to Canadians with a majority government? What message did that send about what the Canadian voter feels is a normal way for the prime minister and the governing party to act?

I think that we are living in an age in Canada where the Canadian press/news agencies and the reporters that work for them:

  1. Whine that all they get from politicians at press conferences and in on the record camera interviews are carefully scripted answers to sensitive questions.
  2. Pretend to care about access to information and lament on a daily basis that they are being denied access to information from the government and that as a result of this lack of transparency they are not able to tell Canadians what, when, where and why their  government are making decisions that affect them.
  3. Felt so sorry for a corrupt, unapologetic, non remorseful politician named Dean del Mastro when they witnessed him being led out and put into a police car hand cuffed and shackled, that they felt compelled to say so publicly.

If the Canadian press is defending the likes of a Dean del Mastro  who was found guilty of intentionally committing electoral fraud in a Canadian court of law, on shows like  Power and Politics for example, where they tried to say what a nice guy Dean del Mastro he was, how he hated the job Harper picked out for him to do as Parliamentary Secretary, even going so far as to state that since he was only guilty of having committed a ‘White Collar Crime’  that he should not have been subjected to such public spectacle and  shame and that whomever had made the decision to do so was wrong to do it, instead of standing up for the Canadians whose right to a fair election was violated, what chance in hell  are we  as Canadian citizens ever going to stand a chance of getting a fair and transparent, honest government when the Canadian press sees nothing wrong with our politicians committing electoral fraud/’white collar crime’ and believes that those found guilty of it should be treated differently than other criminals?

I accuse them of pretending to care about transparency, because when they do come upon a politician who is willing to  go off script on the record and say what is actually on his or her mind they infer along with his or her rivals that this openness and willingness to be  transparent, makes this politician too inexperienced to be the next prime minister of Canada.  I think that the news media likes to cry about not getting access so that they look like they are still digging for the news.

If this was not so why would the Canadian press, the conservative Party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada portray Justin Trudeau’s honesty and transparency as  being leadership flaws for any politician wishing to become the prime Minister of Canada, or proof of his “Political Experience”?

The Conservative Party of Canada led by Stephen Harper is an example of what Canadians can expect to happen when any Canadian political party with a majority in the House of Commons  gains too much political experience and savvy combined with (a) a leader with a fanatical ambition to remain in power forever and (b)a leader with shows through his/her actions and words a blatant disrespect for the Canadian Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the laws of Canada, the Supreme Court of Canada and all other parliamentary agencies charged with seeing that the government of the day uphold both the written word, but also the spirit of what intended in those documents that serve as the foundation of Canada’s democracy, (c)is fortunate enough to have a population that just doesn’t care about honesty, transparency and(d)news agencies that are only interested in their market share.

Am I wrong , or perhaps naïve as the press would suggest upon hearing me say that, “Any political candidate including the leader of the party, running in any riding should be representing the voters of the riding they are running in; representing their needs and addressing their ridings concerns in parliament, the legislature, or city hall?”  If  Canadians truly believe that politicians should not be representing the ridings in parliament, then why not save Canadian tax payers a lot of money and make the race between political party leaders? Let’s stop the hypocrisy, eliminate the cost of all the elections and bi-elections and vote for one supreme leader whose power and authority are absolute, who will make all of the decisions for the country for four years, at the end of which he or she must hold an election and try to get re-elected.  Would it not make more sense to stop paying salaries to opposition party members just to keep up the appearance of democracy when we know that nothing they can say, or do will make any difference in the passing or amending of one piece of legislation when the government is in a majority position?

It has been said that it is the political machine that is responsible for the corruption of the politician, brainwashing the politicians, convincing them that they can only do good for their constituents and all Canadians if they play the game until they can get to a position of power within the party. Once convinced of that the  politicians convince themselves   that helping to  deceive and pacify their constituents for the good of the party, cheat and deprive them out of their rights as spelled out in the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights is for the greater good of those who voted for them and all Canadians.  One only has to look remember the G-8 summit which saw Toni Clement misusing funds to the tune of $50 million for patronage, gifts to his riding to see that there is some truth to it.  Toni Clement took $50 million dollars that was supposed in order to better protect  both Canadians and Americans from terrorist attacks and threats and used it in his own riding on pork belly projects designed to get him re-elected.

I think that the longer a  politician is in office and the higher he or she climbs the power the attain causes:

  • Their already inflated egos to expand even more making them arrogant and unwilling to follow both the written and unwritten principles of Canada’s democracy, choosing all too often now to ignore the spirit of Canada’s  democratic principles, and guidelines and relying on its ability to find loopholes in the written laws to achieve more power and stay in office. this is never good for all Canadians, but is what we are forced to live under as politicians gain more political experience.
  •  Them to develop tunnel vision and a sense of having to create a legacy and this is never good for all Canadians.  they become more confident they become a  in one way or another think that they or those who think along the same line as they do know what is best for Canada and Canadians’ This is reinforced by the party leaders growing stronger every day they are in office, so much so that  they begin to resent any demands, or suggestions from the people they are supposed to be representing and actually see voter input as interference.    A politician’s on the job experience is a combination  of learning how to conceal, hide and misrepresent the truth from his or her constituents supposedly for their own good and learning to accept the fact that except for other politicians such as themselves the rest of the Canadian population has no idea what is good for Canada and as such needs to be always placated, made to be made feel apart of the process and convinced if possible to leave the running of the country to politicians. To this extent the politician learns to avoid transparency at any cost.

Question: Does honesty  and transparency  = political inexperience and political suicide? Answer: Unfortunately only in Canada! This is the new-made in Canada for real Canadians solution to democracy that Stephen Harper’s strong, stable, majority, Conservative Party of Canada has rammed down the throats of Canadians for the last 4 years.

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