Does Stephen Harper Believe That There Is A Undetectable Bomb Hidden In The Diaper Of Every Syrian Refugee Baby?

If Stephen Harper does not believe that there is an undetectable bomb in the diaper of every Syrian refugee baby, then why is he and his government refusing to take any meaningful action to speed up the process that would lead  to more Syrian refugees being able to immigrate to Canada? I believe his reasons are based in racism and the illogical fears that go hand in hand with his type of ideological, divisive, racist governance. What I mean by that is,

  1. Stephen Harper’s changes to Canada’s immigration laws appear to be targeting Syrian refugees unfairly, partially because he feels that all Syrians are potential threats to Canada, because ISIL and other Jihadi terrorists organizations have stated that they plan to corrupt Syrian refugee immigration to the west by mixing in their people with the legitimate refugees. Does Stephen Harper really envision a bomb in every Syrian baby’s diaper just waiting to be detonated by what could possibly be his or her Islamic Jihadi terrorist parents shortly upon entering into Canada? I ask this, because he keeps asserting that the delays that his new changes to the immigration act cause are necessary to keep Canadians safe from terrorists attacks from within our borders: even though those changes are causing these desperate refugees to take such dangerous chances in order to find safety for their families as going to sea in unsafe boats, because they feel that there is no legal alternative that is sympathetic to the reality of death they face every minute of every day.
  2. Stephen Harper has never shied away from stating that he believes that it is his government’s duty to protect Canada’s real religion, culture values and European majority, which he refers to as for Canada’s “Real Canadians”.  While countries like Hungary and Italy  state openly that they are more afraid of losing their country White, Christian majority if they allow too many Syrian Islamic refugees more than threat to the safety of its country and its people, Stephen Harper continues to bring up the unproven Jihadi terrorist attacks in Montreal and Ottawa as proof that his government’s first priority and not the Syrian refugee crisis. He is proud however to have made the promise to continue Canada’s  humanitarian effort and financial aid to all of the families lucky enough not to drown getting to safety, but will not encourage or make the immigration process any easier for Syrian refugees seeking asylum in Canada.

I like most Canadians see through the racist rhetoric of politicians such as Immigration Minister Chris Alexander and Prime Minister Stephen Harper and are angry at the way we are being perceived by the rest of the world as racist, cowardly hypocrites.  Is the world, is Canada once again going to corral fleeing refugees as they did the Jews fleeing for their lives not that long ago and watch as innocent men, women, children and even babies die unnecessarily trying to reach countries in which to find sanctuary?  This is the situation that Canada helped to create when Stephen Harper rammed through the changes to the immigration act with his strong,  stable majority conservative government that has made it nearly impossible for a Syrian refugee to immigrate to Canada. This is not who I am and I do believe that this is not who most Canadians are. I believe that the way Stephen Harper and his government have handled and continue to stubbornly handle the Syrian refugee crisis is starting to get under the skin of even the staunchest conservative party supporters and the rest of the world’s population save that of the Hungarian government, who also refuse to take in one refugee fleeing the civil war in Syria.

It has been made clear by Stephen Harper himself and his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander,  that the real solution to the ongoing refugee crisis is their three-point plan.

  1.  Continue to bomb Syria and everywhere else ISIL can be found, because the coalition bombing is not part of the fear of dying that the Syrian refugees are faced with every day and drives them to take life and death risks with the lives of their children in hope of ultimately saving their lives.
  2. Throw money at the problem and wish the millions of men, women, children and babies fleeing for their lives good luck wherever and if ever they find a place to be safe, because Canada is not excepting Syrian Islamic refugees.  One only has to listen to past speeches made by Stephen Harper to understand that he and his government only intend to help what he calls the persecuted religious minorities  that are being oppressed in the region, (Christians and Jews) leaving the millions of Muslim fleeing refugees to fend for themselves, or at least taken care of by other countries more sympathetic to their kind.

It did not take Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, or Minister of Western Economic Diversification, Michelle Rempel to get back on script, once they realised that the 18th month old little Syrian boy who washed up on the beach had not officially applied to the Canadian government be accepted as a refugee.  After the little boy’s aunt who lives in B.C. said on television that she blames the whole world for the little boys death and did not wish to lay the blame solely at the feet of the Conservative Party of Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Immigration Minister Chris Alexander both seemed content to get back to their old position of immigration policy will not solve, or save lives alone line, ignoring the fact that it is their new immigration laws that have probably caused the senseless, needless suffering and deaths of many a child and adult alike, because of delaying tactics deliberately put in the new immigration laws with the intention of making it impossible for certain asylum seeking refugees to gain access to Canada.

That the Canadian government led by Stephen Harper can face Canadians and honestly say that it is not responsible for that little boys life and all of the other Syrian refugees who feel that everything is so stacked against them that they must take such risks or die after the changes to Canada’s immigration laws that they are responsible, for proves to me that they are a government without conscience, with no understanding of what is right or wrong, or any capacity to take responsibility for its actions and therefore no reason ever to take the necessary steps to change.  This to me makes this government of Stephen Harper one of the most harmful and potentially one of the most dangerous governments in the world.

The father who lost his wife and 2 children was no migrant looking for work, or simply a better life in another country as Stephen Harper and the press continue to call them on a daily basis, but he was a desperate man looking to get his wife and two little children to safety from what was obviously a death sentence. This man who as lost everything that ever meant anything to him seems to feel that Stephen Harper and his immigration policies are to blame for the loss of his family. Do you feel that Canada has gained a supporter in him, or made another enemy?  Do you feel that Canada’s immigration policies are making Canada new allies, or sending ISIS new supporters? Are you feeling safer since Stephen Harper and his government began implementing their immigration crack down against Syrian Islamic refugees and Muslims in general?

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