Canadians Are Getting What We Vote For Because Usually We Exercise Our Franchise Wrong

We as Canadians have given up our right to be heard, because we have given up our right to speak freely. We have given our voice in how this country is to be run by our politicians, because we have allowed our politicians to render us moot with their passing of laws that do an end run around electoral laws, the democratic process and our very right to protest their foul actions. We as Canadians are losing our right to hold our politicians to account, because we are beginning to believe their rhetoric and political spin as truth and reality.  When I ask myself what has changed in the world of Canadian federal politics for the good of the Canadian people, I think that I would honestly have to say nothing, because,

  • We as a people support the ideology  that there are criteria for political candidates wishing to represent us  more important than  possessing a desire to do the best that they can do to improve the lot of all Canadians and for all people all over the world through fair and just legislation, through being honest, transparent, and hardworking.  We have become a people for whom scandals, cover-ups, lies, the erosion of our democratic process and the loss of our rights and freedoms as guaranteed to each and every Canadian in the Canadian Constitution and Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms, means very little.  Why else would the Conservative Party of Canada run attack ads trying to insinuate that Justin Trudeau is too young to be the next Prime Minister of Canada?  I mean really to run ads that show people saying  things like,
  1. “Being Prime Minister of Canada is not an entry-level job.
  2. “I am not saying never, but I am saying not right now, Justin,  just isn’t ready right now.”

They do it, because they know that when it comes time to vote that most Canadians will not consider changing political parties because of their mistreatment of  our First Nations people, seniors, veterans, civil servants, unions, or even Bill C-51. They do it, because they know that if they can just get Canadians to buy into the notion that no matter how bad they have mismanaged things during their time in power, that a young politician like Justin Trudeau who brings to the table fresh ideas, does not engage in American style nasty personal attack politics would, or could be worst then re-electing them. They know this because in spite of being proven bad mangers of Canada in the past,(Giving in to the USA on soft wood lumber even though we won the case, F-35 Fighter Jet scandal still not resolved and the failed pipeline policy) just to name a few, we voted them back into office the last time we went to the polls.

  • Canadians have made very little progress compared to the progress made in other democratic states and have fallen way behind the times in terms of what a woman’s roll should be in within a political party.  We as a people still support quietly the view that women politicians are merely window dressing to be used as an appeasement to silence the voice of activist women in our society.  Women who are seeking equality in all things for women and a real chance play a major role in that change are not welcome by the old boys network of politicians, not given equal billing in the news media and not expected to rise within their political party by the average Canadian. Canadians do not take women in politics seriously and are not comfortable when they run for the position of Prime Minister of Canada. Take for example the writer who posted the article titled,  Elizabeth May is a talented distraction”?   The title implies that Elisabeth May is somehow distracting  the Canadian voter from seeing the big picture and the real issues and I truly believe that he is saying out loud what the majority of average Canadians are thinking.  It is clear that most political pundits, political news reporters and politicians feel that politicians like Elizabeth May are doing Canadians an unintentional,  but none the less bad service by,
  1. Daring to run for the office of Prime  Minister when she knows she cannot win, which they feel takes important votes away from political parties like the Liberals, New Democrats and Conservatives that could cost either party an election and a chance at forming a government.
  2. Running on a platform that prioritizes saving our land, air and water from contamination that scientific evidence proves is so bad that threatens to kill every living thing on this planet.
  3. Attempting to get her policies and plans for Canada out to the Canadian citizenry by forcing the powers that be to allow her to participate in all televised debates, instead of being blocked from participating by the political  parties running against her who are afraid of her being heard by all Canadians.

As a people we prefer to keep electing tired, old thinking men promising to do the same old things, which are responsible for getting us in all of this mess in the fist place, (A failing economy, a failing environmental strategy and a failing foreign policy). We prove in every federal election that we think this to be  a better solution and less risky than running and then electing young men and women with a different approach and fresh ideas on how a country’s people should be governed.  Why else would the Conservative Party of Canada feel comfortable running ads insinuate that Justin Trudeau a man with a wife and children in his 40s is too young to be the next Prime Minister of Canada?  I mean really to run ads that show people saying  things like,

  1. “I am not saying never, but I am saying not right now, Justin,  just isn’t ready right now.”
  2. “Being Prime Minister of Canada is not an entry-level job.

If not now, then when? When he has learned to be  like Thomas Mulcair?

Thomas Mulcair  feels so secure in the fact that Canadians would rather put their trust in any old, tired male politician despite his political history, that he put out ads that in my opinion show him to be nothing more  than an experienced political whore. Thomas Mulcair in my opinion is a politician who has proven over his years in politics that his loyalty to any political party rests in what is in it for him in terms of personal gain. (Getting his way in the Quebec Liberal Party, Money from Stephen Harper to be his advisor and the leadership of the New Democratic Party of Canada after Jack Layton’s death, for not abandoning the ship).   I think that worst than all of this is that we as Canadians are buying into this type of  politics that keeps us trapped in the old ways and ideas that dragged this country down deeper into chaos.

  • If Canadians feel that they are being governed by untrustworthy politicians who lie to them, misuse their tax dollars and who cannot be transparent, then I say that the Canadian voter needs to look to the choices they make on election day and why they make them.  I believe that what Canadians look for the day after the election in terms of policies and governance for the most part does not coincide with who they voted for on election day. I say this because,
  1. In the last election we not only voted for, but gave a majority government to Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party of Canada despite the scandals, cover-ups and misuse of taxpayers funds in just about every file reported on by every watch dog agency including  the auditor general and head of  Elections Canada.
  2. In the last election we not only voted for, but looked for honesty and transparency in a leader who was found in contempt of parliament for deliberately misleading the House and forced to call an election.
  3. In the polls leading up to this election Canadians have given Thomas Mulcair a lead in the polls, despite the fact that he promises and says one thing in French and another in English when asked questions, or when giving a speech.

I think real change will come when Canadians vote for what they want to see happen in government rather than,

  1. Voting a certain political party whether Conservative, Liberal, NDP, or any other party, because they and their family have always voted that way regardless of how the party’s values and policies have changed over the years and what it’s leader, candidates and grass root supporters represent during at the time of the election that they are  casting their vote in.
  2. Using their vote to punish a political party for deeds done under the watch of another leader. Not to vote for a political party for over 10 years, no matter what their policies happen to be, but based solely on the fact that a party’s leader, was accused of some wrong doing that was never actually proven in my opinion is a wasted vote that leads to voter dissatisfaction in the long run.
  3. Voting out of the fear that politicians use to turn one group of Canadians against another, as in the case of the Niqab issue. We must remember that the driving reason behind all of these divisive undertakings of politicians  is a desire to deflect attention away their poor record and lack of real ways to make things better for all Canadians.
  4. Believing that it is naïve of us to expect our politicians to be honest, hard-working, transparent is an impossible, because secrecy, deception and scandal are just the way things get done in the world of Canadian politics. We must demand that they do their jobs legally within the frame-work of the Canadian Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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