Stephen Harper’s Canada (A Nation In Fear Of Everything And Everyone That Is Not White, Christian, Or Jewish)

Unfortunately for Canadians and other nations who in the past have depended on Canada for support and strength in their times of stress, be they from natural catastrophes like famine, drought. flooding etc., or internal political problems like civil war, or external problems involving war with another country under Stephen Harper’s governance Canada has become and country that fears everything and everyone that is not White, Christian, Or Jewish and has learned that they can no longer count on Canada to come to their aid, even in the most dire circumstances where millions of  innocent men, women and children’s lives are literally at stake.  One only has to look at the actions of the Harper PMO in the Syrian refugee crisis and the Harper governments reaction to what was learned to get what I mean.

When a report is leaked to the press that  Stephen Harper’s PMO staff discouraged the acceptance of Sunni and Shia Muslims fleeing the war-torn country, and went through files to ensure persecuted religious minorities were given preference Stephen Harper denies it, but in the end he chooses to justify it by saying, “The minority religious and ethnic groups in the Syria and Iraq area are, in fact, being targeted by ISIS and its allies for extermination.” “That is why we put a higher priority (on them). It’s not exclusionary, but obviously (that’s) why that is an important factor in making refugee decisions.”  The leaders of the NDP and the Liberal Party of Canada did not see it that way though and said these things,

  • Justin Trudeau said, “To know that somewhere in the Prime Minister’s Office staffers were pouring through personal files to try and see whether these families, or find out which families would be suitable for a photo-op for the prime minister’s re-election campaign? That’s disgusting.”
  •  Thomas Mulcair  accused Stephen Harper of playing the race card to divide Canadians and said, “What we’ve learned in the last couple of days is that, despite his emoting when we saw the lifeless body of that child Alan Kurdi on a Turkish beach, Mr. Harper and his Prime Minister’s Office were in fact intervening to ensure the neediest on earth — those Syrian refugees — would not make it to Canada.” 
  • Stephen Harper’s PMO’s response to the leak was to ask the RCMP to investigate the leak at Citizenship and Immigration Canada, trying to silence the information getting out to the people at election time that could hurt them.  This suppression of facts that all Canadians should be informed of has become a sad characteristic of the  Stephen Harper play book for governing a country. Stephen harper has tried to muzzle the news media, scientists, environmental activist, aboriginal rights groups, unions government watch dog agencies and his own MPs is it any wonder that he is called the, “Ottawa Muzzle”?

Stephen Harper and his strong, stable majority conservative government are proof that in just one term (4 short years) with a majority government and the right cynical, ultra right fanatical religious leader, that it is possible  to,

  • Take what was once a caring country, known for its humanitarian aid to all who were in need and turn it into a country that sells its humanitarian aid to countries in need for future considerations and limits how much aid it offers and how it will give it, or  denies it from countries it considers not to be worthy, because they have nothing Canada needs or wants. (No natural resources to exploit, no immigrants it wishes to entice to Canada)
  • Take a country once respected for being a peace keeping nation, a country that would only involve itself in another countries battles through negotiations with both opposing factions at the negotiating table with a negotiated agreement the only topic on the agenda and turn us into a saber-rattling, bomb dropping, blood thirsty nation that take sides,  shuts down embassies  in countries we disagree with and expels their ambassador’s from Canada without justifiable reason, or previous notice.
  • Take a country proud of its diversity in areas of religion, race and culture and turn it into a suspicious, frightened, anti anything different nation. A country that spends millions of dollars to prevent 4 Islamic women from wearing a face covering during a symbolic oath taking ceremony and as a result could be accused of being responsible in part for Islamic women throughout this country being spit on in public, harassed in public and being made to feel less than Canadian for following their religious practices.
  • Take what was once a strong, confident country with no reason to fear attack from others and turn it into a quivering nation that denies access to Canada to 2 year olds and secretly halts the processing of Syrian refuge’s processing, claiming both necessary to protect Canada from terrorist threats.
  • Take away the democratic spirit of a once proud democratic country. A country where citizens had the right to  peaceful protest whether it be against a government action or inaction, the actions or inaction of their employers for example. This government in 4 years has taken away an employees right to strike or protest, by declaring just about everything and any possible strike action as  stopping an essential service to Canadians and causing such action to be ended by back to work legislation that often has led the employees being forced back to work under worse conditions than they went on strike to get a remedy for in the 1st place.

I have not even begun to scratch the surface of what this Harper government has achieved over the course of its watch, but the criminalization of  every Canadians rights under the Canadian  Constitution and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom to practice one’s religion, is what really struck me as the most hurtful accomplishment of the strong, stable majority conservative government that effect all Canadians negatively and moved us from a democratic state in practice, spirit and written word, to a hypocritical, rhetoric spouting Banana Republic.  Stephen Harper like some uneducated racist terrorist that really believes that he can,

  • Legislate away things like Anti Semitism by making it illegal to say Anti Semitic things, while not only ignoring, but promoting Islamophobia. I say that you must change the way people think about each other and promote togetherness instead of divisiveness for political gain in order to stop all prejudice against all who are persecuted for being different.
  • Become a part of the world’s society that believes that peace can be achieved through war and be respected by those you bomb.  I say that most caring, intelligent people realise that war has never served any other purpose then to take from others by force that which they rightfully refuse to give up willingly without a fight, be it  their land mass, natural resources, religious beliefs, culture, or the right to self-determination.

In conclusion I would add that,

  1. When a government for 10 years has done little else for its country, but  turn its own people against themselves and strip away the rights of the very citizens it is supposed to be serving, solely  for the purpose of maintaining power, I would suggest that they be voted out of office.
  2. When all a government can offer its people after being in power for 10 years with a majority status in the last 4 years is another 4 year term of fear of everything and everyone different from the majority of its citizenry then I think that it is time for us to vote them out of office.
  3. When a government has only another 4 year term austerity to offer its citizens after having been in power for 10 years with a majority government status for the last 4 years, I would suggest that it is indeed time for a change.
  4. When a government wishes

I am tired of my government trying to make me afraid of everything and everyone that is not White, Christian, or Jewish.


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