Crybaby Thomas Mulcair Complains On National Television That Justin Will Not Play With Him

Crybaby Mulcair

Crybaby Mulcair

As all of  Thomas Mulcair’s ruthlessness, bullying, scheming and manipulating prove to be only  worth third place in the election race to be the next prime minister of Canada, Thomas Mulcair begins to pout, stamp his feet and whine. Behaving like like a spoiled brat Mulcair complains that he can’t understand why Justin Trudeau leader of the Liberal Party of Canada and now leading in the polls will not play with him. It is as though Thomas Mulcair has forgotten how he has taken every opportunity to attack Justin Trudeau and has stabbed him in the back at every opportunity. The fact that Thomas Mulcair  has showed Mr. Trudeau zero respect publicly throughout his 4 year stint as leader of the Official Opposition Party and all through this very long election campaign does not seem to be sufficient reason according to Mr. Mulcair for Justin Trudeau  not to trust him enough to work with and form some kind of coalition agreement if needed to rid Canadians of Stephen Harper should it become necessary.  I say that Thomas Mulcair  is out of touch with what  Canadians want and expect from those who would be prime minister. Would someone please give this crybaby a pacifier to stop his whining and a rattle to play with , so the adults can get on with the election campaign!

I think Thomas Mulcair protests too hard considering that he continues to follow Stephen Harper’s example of personally attacking Justin Trudeau’s right to be shown the respect given freely to other political party leaders, because of his age and lack of experience.  How could and why would Justin Trudeau ever be naïve enough to trust Thomas Mulcair not to stab him in the back after getting rid of Stephen Harper, when Thomas Mulcair

  1.  Chooses to ignore the fact that Justin Trudeau has been in politics at the federal level longer than Stephen Harper had been when he (Stephen Harper) 1st ran to be the Prime Minister of Canada? I mean if he could lie about this to Canadians just to get himself elected, what else is Thomas Mulcair  capable of doing and saying, to discredit  and rest the power from Justin Trudeau once they form a coalition to rid the country of Stephen Harper?
  2.  Has no problem showing Stephen Harper the man he claims to want to get rid of the respect of calling him Mr. Harper when referring to him in an official capacity, but continues to not give the man he says he is open to working with to get rid of Stephen Harper, (Justin Trudeau) the same respect. Despite every political  news reporter in the country publicly speaking out against Stephen Harper for refusing to say Mr.  Trudeau when referring to the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, but calling him instead Justin and obvious ploy to make Justin Trudeau look immature and unworthy of such respect, Thomas Mulcair picked up and consistently used that shameful tactic, proving his style of politics more I  line with Stephen Harper’s than Justin Trudeau’s.
  3. Used for he considered political mileage the fact that Justin Trudeau took action against 2 male MPs in the Liberal caucus, to support to 2 female New Democratic Party of Canada’s MPs who came to him rather that their own leader (Tomas Mulcair) accusing the 2 male Liberal   MPs of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and in one case, involving one of the Liberal MPs constituted a rape accusation.  If Thomas Mulcair could play politics with the fact that Justin Trudeau took decisive action for these 2 women of Mulcair’s own party, what would he be capable and willing to do to rest the power from any coalition formed with Justin Trudeau once Stephen Harper is successfully gotten rid of.

I think that the only leader in contention to become the Prime Minister of Canada in this campaign who has not stooped to utilizing a nasty, aggressive, anything to win, personal attacking American style campaign, is Justin Trudeau. How he has managed to keep his promise not to engage in this type of politic is beyond my comprehension considering the bombarding he is taking from Harper and Mulcair, but to me it goes a long way to prove that he is a politician capable of keeping his word even when circumstance give him an excuse not to.

Thomas Mulcair says that he is willing to do anything in his power to defeat Stephen Harper, but admits that Justin Trudeau is willing to work with the NDP to defeat Stephen Harper if he is no longer the leader of the NDP. I am wondering why no one has asked Thomas Mulcair if Stephen Harper’s defeat depended on him stepping down and leaving the NDP, would he do it?  I think that you will find that Mr. Mulcair is not really ready to do quite anything to get rid of Mr. Harper. I think that Mr. Mulcair is more bark than bite and would never give up his seat of power willingly even if it was the best thing for Canada and Canadians.

  Thomas Mulcair was once a high-ranking Quebec Provincial Liberal Party Minister and claimed to believe in what the Liberals stood for. Then because he disagreed with a decision made he quit the Liberals, cast of his belief in all of their policies moving into federal politics offering to be Stephen Harper’s top advisor for the right amount of cash, suggesting that he (Thomas Mulcair) now believed in what Stephen Harper was offering Canada and Canadians. Could not strike a deal with Harper for the right amount of cash he signs up with Jack Layton and the New Democratic Party of Canada, where once Jack dies he threatens to quit the NDP as the new leader.

In my opinion a vote Thomas Mulcair is a vote for a 2 faced, back stabbing, melodramatic, hypocritical, self-serving, political whore. In my opinion Thomas Mulcair has proved through his years in politics that he is lacks any real sense of loyalty to any politically view, or set of policies, save those which would see him in power and paid well. I would hope that Justin Trudeau sticks to his guns and never gets naïve enough to trust Thomas Mulcair as a part of any coalition and makes Thomas Mulcair’s departure as the price for Liberal support a must. I further hope that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada win with a majority and in doing so forces the departure from politics of both Stephen Harper, (The Muzzler) and Thomas Mulcair , (The Crybaby).

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